GlobalMed Patient Camera - TRC6 - Fixed or Mobile

GlobalMed Patient Camera - TRC6 - Fixed or Mobile
Quick Reference Guide
GlobalMed Patient Camera
with TRC6 Remote
Service Desk 204-940-8500 Option 4
or toll-free 1-866-999-9698 Option 4
Plug the AC adaptor into the POD
and into a power outlet.
2 Using the HD to VGA adaptor
convertor, plug the HD end into the
back of the POD (left port only) and
the other end into the VGA cable
that’s connected to the back of
your equipment (mobile or fixed).
the HDMI-HDMI mini cable,
3 Using
securely plug the HDMI end into
the front of the POD and the mini
end into the end of the camera.
4 Press the small black power button
on the front of the POD. The LED
on the front of the POD will light up
once both ends of the cables are
Ensure this stays
properly inserted.
5 Select Share and press OK on the
6 Hold the camera with the buttons
Only use the
HDMI port to
the left of the
facing up; press FF to freeze the
HD to VGA adaptor
convertor should be
located in the box with
your camera.
remote. You should now see the
patient camera image displayed on
the video conference monitor.
Tongue depressor
(optional) attaches to the
end of the camera.
Back of Pod
Make sure the 1st & 3rd switches are flipped up.
Ergotron Cart or Fixed Equipment
Tips for Capturing a Good Image
Hold steady & freeze
Accurate colours
• position the camera, stabilize your arm and press and hold the FF button for 1-2 seconds
(the image freezes when you release the button)
Right amount of light
• too much light in the wrong place can create white reflections causing a blurry image for the far
end site
• when using the LED, adjust the light to less than full to reduce glare (this can occur on moist
surfaces such as in the mouth or back of throat)
Use default exposure
• the camera defaults to an exposure of 60 (lowering the exposure may cause blurry images)
• exposure indicator (blinking light) : 60 = rapid, 30 = medium, 15 = slow
Using manual focus
• you may need to turn off the autofocus (AF button) in order to focus on the right area (the
camera may focus on the centre of a wound instead of the edges)
• perform a white balance against a non-glossy piece of white paper to ensure colours will be
accurate (this should be done prior to showing image to the specialist)
• describe the colours you are seeing as the screen colours may appear different on the other
end (the colour can help tell the difference between a healing wound vs a non healing wound)
• use the lowest intensity setting of LED to avoid washing out the skin colour
Rev 11May2017
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Quick Reference Guide
GlobalMed Patient Camera
with TRC6 Remote
Service Desk 204-940-8500 Option 4
or toll-free 1-866-999-9698 Option 4
Camera Buttons
FF - Freeze Frame Image
• used to freeze live video which allows a closer examination of an image
• press the FF button and release to freeze the image (image will be frozen upon release)
• press the FF button again to return to live video and freeze another image
ACB - Auto Colour Balance (used to perform White Balance)
• used to ensure that whites are truly white and all other colours are accurate
• to perform white balance, aim the camera at a white object such as a non-glossy piece of paper, and press the ACB button
Note: if you turn on the LED, ensure you perform another white balance
AF - Auto Focus
• auto focus is on by default - press the button to enable/disable (light on = enabled)
Note: AF should be disabled while the camera is on but not in use as the continuous focusing
could cause excessive wear on the focusing mechanism.
EXP - Exposure
• camera defaults to an exposure time of 60 which is the most recommended setting
• press the button to change the exposure which is indicated by the blinking light:
60 = rapid, 30 = medium, 15 = slow
Note: lowering the exposure can cause blurry images
LED - Light
• press the button to increase the light intensity (lowest intensity is ususally best)
• press and hold the LED button to increase and decrease the light gradually
Rev 11May2017
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