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Fujitsu AMILO Mini Ui 3520
Data Sheet
AMILO Mini Ui 3520
The ultra-small and stylish companion on the
Enjoy your mobile lifestyle with this small and lightweight mini-notebook, whenever
and wherever you are.
Processor technology
 Intel® Atom™ N270 processor for purpose-built low-power ultra-mobile devices
and enhanced battery life
Operating System
 Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition (SP3)
 Energy Star® 4.0 certified - energy-saving and energy-efficient
 8.9-inch LCD WSVGA non-glare display, perfect for outdoor usage
 Enjoy up to 4 hours battery life and no need for a socket
 Small size (232.4 x 175 x 29 / 35.8 mm) and lightweight (~ 1 kg)
Multimedia and Entertainment
 Integrated 1.3 megapixels webcam and built-in digital array microphone are
perfect for video conferencing and Internet telephony (VoIP)
 Surf the Internet and check your e-mails when and wherever you want thanks to
the integrated Wireless LAN
 Synchronize the calendars of your AMILO Mini and your mobile phone via
Bluetooth® connection
 4-in-1 card reader for easy access to pictures, movies and more
 ExpressCard slot (34 mm), e.g. for an UMTS-card
 2x USB 2.0 ports for UMTS sticks or any other kind of accessories
 Clip-on covers in different colors
 Optical disc drive with Nero software suite for DVD playback and CD/DVD
 6-cell battery for an extended battery life (up to 8:10 hours)
Issue: April 2009
Intel® Atom™ N270 (1.6 GHz, 512 KB, 533 MHz )
Memory modules
Supported capacity RAM (min.)
Supported capacity RAM (max.)
Memory slots total
Memory slot type
1 GB (1 module(s) with 1 GB, DDR2), 533 MHz
1 GB
1 GB
SODIMM (DDR2, 533 MHz)
Hard disk drives (internal)
60, 80 or 120 GB, 4200 rpm, 1.8-inch, HDD cache: 2 MB
Hard disk notes
Hard disk capacity depends on exact configuration. Please check at your local retailer.
One Gigabyte equals one billion bytes, when referring to hard disk drive capacity.
Diagonal Size
Display Resolution type
Resolution (native)
Brightness - typical
Contrast - typical
Battery type
Battery voltage
Battery capacity
Battery runtime (idle mode)
Battery charging time (idle mode)
Battery charging time (maximum
active mode)
Battery charging time (off mode)
Battery notes
1024 x 600 pixel
220 NIT
500 : 1
Li-Ion battery 4-cell
14.4 V
2200 mAh
Up to 4:25 hours
Up to 1:30 hours
Up to 1:40 hours
Up to 1:20 hours
Battery life may vary depending on product model, configuration, applications, power
management settings and features utilized. Battery recharge time varies depending
on usage. The recharge capacity may decrease after some months so that the battery
lifetime as well as operating time can not be assured for the whole lifetime of the
Battery runtime (idle mode) tested with Battery Mark 4.0.1 (“power saver mode”).
Battery charging time (idle mode): duration for 100%, started battermon.exe in parallel.
Battery charging time (maximum active mode) tested with 3DMark 2003 (duration for
100%) started battermon.exe in parallel.
Battery charging time (off mode): duration for 100%
AMILO Mini Ui 3520
Operating system
Operating system compatible
Recovery application
Operating system notes
Genuine Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition
Recovery media and Drivers and Ultility on CD or DVD are included
Updates downloadable at
Service Pack 3
Product design
Reveal white
General system information
System architecture
Intel® processor technology
Intel® 945GSE
Onboard graphics processor
Shared video memory
Max. resolution external display
Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950
up to 128 MB
up to 2048 x 1536 pixel
Graphic features
Graphic notes
DirectX® 9 support
1024 MB system memory enables up to 128 MB total video memory (dedicated plus
shared memory)
Audio: line-in / microphone
Audio: headphone out
Internal microphones
USB 2.0 total
Ethernet (RJ-45)
Memory card slots
Express card slots
1x 4-in-1 card reader (supported formats: SD/SDHC, MS, MSPRO, MMC)
1 (34 mm)
LAN type
2.1 (integrated)
Ethernet (10/100 Mbit/s)
Built-in WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)
WLAN (optional)
WLAN name
WLAN max. data rate
WLAN encryption
WLAN notes
Audio type
Audio codec
Audio features
Frame rate
Camera features
Camera notes
Input devices / Control buttons
Power Button
Number of keyboard keys
Input device(s)
Hot keys
Hot key Fn+F1
Hot key Fn+F2
Hot key Fn+F3
Hot key Fn+F4
Hot key Fn+F5
Hot key Fn+F6
Hot key Fn+F7
Hot key Fn+F8
Hot key Fn+F9
Hot key Fn+F10
WLAN (IEEE 802.11b/g)
up to 54 Mbit/s
For use in: BE, CH, DK, DE, EE, FI, FR, EL, IE, IS, IT, LI, LV, LT, LU, MT, NL, NO, PL, AT,
On board
Realtek ALC269
Support of high-definition audio
2x built-in speakers (1.5 W each)
Built-in digital array microphone
Sound volume control via function key
1.3 megapixel webcam
30 per second
Auto focus
Automatic brightness adjustment with status LED (on / off / busy)
AMILOcam frame rate can vary significantly depending on the used software application.
