The SHPro gives you the ability to network and web enable two

The SHPro gives you the ability to network and web enable two
The SHPro gives you the ability to network and web enable two serial legacy devices and monitor
your environment, with one small network appliance. The SHPro is very easy to configure and
you can have it operational in minutes. With its internal web server, the SHPro requires no
software and is platform independent.
AlertsAlerts- E-mail, Paging, SNMP Traps
The SHPro can e-mail or page you. Also you can send SNMP traps
to up to ten different locations.
Temperature and Humidity
The SHPro includes a temperature and humidity sensor. There are
four additional external sensor ports.
Trending, Graphing, Reporting
The SHPro has on-board graphing capability and we include our MIB so you can use SNMP to poll for thresholds and limits. For additional
analysis, our optional Overtime software can help build databases, create custom graphs, and export data in CSV.
Serial Capabilities
2 Ports
Console Access: The SHPro saves valuable cabinet and server room space and provides convenient access to the console ports on the machines
that it serves.
Network-Enabler: A legacy serial device can be network-enabled by connecting its RS-232 port to the SHPro. A host (such as a PC) connects to
the SHPro through the network with Telnet or with a raw TCP connection. The serial device can now be monitored and/or controlled from the
host. Any data entered at the host is sent to the serial device and any data from the serial device is sent to the host.
Proxy SNMP Agent: The SHPro can be programmed to parse input data from a serial device and to form it into a user-defined SNMP MIB. The
SHPro can then be queried by one or more network management stations (such as HP OpenView) to retrieve the data.The SHPro can also send
SNMP traps to alert users of abnormal operating conditions.
Serial-Line Extender: An SHPro can make a network connection to another SHPro to act as a serial-line extender.
LAN-to-LAN Connector: Two SHPro scan be connected via their RS-232 ports to serve as a link between two separate LANs.
The SHPro ‘s four external sensor ports allow you to add any of the following optional sensors: Temperature, Humidity, Water,
Voltage, Airflow, and/or Dry Contact Switch*
•Requires no software
Network Protocols ARP: RFC 826
•Four user defined threshold settings
•DHCP: RFCs 2131, 2132
•On board graphing capability
•DNS: RFCs 1034, 1035
•Sends e-mail notifications
•ICMP: RFC 792
•Sends SNMP traps to 10 destinations
•IP: RFC 791
•Supports SNMP polling
•PPP: RFCs 1332, 1661, 1662
•Supports DHCP
•RARP: RFC 903
•2 levels of password protection
•RIP: RFC 1058
•Internal web server
•SLIP: RFC 1055
•0U and 1U rack mountable
•TCP: RFC 793
•Fully compliant with all operating systems
•UDP: RFC 768
•Includes easy to read documentation and helpful utilities
Network Management SNMP/MIB-II: RFCs 1155,
1157, 1213
•Free trial version of OverTime
Terminal/Printer Applications LPD: RFC 1179
•MIB integrates with all popular NMS
•Rlogin: RFC 1282
•1 year limited warranty
•TELNET: RFCs 854-861, 1079, 1091, 1372
•Free technical support via e-mail
Processor: 68HC000
Physical Characteristics
Ethernet Coprocessor: SMC91C96
•Height: 1.75 inches
Memory RAM: 128 KB with 2 KB NVRAM, EPROM: 256 KB
•Width: 19 inches
LED Status Indicators: Power, Link Integrity, and Network
•Depth: 4.75 inches
Network Interface RJ-45 10BASE-T connector IEE 802.3/
Ethernet compliant
Terminal Interfaces: (2) RS-232C, RJ-45 connector;
accepts 4-, 6-, 8-pin plugs.
Copyright © 2004
Uptime Devices, Inc.
3160 Bee Caves Rd.
Suite 200
Austin, TX 78746
I: 1.866.665.6582
P: 512.328.1800
F: 512.328.1844
•Weight: 16 ounces
External Power Supply Style
•Input: 120 VAC, 60 Hz (or per country)
•50 to 115,200 bps
•Output: 9VDC, 500 mA, unregulated
•Full Modem Control
Environmental Temperature
•Hardware and software flow control
•0 to 50 degrees C operating
4 Sensor Ports, RJ-45 connectors
•-10 to 70 degress C non-operating
Agency Power Supply: UL listed CSA approved (or per
•Humidity: 10 to 95 percent non-condensing
•SH-Pro: FCC Class A, CE*
*All Specifications are subject to change without notice.
*The external sensor port supports most two-wire, on/off, or open/closed type sensors.
Network and Web Enable Environmental Monitor
Monitor and Manage in RealReal-Time
1.1 SHPro Summary
View shows the data
provided by the
sensors plugged into
your device.
1.2 SHPro Security
Screen gives you the
ability to change your
information for your
1.3 SHPro System
Info Screen allows
you to configure
your SHPro’s
network settings.
Copyright © 2004
Uptime Devices, Inc.
3160 Bee Caves Rd.
Suite 200
Austin, TX 78746
I: 1.866.665.6582
P: 512.328.1800
F: 512.328.1844
1.4 SHPro Sensor View
gives you a detailed
description of the
sensors in you device
and allows you to
change the settings for
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