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UK Pounds Sterling. Updated 18/05/15
smart-spring hook 4kg (8lbs)
captain hook 30kg (66lbs)
Smart-spring Hook for perlon cord or steel cable
(2mm only). Easily adjusted by pinch action.
Max. load 4 kg.
Smart-spring Hook 4kg (8lbs)
Captain Hook for use with the heaviest of pictures.
Max. load 30 kg.
Captain Hook 30kg (66lbs)
captain hook 30kg (66lbs) security edition
mini hook 7kg (15lbs)
Captain Hook Security for use with the heaviest of
pictures. Has a spring latch on the hook to prevent
easy removal. Max. load 30 kg.
Mini Hook for perlon cord or steel cable. Easily
adjusted by brass screw.
Max. load 7 kg.
Mini Hook 7kg (15lbs)
cylinder hook 7kg (15lbs)
Captain Hook 30kg (66lbs)
Cylinder Hook 7kg (15lbs)
Captain Hook Double 30kg is specially designed to
be used when hanging pictures, in a window display
or away from a wall; as you can hang pictures “back
to back” with a single hook. Max. load 30 kg.
Captain Hook Double 30kg (66lbs)
Self Locking Captain Hook is a super heavy duty
fitting. For use with the heaviest of pictures.
Compatible with our 1.5mm & 2mm Steel Cable &
transparent 2mm Perlon nylon cord. An extremely
reliable hanging option. Max. load 40 kg.
Self-locking Hook for perlon cord & steel cable
(2mm only). Heavy duty. Chrome finish. Adjusted by
easy to use spring locking mechanism.
Max. load 10 kg.
Self-locking Hook 10kg (22lbs)
Self-locking Cable Hook 15kg (33lbs)
Self Locking Captain Hook 40kg (88lbs) Heavy Duty
Self-locking Cable Hook 15kg (33lbs)
Zipper Hook 15kg (33lbs)
Zipper Hook for Perlon Cord or Steel 2mm Cable.
Heavy Duty. Extremely easy to use. By simply holding
down the button on it’s side, you are able to comfortably adjust the hook with precision.
Max. load 15 kg.
Zipper Hook 15kg (33lbs)
The Plate Anchor allows you to attach plates to our
picture hanging range of hooks and cords etc.
You can effectively display any size plate you want!
The Plate support can also be used to display Tiles
and other flat objects on perlon cords and steel cable.
Tiles can be up to 10mm in thickness.
Plate Anchor Black
Plate / Tile Support
rug / carpet clamp
A special clamp designed to hang your carpets &
rugs on a picture hanging rail.
It simply hooks onto an adjustable picture or moulding hook!
security-screw hook 15kg (33lbs)
Security-Screw Hook screws directly into the back
of your picture frame. Making it impossible for someone to remove your pictures from the cords/cables!
Max. load 15 kg.
Security-Screw Hook 15kg (33lbs)
Cable Hook for use with steel cable only. Holds up
to 20kg. This hook is designed to hang your pictures
very close to the wall, closer than any other hooks in
our range! Max. load 20 kg.
Cable Hook 20kg (44lbs)
Ru Clamp
hooks for 4mm hanging rods
These Classic Hooks are the best quality on the
market i.e. they use the most effective adjustment
and locking mechanism.
cable hook 20kg (44lbs)
plate & tile hangers
The Self-locking Cable Hook, is a very reliable midrange hook. It’s extremely easy to attach, adjust/readjust on the cable! Simply press down the top, and
away you go! Max. load 15 kg.
Self Locking Captain Hook 40kg (88lbs) Heavy Duty
self-locking hook 10kg (22lbs)
captain hook double 30kg (66lbs)
Cylinder Hook for perlon and stainless steel 1.5 or
2mm cable. Chrome finish, adjusted by brass screw.
Ideal for small to medium size pictures.
Max. load 7 kg.
Hook Classic for 4mm Hanging Rod 40kg
Hook Classic 40kg Security
Hook Classic for 4mm Hanging Rod 80kg
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