How do I create a playlist on my ESP?

How do I create a playlist on my ESP?
Q: How do I create a playlist on my ESP?
A: You can create custom playlists on the ESP with Microsoft Windows Media Player 10. Playlists are
collections of music that you can name, save, and play in Windows Media Player. It's a great way to
listen to music, and you can build different playlists for listening to while you work, exercise, or relax at
To create a playlist:
1. Copy all music from your computer to ESP. You can have them under various folders in your ESP.
Click Windows Media Player icon on your computer.
2. Click Library.
You now see an expandable view of all the media items in your library.
If items appear in the Now Playing list, clear those items from the list to start fresh.
3. Click New Playing List, and then click Clear List.
The list is cleared, and you are ready to build a new playlist. In this example, you will build a playlist
of songs from several albums.
4. To add an album to the playlist, in the Contents pane, click the plus sign next to All Music to
expand the list, and then click the plus sign next to Album to expand the list of albums.
Windows Media Player expands the category and shows all the albums in your library.
5. In the Contents pane, select an album title in the list, and drag the title to the List pane under New
Playing List. When you drag an album from the Contents pane, all the songs in that album are
added to the playlist.
6. To add selected songs from an album, in the Contents pane, click the album. In the Details pane,
all the songs on the album are displayed.
7. In the Details pane, hold down the CTRL key, and then click the songs you want to add to the
8. Drag the selected songs to the List pane.
The selected songs are added to the playlist.
9. To remove an item from the playlist, right-click the item, and then click Remove from List.
The item disappears from the list. It is not deleted from the library; it is just deleted from the playlist.
10. To save your list, click Now Playing List, and then click Save Playlist As.
11. In the Save As dialog box, under Save as Type use M3U Playlist (*.m3u) for your playlist, and then
click Save.
Your new playlist appears under My Playlists.
12. To listen to or watch your new playlist, expand My Playlists, and then double-click the playlist you
just created.
Windows Media Player adds the songs from the playlist to the List pane and plays the songs,
starting with the first song in the list. Now you can create playlists for anything you like.
13. Drag and Drop your playlist into your ESP icon from My Computer directories.
---Or Then click Save Playlist As onto your ESP. Remember to under Save as Type use M3U
Playlist (*.m3u) for your playlist, and click Save.
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