ProActiv™ Battery Database Management Software

ProActiv™ Battery Database Management Software
Battery Database Management Software
Battery Database Management Software
The first of its kind, ProActiv is a new, powerful, easy to
use battery database management software designed to
analyze each individual battery in a battery system.
Battery testing is crucial to ensure a battery system
provides standby and emergency power to operate devices
such as emergency lighting, UPSs, operating controls,
switchgear components, protective relays and continuous
process systems. Failure of a battery system within
environments such as utilities, hospitals or manufacturing
plants can result in operational failure of the devices
connected to it. ProActiv assists the user to avoid battery
failures, budget for future battery string and cell
replacements, and plan battery changeouts in an orderly
ProActiv utilizes a standard MS Access database format. It
allows the user to organize and manage battery data such
as voltages, impedance, intercell connection resistance,
ripple current, specific gravity, IR thermographs and more.
It is known that impedance is correlated to battery
capacity and there has been a long-standing question as to
when a user should replace a cell. Recent studies by EPRI*
and other organizations indicate that when the impedance
of a sealed battery increases by 50% from its baseline
value, the cell has degraded to less than about 70%
capacity. ProActiv allows the user to trend data and to
enter baseline values for comparison purposes and to
*Stationary Battery Monitoring by Internal Ohmic Measurements
EPRI, Palo Alto, CA: 2002. 1002925
Organizes and manages battery data
Performs trending analysis
Utilizes a standard MS Access database
Assists the user to manage multiple
Easy-to-use graphical navigation
Uses various data import and data entry
Prints basic reports
make decisions. ProActiv’s graph clearly shows whether a
cell is outside the normal boundaries based on userentered allowable changes in cell impedance.
Configuring database
There are three basic steps to setting up the database:
Configuring/establishing the database structure
Entering data
Performing data analysis
ProActiv is configured by entering and setting up each
battery manufacturer and battery model type used in a dc
network. Optionally, other information such as sales
contact names, purchase order numbers or technical
support contact names may be added. Extensive model
information may be entered including model type, plate
count, rating, charger type, baseline impedance value as
well as warning and fail percentages. Limits on other
parameters can also be set such as upper and lower float
voltage limits and specific gravity limits.
All of the individual battery cell information can then be
configured under a specific site name, string ID, battery
model, installation date, and charger information. If a cell
needs to be replaced, but the same model is not available,
ProActiv will allow it to be replaced with another
manufacturer or model. ProActiv keeps track of cell-level
information and data and this is reflected when viewing
information and data for that string. In instances where
there is such a large installed battery base and a string is
replaced, some of the better cells may be used in other
strings to replace weak cells. ProActiv allows the user to
keep track of these movements.
Battery Database Management Software
300 MHz Pentium II or better
Operating System
Windows 98
Windows Me
Windows NT 4.0 (SP6a required)
Windows 2000 (SP2 recommended)
Windows XP
Note:Windows 95 is not supported
Entering data
Data entry is easy using three methods: direct import of
test data from a BITE, manual entry or via browsing for a
file within the PC’s hard drive, floppy disk or out on the
network. A simple wizard facilitates data entry.
Performing data analysis
The last step is “analyze.” Using both numerical data
displays and graphs, the user can see how the batteries in
the dc network are performing based on the user-entered
limits for each parameter. Graphs can be printed and
saved as bitmaps to import into other programs for written
A summary report may be printed which lists all cells' data
and each cell's status.
■ No programming skills required. ProActiv is an easy to
use, fully functional battery database capable of storing
as much information and data as your hard drive (or
network) has memory to store.
As with most Windows applications, there are several
ways to get to a screen: by the right mouse button, the
menu bar or the Quick Start Menu.
One has the ability to import images such as IR
thermographs, diagrams or photographs. This helps to
document visual inspections, string configurations,
installation techniques, or for any other reason for
documenting aspects of battery systems. Images and
data are stored together, providing convenient and easy
The software accommodates multiple languages.
Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5 or later
Microsoft .Net Framework
Will be automatically installed by ProActiv if it is not already
installed on your computer. For additional information about
Microsoft .Net Framework please visit:
Hard Drive Space
100 MB
System Memory (RAM)
64 MB (128 MB recommended)
Other Drives
CD-ROM (used only for installation)
Communications Port
COM (used only for importing data from test equipment or to
download information to the BITE 3)
True color, 800 x 600 resolution
Additional Information
For improved usage, an internet connection will make it easy to
get automatic ProActiv software updates.
The user should have Microsoft Excel 9.0, or later, to import
AVOLink or COMLink files into ProActiv.
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