Using Roger inspiro and Roger X
Using Roger inspiro
and Roger X
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Microphone: Roger inspiro
Instructions for use
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1. To switch on, push the slider to the left until the green
mark appears and the screen is illuminated.
2. Clip microphone within 7 inches (20 cm) of the mouth.
Or hang boom mic appropriately on ear, with microphone
in front of mouth.
3. Does the student need to be connected? If so, position
the transmitter within 4 inches (10 cm) of one Roger X receiver. Press the right Connect softkey. Repeat on other side
if binaural.
4. Lock Roger inspiro’s buttons by pressing the
, then press
OK. A key symbol will appear in the status bar.
5. At the end of every day, switch Roger inspiro off by
pushing the top slider to the right, and connect the Mini-USB
plug from the charging unit into the Roger inspiro.
Instructions for use
1. Place Roger X on hearing aid using appropriate
audioshoe. It is now ready for use.
2.If the receiver must remain at school, remove audioshoe
and Roger X from the hearing instrument at the end
of the school day.
Serial numbers
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Receiver: Roger X
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