HDX HARD DISK PLAYER iTunes For Mac OS X Supplement

HDX HARD DISK PLAYER iTunes For Mac OS X Supplement
iTunes For Mac OS X
HDX and iTunes (Mac) Supplement
I nt r odu ct ion
This document is intended to help users in making an iTunes library on an Apple
Macintosh computer visible to Naim and NaimNet hard disk player and music server
products (HDX, NS01, NS02 and NS03). The document describes the following steps:
1. Moving music to the user account public folder.
2. Setting up the shared folder and user permissions.
3. Specifying the Windows workgroup name.
4. Switching on Windows Sharing.
Note: The Naim HDX and NaimNet server products use a version of the Microsoft Windows
operating system internally, so for an Apple Macintosh computer running Mac OS X to share
data, the Mac’s sharing preferences must be specifically set up to be compatible with Windows.
5. Confirming that the share is working.
Note: The procedures described in this manual are congruent with Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.7
and iTunes 8.2.1. The procedures for alternative software versions may differ slightly.
Note: Reference to the HDX throughout this document should be taken also to include the
NaimNet NS01, NS02 and NS03 music servers.
1 Mov in g musi c to the user a ccount p ub l i c f ol d er
For your iTunes music to be visible to an HDX you need to set the Mac to broadcast the
music as a SMB (Samba) drive. In order to do this, the music must be located in the public
folder under your user name.
First you must ensure that the Keep iTunes Music folder organized option is checked in the
iTunes Preferences:
1. From the iTunes menu, choose Preferences.
2. In the resulting window, click the Advanced button.
3. Select the Keep iTunes Music folder organized check box.
4. Click OK.
Apple Macintosh, Mac, OS X, and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the
U.S. and other countries. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
HDX and iTunes (Mac) Supplement
Next, follow the steps below to move your iTunes Music library to the new location and to
consolidate it there. This procedure not only copies your music and media files but also
retains any ratings and playlists.
Note: If you move your music library to an external hard drive, you will need to have that drive
connected to access your files. It is always a good idea to have a backup of your iTunes library.
Open iTunes.
From the iTunes menu, choose Preferences.
Click the Advanced button in the Preferences window.
Click the Change button in the iTunes Music folder location pane.
5.In the Change Music Folder Location window that appears, navigate to the location
where you would like your iTunes music to be moved. This should be: ~/public/ (the tilde
“~” represents your home directory).
Click the New Folder button in the Change Music Folder Location window.
In the New Folder window that appears, enter the name of the new iTunes Music folder.
Click Create.
Click Open in the Change Music Folder Location window.
10. Click OK in the Advanced window.
11. From the File menu, choose Library and then Consolidate Library... A message will
appear that says: “Consolidating your library will copy all of your music into the iTunes
Music folder. This cannot be undone.”
12. Click Consolidate.
Important: This action copies all of your music and media files to the new location. There must
be enough hard disk space available to copy all of your music and media files.
13. After the folder has been copied, locate your original iTunes Music folder, and drag it to
the Trash (or Recycle Bin).
Important: Only delete the iTunes music folder. Do not delete the iTunes library.xml or any other
Empty the Trash (or Recycle Bin).
2 Set t in g u p the sha red fol d er a nd us er p er m i s s i ons
Windows Sharing provides no “guest access” facility so users must have accounts on the
Mac OS X computer from which the iTunes library is to be shared. Existing accounts can be
used, but if a new OS X user account is required (perhaps for those who wish to set up a
separate account to access their music) the steps below describe the process. If no new
account is required this step may be skipped.
From the Applications menu, choose System Preferences.
Choose Accounts.
3.Unlock the menu using the system administrator password by clicking on the padlock at
the bottom left of the popup window.
Click the + button .
Enter the Name and Short Name for the user who will log in from Windows (the HDX).
Enter the user password.
Quit system preferences.
Note: The short name is exactly how the user should enter their name when they log in to
Windows Sharing. The short name is always lowercase.
HDX and iTunes (Mac) Supplement
3 S pecif y in g the Wi nd ows Wo rkgr oup N a m e.
The default Mac OS X SMB workgroup name is WORKGROUP.
From the OS X Applications menu (or Finder Apple menu), choose System Preferences.
Choose Network.
Select your active network connection (usually indicated by a green circle)
4.Select Advanced.
Note: You may need to authenticate to do this. Authenticate by selecting the padlock and
entering the administrator password.
Select WINS
6. Change the workgroup to: NAIM, and select ok.
7. Exit system preferences.
Note: For Naim server sharing, you must set the workgroup to NAIM.
HDX and iTunes (Mac) Supplement
4 Sw it ch in g on Wi ndows Shari ng .
1. From the OS X Applications menu (or Finder Apple menu), choose System Preferences.
2. Chose Sharing.
Select File Sharing.
4. Select the public folder in the shared folders list
5. Make sure that the user you wish to share as has Read & Write
6. Select options.
7. Select Share files and folders using SMB.
8. Click Done.
9. Exit system preferences.
HDX and iTunes (Mac) Supplement
5 Con f ir min g tha t the sha re i s wo r k i ng
To check that sharing is set up correctly, go to your HDX and proceed as follows:
1. Go to the Home Menu.
2. Select System Setup.
Select Network Shares.
4. Select Manage Shares.
All the shares available to the HDX should be listed, including the OS X Mac shared folder.
Select Enable to enable the share. If the OS X folder is not listed, follow the steps below:
5. Go back to the Network Shares menu (press the back button).
6. Select Refresh All Shares. Click ok when prompted and wait for the OS X share to appear.
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