Chain Store Network Audio System
IP/TCP Network Audio System
Chain Food Store
Sound System Solution
Branch 1
PC Server
Aux Cable
Speaker Cable
LAN CAT5 Cable
Internet Network
Branch 2
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Professional Public Address System
Network Audio System
Music & paging over LAN network
Flexible configuration from 10 zones to 7000
Most economy and flexible background
music and audio bus management system.
Easy upgrade and system expansion over
existing non-dedicated LAN/WAN or internet.
Two way communication system=intercom
system is option.
Packet audio use only about 124kbs
bandwidth makes it is possible to transfer
more than 500 programs over non-dedicated
3 levels of management software with preassigned access priority.
Ideal solution for vast area sound system.
Flexible management all together or
Remote distance communication system.
Minimum cable layout cost by using the
exiting network system.
Nearly 300 milliseconds, it is hardly
distinguished by human ear.
High fidelity signal of a wide frequency range
from 20Hz to 16kHz.
Simultaneous multi-zones BGM/paging (Point,
group points, zone, group zone, area
broadcast and paging).
Local user program selection and volume
control through remote control.
Inter-work with door access system and
CCTV system together.
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Professional Public Address System
Architects' & Engineers' Guidance
The solution is specially design for chain stores, like food chain stores, bank, police station, factory etc. Since most of the chain
stores are far from each other, even in different cities, analog system is impossible to overcome the data loss problem, so the
solution only could be the network audio system. The system is built-in special audio processor to ensure its hi-fi sound quality.
Data delay only about 300 milliseconds. High reliable system for easy maintenance and avoid information eavesdropping.
The simplest and economy solution which links several PA system together by the T-6701 network audio adapter, so as to
achieve centralized management. So the headquarter chain store will install one PC for system software setting and
management, a T-6702 network remote paging console for live announcement and zone paging, a T-6701 network audio adapter
to transfer the local PA system to another T-6701 in other stores. The audio bus could transfer and distribute one message or
music from headquarter to different stores by one action. Multi-tasks simultaneously enable this system of highest capacity: live
music and announcement broadcast, pre-recorded message broadcast and scheduled program broadcast provide a user friendly
easy operation.
T-6701 is a 19" rack mount network audio adapter, built-in signal channel TCP/IP decoder, which is used to decode the digital
audio and control data into analog one for amplifier. So only a LAN input is needed from the network switch to ensure it has
separate TCP/IP address for the system distinguish, by this way, the system could simultaneously distribute different tasks to
different amplifiers. All points and separate point management is available. It is the heart of the IP system for background music,
live announcement, pre-recorded voice message scheduled broadcast. A 5" LCD screen is supplied to display all system status
and its IP address setting data in English, where a remote control could be used for music broadcast, volume attenuation and
data setting. Numeric keys on front panel for convenient and manual music operation. The network audio adapter T-6701
provides 4 channel line outputs to amplifiers, which could be both high impedance and low impedance amps for various
applications. Local inputs include microphone and line of priority. This network audio adapter could be connected to the existing
LAN network to save a lot of wire layout cost. Another advantage makes it possible to install this unit both in electrician control
room or terminal end-user room.
T-6702 is a network remote paging console which could be used to make live announcement over LAN network. Flexible paging
modes includes: separate point, group points, zone, group zones and all zones. It built-in a speaker for monitoring. A line output
could be used for external monitoring. More options include intercom and talk-back versions are available.
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