Located above the keyboard
Touchpad with left and right mouse button, touchpad disable function via function key
combination (Fn + F6)
WLAN / Bluetooth on / off
No function / user selectable
Mute on / off
Volume down
Volume up
Touchpad on / off
AMILOcam on / off
Brightness down
Brightness up
Display switch
Hot keys
Hot key Fn+F11
Hot key Fn+F12
Status indicators
Status indicators
Power supply
AC adapter
Rated voltage range
Rated frequency range
Battery features
Energy consumption
S0 (idle mode)
S0 (max. active mode)
S3 (stand by / energy saving
S4 (hibernate)
S5 (off mode)
ACPI functions
Silent mode
S3 Sleep mode
The notebook has 3 status LEDs
Power status (& suspend)
Blue (always on): on
Blue blinking: stand by
None: off
Battery charge
Blue (always on): full
Blue blinking: charging
WLAN / Bluetooth
Blue: on
None: off
20 V / 40 W (2 A)
110 - 240 V (AC Input)
50 - 60 Hz
Dynamic charge supported (rapid charge)
12 W
19 W
1.1 W
Energy consumption notes
0.9 W
0.5 W
Power on stand by (S1 LCD off)
Stand by / energy saving mode (S3 save to RAM)
Hibernate mode (S4 save to disk)
Off mode (S5 soft off)
Maximum active mode (S0) tested with 3DMark 2006
Noise emission
Idle mode
Maximum active mode
Noise notes / description
27.5 dB(A) / 0.46 sone (silent mode off)
30.5 dB(A) / 0.77 sone (silent mode off)
Tested according to ISO 7779 and ISO 9296
Dimensions / Weight / Environmental
Dimension (W x D x H)
232.4 x 175 x 29 (front) / 35.8 (back) mm
Approx. 1 kg
Weight notes
Weight may vary depending on actual configuration
Operating ambient temperature
5 - 35°C
Operating relative humidity
10 - 90 % (relative humidity, non-condensing)
Compliance link
Application software
Home office software
Multimedia software
Internet software
CE Marking
R&TTE (WLAN, Bluetooth®)
RoHS (Restriction of hazardous substances)
Adobe Acrobat Reader
CyberLink YouCam
Windows Media Player (within Windows® XP operating system)
Microsoft® Internet Explorer
Country specific Internet provider
Application software
Security software
Norman security software solution
Physical security
User security
Lid switch (hidden)
User and supervisor password
Service Weblink
Country specific terms
Possible Accessories
Accessories included
Accessories link
Optical disc drive (USB; order number: S26391-F7119-L100)
Clip-on covers (pink and transparent, order number: S26391-F7140-L111)
Clip-on covers (bordeaux-red and transparent, order number: S26391-F7140-L110)
Clip-on covers (black-glossy and transparent, order number: S26391-F7140-L113)
Clip-on covers (bronce-glossy and transparent, order number: S26391-F7140-L114)
Clip-on covers (darkblue-glossy and transparent, order number: S26391-F7140-L112)
Lithium-Ion battery (6-cell, 11.1 V / 5200 mAh) with up to 8:10 battery runtime, order
number: S26391-F110-L61)
AC Adapter 40 W
First Battery (4-cell)
Clip-on cover (bordeaux-red)
Manuals (manual on hard disk, quick start guide, safety guide, warranty guide, recovery
Information about environmental care, policies, programs and our Environmental Guideline FSC 03230:
Take back and Recycling information:
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