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Police Video
Police Video Systems
Prosecutor in car camera systems for Law Enforcement
The Prosecutor Police Video System is a complete solution for law enforcement agencies. The Prosecutor Digital shown
includes several choices of Control Heads, Wireless Body Microphones, Front Day/Night Auto Focus Zoom Cameras,
Backseat or rear Color or B/W IR Cameras and many options for interfacing to Laser/Radar Speed Guns, Alcohol Meters,
GPS, Card Readers, G-Force devices and Wireless 802.11 LAN. Included software for remote viewing and downloading
along with removable HDD for fast PC based downloading. The Prosecutor Digital is available in MPEG4 or MJPEG. The
Prosecutor VCR includes a VHS Stereo VCR for traditional analog recording.
Live Remote Audio/Video Viewer
Remote Playback Event Selection
Live remote ability to view and hear
all events in the vehicle and launch
other functions
Remote playback screen for selection
of recorded events by simplying
clicking and playback.
Tel: 281 446 9010 |
Remote Backup and Review
Remote review by Time / Date Search
and backup of either AVI video or
JPEG snapshot files.
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Police Video
Integrated 4” LCD Control Head
Most popular overhead control unit
contains backlite membrane buttons and
a 4” High Resolution TFT LCD monitor.
Stereo operation with independent
volume, brightness and backlight
Pan/Tilt 5.6” LCD Control Head
The PT control unit contains backlite
membrane buttons and a 5.6” High
Resolution TFT LCD monitor. The LCD
monitor can be tilted down from its
locked viewable position and panned up
to 350 degrees in either direction
allowing for driver or partner to improve
Modular Control Head
independent volume, brightness and
The modular control head allows the user to specify
backlight controls.
and mount their own external LCD monitor.
Digital Vault
Locked Climate
Controlled Vault
Vault Interface
The vault interface allows the use of any standard
CCTV camera and any audio source and speakers
utilizing any Prosecutor Vault.
VCR Vault
Tel: 281 446 9010 |
Fax: 281 446 9013 | Email:
Mobile Video Equipment
Windshield Mount AutoFocus Zoom Camera
27X 1 Lux Day / 0.3 Lux Night
30X 0.5 Lux Day / 0.05 Lux Night
Direct Windshield mount bracket or standard 1/420 camera mounts available. Full control large
rear panel buttons for Zoom Telephoto / Wide
and Focus Near / Far and Menu Setup in
addition to controls on the Prosecutor Control
Head. Low Light sensitivity and high speed
shutter allow to capture speeding vehicles with
crystal clear images.
Weatherproof 27X or 30X Day/Night Camera
Motorcycle Mounting
The Prosecutor Weatherproof Auto Focus
Zoom Camera is designed to mounted on
motorcycles or outside on vehicles that is
exposed to the elements. Interfaces to all
Prosecutor Control Heads for full functional
Color or B/W IR Backseat Camera
The Prosecutor Backseat
cameras are designed to
record in no light conditions
with the built in IR
illuminators and microphone
to capture detainees in the
police vehicle.
Weatherproof Monitor
All supported Hand Held speed guns plug
directly to the Prosecutor in car system and
can be fitted with any Prosecutor Camera.
This allows the in car system to give double
duty for patrol surveillance and speed
The Prosecutor 4” LCD Weatherproof
monitor can be used for a variety of
outdoor applications for motorcyle or
portable speed capture sets.
Tel: 281 446 9010 |
Fax: 281 446 9010 | Email:
Portable Speed Gun Sets
Available for all popular Radar or Laser Speed Guns with a communications port
Portable DVR Camera Sets
This portable or tripod mounted set includes
the Prosecutor Auto Focus Zoom Camera
and 4” LCD monitor mounted to the speed
gun. The DVR mounted in the electronics
and battery box allows for remote operation
with included charger.
Ticket Printing Software
Removable DVR/Camera Sets
This portable or tripod mounted set includes
the Prosecutor Auto Focus Zoom Camera
with a Removable DVR/Camera mounted to
the speed gun. The electronics and battery
box allows for remote operation with included
Integrated Portable Speed Sets
The Prosecutor Ticket Printing Software in
conjunction with the Prosecutor Digital
MJPEG and supported speed gun produces
the complete ticket with violators picture
with speed superimposed on the image.
Can be programmed for automatic over
speed image recording and printing.
Tel: 281 446 9010
This Integrated Portable set includes the
Prosecutor Day/Night Auto Focus Zoom
Camera, 4” LCD monitor, DVR and electronics
mounted in one convenient unit. Can be hand
carried or Tripod mounted and plugs directly to
any standard 12 VDC Outlet
Fax: 281 446 9013 | Email:
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