Essential Product Guide
Essential Product Guide
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Nov - Dec 2015
Mpman Tablets
7" Quad Core, Android 4.4, 8GB
Speaker, Camera, Micro SD Slot
Google Play Store
Model: MPQC707, SRP €58.99
10" Quad Core, Android 4.4, 8GB
2 x Speaker, 2 x Camera, Micro SD Slot
Google Play Store
Model: MPQC1007, SRP €97.99
with Adaptor
Model: Micro SD 8GB, SRP €4.05
Model: Micro SD 16GB, SRP €5.99
Verbatim USB 2.0
8GB SRP €5.69
16GB SRP €7.99
32GB SRP €14.99
Verbatim Universal Folio Cases
Smart Stand for watching Movies
Soft Interior to protect Screen
7" Model: SRP €14.65
Verbatim Powerbanks
10" Model: SRP €19.99
Charge your iPhones, Smartphones
Tablets, MP3 players, e-Readers
Verbatim Cables
Hard-wearing Braided Nylon Cables
Micro USB** SRP €5.69
iPad/iPhone* SRP €13.89
iPad/iPhone** SRP €16.39
SRP €10.85
4400mAh SRP €20.35
10400mAh SRP €36.89
* 30cm, ** 120cm
Apple Cables are fully Licensed and will
work with future Apple devices
Bluetooth Tower Speakers
T50BT Mini Tower
15w + 5w RMS
3 x USB ports
Aux-in, Height 35cm
Charge Device
Red or Blue
2x15w + 2x5w
3 x USB ports
Aux-in, Height 100cm
Remote Control
Charge Device
2x10w + 2x5w +30w RMS
2x15w + 30w RMS
2 x USB ports
Aux-in, Height 98cm
Remote Control
Charge Device
2 x USB ports
Aux-in, Height 100cm
Remote Control
Charge Device
FM Radio
SRP €48.79
SRP €65.09
SRP €81.29
PLL FM Radio
CD Player
SRP €121.94
Bluetooth Speakers
Freecom Tough Speaker
Tough, Waterproof
Suction Cup
Rech Battery, Aux in
Micro Sd Slot
SRP €20.39
SRP €16.29
2 Speakers + Sub Woofer, USB, Aux in
SRP €40.69
Mpman Boombox
Mpman Portable DVD Player
CD Player, FM Tuner, USB
Aux-in, Mains/Battery
7" Swivel Screen, Rech Battery, Remote Control
Model: CSU336 SRP €40.65
Model: DVP7 SRP €65.05
Twin Screen 7" in Car complete with mounting bags
Model: PDVS3000 SRP €113.89
Rollei Actioncam
Actioncam 400, Full HD
Actioncam 300
Numerous Mounts and Straps incl.
Numerous Mounts and Straps incl.
Wi Fi Wrist Remote Control
SRP €56.90
Remote App Android and iOS
SRP €105.69
Numerous GoPro compatible accessories available
Helmet Mount, Bike Mount, Chest Mount, Adhesive Pads, Head Strap, Accessory Sets
Freecom Mobile Classic Portable HDD
Fast, Low Noise, External Portable HDD
SRP €60.96
SRP €73.16
SRP €121.95
Verbatim Folio Cases
iPhone 5 / 5s
Bk, We, Br
SRP €13.85
iPhone 6
Dk Blue, Gold
SRP €13.00
iPhone 6 Plus
Dk Blue, Gold
SRP €16.29
MOQ 6 per SKU
iPAD Air
Bk, Pk, Bu, Br, Rd
iPAD 2 + 3rd/4th Gen
Bu, Gn, Gy, Pk
iPAD Mini
Bk, Pk, Bu, Br, Rd
SRP €20.35
all Cases MOQ 6 per SKU
Verbatim Earphones
Verbatim Premium Alkaline Batteries
Micro Earphones, Pink / White
Sound Isolating Earphones, Red / Black
SRP €14.99
SRP €1.62
SRP €1.62
C 2Pk
SRP €2.43
D 2Pk
SRP €3.65
MOQ 20 Packs per SKU
MOQ 6 per SKU
Rollei Digital Cameras
Compact 750
AA 4Pk
Rollei Tough Compact
Bk /Sr
Sportline 100
16mp, x 5 Optical, 720p, Li-ion
20mp, x 4 Optical, 720p, Li-ion
Image Stabiliser, 2 Year Warranty
20m Waterproof, 1.5m Shockproof
SRP €73.59 Bundle Card & Case
SRP €139.00
Or / Gn / Bu
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