KVM Guard Ether Guard
KVM Guard
Ether Guard
Keeping Classified Networks Connected
Key Features
Secured KVM/Ethernet Gateway:
Secure USB/VGA or Ethernet
connection between an on-line CPU
(residing inside the IPS) and desktop
keyboard, video and mouse (KVM).
KVM or EtherNet desktop connection is
only activated from inside the IPS
Container and deactivated from a
desktop kill button.
Instant SIPRNet Access:
CPU remains on-line inside the IPS.
Disconnect occurs only between the
KVM/EtherNet and CPU. Eliminates
SIPRNet patch and update delays.
Improved Performance:
Minimizes power cycling and rebooting
of CPU improving network stability and
long term hardware reliability.
Simplified Connectivity &
Eliminates need for in-room PDS,
conduit or lock boxes. No need to move
devices in and out of IPS. No plugging
or unplugging of devices for
¾ TriGuard Rack Mount Chassis:
Optional 1U rack-mount chassis for
housing up to (3) KVM Guards in a
multi-user or multi-domain
¾ Automatic Shutoff:
Automatic adjustable time delayed
disconnect if authorized user
leaves desktop area.
1.44”H x 5.3”W x 6.3D” (kill button)
1.44”H x 5.3”W x 6.3D” (control box)
Trusted Systems, Inc.
86 York Street, Suite 3
Taneytown, MD 21787
(410) 756-3300 Tel
(410) 756-3345 Fax
Secured KVM Gateway for SIPRNet & JWICS
Secured EtherNet Gateway for VTC, & VOSIP
The escalation of distributed classified networks, such as SIPRNet, has
increased the importance of secured access to the desktop without inhibiting
operations. Trusted Systems has responded with KVM Guard, an single user
gateway to control access to the desktop from CPUs resident in IPS Containers
(IPSs) or its upscale wood cabinet version, INCOGNITO. KVM Guard works
with a multi-domain KVM switch to allow use of a single KVM.
The real value of KVM Guard is its simplicity. The CPU stays permanently inside
the IPS Container; the KVM devices stay permanently on the desktop. No
unsightly conduit or lock boxes, no moving of equipment in and out of the IPS, no
hard drives to remove and secure, no plugging and unplugging of devices. With
less human interaction, the better the security, the easier the access, with
improved productivity. Autonomous “SCIF in a Box”™ modularity means it is
scalable and transportable.
Operation is likewise, just as simple. Open the IPS (lock combination is both
password and pin), push the ON button, close the IPS, instant SIPR access.
When done, push the Kill Button, use auto shutdown if you forget and leave.
The maximum extension from the IPS to the desktop is 24 ft. The basic cable set
included with KVM Guard extends 24ft. A 4 port USB hub is included to simplify
keyboard and mouse connections on the desktop.
Ether Guard – incorporates the same form, fit and function as KVM Guard, but
instead of USB/VGA connections, it uses RJ45 EtherNet connections. This
offers the same simplicity, security and ease of use as KVM Guard, but now can
be applied to VTC, VOSIP and ISDN circuits as well.
SCIF in a Box™
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