Get more from your account

Get more from your account
Welcome to PlusNet!
Welcome to PlusNet, we hope you will enjoy using our service.
The following guide should help you set up your new account and
provide you with some information you should find useful.
Hardware Installation
All hardware that is shipped from PlusNet comes with an installation guide
to help you get set up. You can view online versions of these guides in our
Starter Pack Guide. If you got your hardware from another provider, you
can find more general help in the Hardware Help section.
Connecting to Broadband
Most ADSL hardware should already be configured with the right
settings. If you should need to add them yourself use the information
provided below:
ADSL username:
DNS: Primary –
DNS: Secondary –
VPI (Virtual Path Identifier): 0
VCI (Virtual Channel Identifier): 38
Data Link Encapsulation: PPPoA
PPP properties: VC Multiplexed
Further help
If you are experiencing difficulties connecting then we would advise
checking the following before you contact us.
Is your modem synchronising with your local exchange? This would
normally be indicated by a steady DSL or link light on the modem. If
you've received confirmation from us that the ADSL service is active
but the modem isn't synchronising then we would advise that you try
connecting the modem directly into the master telephone socket using
one filter with no other devices (i.e. disconnect all telephones, fax
machines, Sky Digital, analogue modems, caller ID boxes, alarm
systems, dialer boxes) connected to the line.
If the modem does have synchronisation try running through the portal
broadband Troubleshooter Guide, which can help you quickly resolve
many of the most common connection problems.
Important Information About Internet Security
With the always-on, fast connection you get from broadband, your
computer becomes much more vulnerable to hackers, viruses and other
security risks. Even if you don't store sensitive information on your
computer, you MUST take action to make it secure.
To meet minimum standards of Internet security you MUST have both a
firewall and anti virus program installed and active on the computers you
connect to your broadband service.
For more information, view the Security Guide.
There are are some firewall and anti-virus programs that are free for
residential use. You can read about them on the Security Software page.
Common difficulties when
getting started with broadband
Î Synchronising your modem
To get started with broadband you
need to synchronise your
modem/router with your local telephone
exchange. You can usually tell if your
modem is sycnhronised by checking for
a steady DSL or 'link' light on the
modem. If this light is not on try
connecting the modem directly into the
master telephone socket using one
filter with no other devices connected
to the line (i.e. disconnect all
telephones, fax machines, Sky Digital
decoders, analogue modems, caller ID
boxes, alarm systems and dialler
Î Once your modem is synchronised
If the DSL or 'link' light is on and you're
still having connection problems, try the
following test usernames and
passwords and then try again using
your own details.
Username: bt_test@startup_domain
Password: test
Password: test
Please record the results of each of
these tests and any error messages
you see. This will help our support
team if you need to contact us for
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