Electronic Piezoelectric Keypad
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EntryCheck™ 931 Digital Keypad
Electronic Piezoelectric Keypad
Door Access Control
Indoor/ Outdoor High Security
Heavy Duty Vandal Resistant
The 931 EntryCheck™ touchpads are unsurpassed in their
ability to tolerate virtually any environment. The fully weatherized
touchpads use piezoelectric technology that ensures that the
system will perform reliably whether installed inside or exposed
to extreme outside weather conditions.
Vandal and Tamper Resistant
The touchpads are highly tolerant of physical abuse. The separate
micro-processor based controller contains all inputs and relay
outputs. Being located in a separate location security is higher,
eliminating the possibility of tampering.
6 User Codes
Master Programming & User Code
Only the holder of the master code can
program the EntryCheck. The master code
may be used as a sixth access code.
Five User Codes
Five Personal Identification Numbers (PIN
Codes) may be programmed.
Code Length
PIN codes may be 3-8 digits in length.
Tamper Alarm
25 incorrect key presses activates an alarm
tone and locks out touchpad operation for
30 seconds.
Door Open Time
The momentary door unlock time is
programmable from 1 to 120 seconds.
Non-Volatile Memory
All programming is maintained during
a power outage.
Request-to Exit
The REX input provides remote unlock
capability by, a remote station, exit switch or
exit sense bar.
Connecting a door contact, latchbolt monitor
or magnetic door status switch to this input,
locks the door immediately on closure,
overriding the programmed door open time.
Two Relay Outputs
While one relay output may be designated
for momentary door unlocking, the second
relay output may be designated for one of
the following: Two Door Operation; Latching;
CCTV Activation or Doorbell Activation.
Two User Groups
Group 1- Users 1 & 2, Group 2- Users
3, 4, and 5. Each user group may be
designated to operate Relay #1 or Relay #2
in applications such as two door operation
and latching.
One of the following features
may be selected on installation
Entering a valid PIN code followed by #7
latches the system “Off” (unlocked).
Repeating this procedure latches the
system “On” (locked). This function may be
designated for use by one of two different
user groups i.e Users 1& 2 or Users 3, 4
and 5.
When one of the relay outputs is designated
for CCTV activation, pressing any button,
the first number of a PIN code or tampering
buttons triggers a 10 second output.
Doorbell Activation
When a relay is designated for doorbell
activation, pressing “#” triggers a 1 second
output. A KP-3 or KP-4 keypad is required.
Price & Installation
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Single Door System with 1 or 2 Touchpads and 1 Controller
The 931 EntryCheckTM will control a single opening with a
single pad on the exterior. Egress is accomplished by the turn
of the inside knob or lever or activation of an exit switch, Exit
Sense bar or motion detector. An additional touchpad may be
added to the interior for high security applications.
Auxiliary Outputs/Relays 2 & 3
115 VAC
600 Series
Power Supply
Battery Backup
Egress Device
SDC 600 series power supplies provide power for both
the locking device and EntryCheckTM. Battery back-up
capability is standard to ensure continued operation
during a power failure.
Locking Device
Additional Touchpad
When an additional touchpad is required, order the touchpad
with the TWC-15 -15 ft touchpad cable.
931 Controller Specifications
Touchpad Styles
Voltage Input
12 to 24V AC/DC
Narrow 2 x 6 frame mount, 12 button, black with
stainless steel overlay, red and green LED’s
KP-3AP Wall mount adapter plate for mounting
KP-3 touchpad to single gang box
Single gang 3 x 4 matrix, 12 button, stainless steel
Standby Current Draw
12V-10mA / 24V-25mA
Operation Current Draw
250mA @ 12 or 24V
Relay Outputs
Two SPDT Dry Contacts
Operating Environment
-40° F to +120° F (-40° C to +49° C)
98% Humidity non-condensing
Standard EntryCheck Models
Models below include: Controller; Touchpad; 15 ft Cable
931 x KP-4U
Controller Dimensions
7-1/2"H x 5-1/2" W x 2-1/2"D
(191 x 140 x 64mm)
931 x KP-3U
Touchpad Specifications
Operating Environment: -40° F to +160° F (-40° C to +70° C)
KP-3U: 7-1/8"H x 1-3/4"W x 5/8"D (181 x 44 x 16mm)
KP-4U: 5-1/8"H x 3-3/8"W x 7/16"D (130 x 86 x 14mm)
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