Philips | SBCAC250/00 | Datasheet | Philips SBCAC250 CD/DVD radial cleaner

CD/DVD radial cleaner
Cleans & Protects
Rotary CD cleaner that's suitable for use on CD, CD-ROM, DVD, CD-I, CDV and VCD
Protect your CD/DVD player
• Microfiber cleaning pad
Maintain original sound and video quality
• Safe and easy radial cleaning action
CD/DVD radial cleaner
Storage Media
Rewritable, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, DVD/R, DVD/
RW, Photo CD
• Supported formats: 8cm discs, CD-Audio, CD•
Issue date 2014-02-06
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12 NC: 9082 100 00045
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Radial cleaning action
Clean and protect your discs with this safe and easy
radial cleaning action that clears discs free of dirt,
dust and debris.
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