The Media Player - University of South Wales Library

The Media Player - University of South Wales Library
The Media Player
The Planet eStream v5 Media Player is a fully featured, dynamically resizable video
and audio playback component.
The Media Player Explained – The Control Bar
Play / Pause
Click the Play / Pause button to play or pause the playback.
Click Step Backward / Step Forward buttons to adjust the video playback by one
Shows the current position of the video and the duration of the recording.
Jump to Time
Click the Current Position text to show the 'Jump to Time' box. To jump to a
position in the video, enter the time in the boxes provided and press enter. The
Click the speaker icon to mute and un-mute the audio.
Move the slider to the required volume.
Full Screen
Click the Full Screen icon to view the video in full screen mode.
Once in full screen mode, press the Escape Key on your keyboard to return to
normal mode.
Double-clicking the video while playback is active will also enter and exit full
screen mode.
If the recording has subtitles, the Toggle Subtitles button will be shown.
Click the button to turn subtitles on or off.
The Keyboard Controls
Press the left arrow key on your keyboard to jump back 30 seconds.
Press the right arrow key on your keyboard to jump forwards 30 seconds.
Press the down arrow key on your keyboard to jump back to the beginning.
The middle row of keys on your keyboard (from A to L) can be used to skip backward and
forwards in the video. Use the keys A to G to skip backwards by varying amounts, and use
the keys H to L to skip forwards.
The Timeline
The timeline represents the duration of the video and shows a white bar to illustrate the
current position in the video playback.
To seek to a position on the timeline:
Move your mouse pointer over the timeline.
Click your left mouse button at the required point on the timeline.
Resizing the Player
As with most content on the Planet eStream website, the Media Player can be
dynamically resized to suit your needs.
To increase the size of the Media player, drag the 'splitter bars' in the directions
highlighted in green on the image below.
To resize the player to full screen, click the Full Screen Button
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