CR123A Lithium battery
Manganese Dioxide Lithium Battery
battery system:
conditions, remarks
nominal voltage:
off load voltage
closed circuit voltage
3,0... 3,4V
2,9... 3,35V
nominal capacity:
at 20mA continuous discharge current
1,8V end discharge voltage; 20°C
minimum capacity:
at 15mA continuous discharge current
2,0V end discharge voltage; 20°C
at 1000mA continuous discharge current
1,0V end discharge voltage; 20°C
≥ 1500 cycles
≥ 700 cycles
at 20°C; 1,5V end discharge voltage
at -20°C; 1,2V end discharge voltage
under pulse discharge load
load 900mA for 3s, rest for 27s
max. continuous
discharge current:
at 20°C
≤ 0,6Ohms
sine wave AC method (1Khz; 0,1mA)
temperature range:
-20... 60°C
-20... 45°C
5... 35°C
operating temperature
storage temperature
recommended storage temperature
relative humidity:
< 70%
during storage
duration time:
new battery
measured after 1s under load of 50ohm
mechanical specifications:
approx. 17g
specifications for model/type:
CR123A Lithium battery
blister packing
Ansmann drawing number / part number:
author / date:
Gramlich / 08.09.2008
Manufacturer reserves the right to alter or amend the design, model and specification without prior notice
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