Installing and recording Tegrity Recorder using PC

Installing and recording Tegrity Recorder using PC
Access and Record Classes on Your PC
Tegrity lecture capture service is available through Blackboard. To view you classes or start a
recording, click the “Tegrity Classes” link on the left hand menu.
Popup Blocker
Note: If you are running Tegrity for the first time from a particular PC, you may get a popup
message similar to the one below:
If you get such a message it means your Internet browser is blocking the Tegrity site.
You just need to unblock it by:
Right Click on the message.
Choose “Always allow popup from this site”.
The My Tegrity page appears showing all of your active courses. Initially there will be no courses
available but, you will login to this screen to begin a new recording. The number of recordings that
you have not viewed appears next to each course title.
Installing the Add-on
Note: If you are recording a class for the first time, you may get a new window asking you to install
an Add-on.
If you get such a message go ahead and install the required Add-on by:
Right Click and select “Install This Add-on For All Users on This Computer”
(This will install the Add-on called Recinstaller.CAB)
During the installation process you may be asked to restart your computer. If this happens:
Select “Yes”
After the system reboots:
Login to Blackboard again.
Select your course.
Click on the Tegrity Classes link.
Recording a Class
The Class Recordings page appears with the Record a Class button in the upper left corner of the page
Click Record a Class. The Tegrity Recorder window appears. If this is the first time you are recording a class,
the Tegrity Recorder icon is added to your system tray.
Tegrity Recorder Window
The Tegrity Recorder window provides information about your class recording, including:
Your Name
Course Name
Title of the Class Recording (It will default to the date and time as a name of the lecture)
There are also general settings to use during the class recording
Prepare for recording:
Located below the Audio Level, is checked box for Webcast. Leaving this box checked will allow students
to watch the lecture live as it is being recorded. Uncheck the box if this is not desired.(If the Webcast box
is not shown then the service has been disabled)
Check off the Instructor Video, this will ensure that the instructor’s video and the class notes are recorded
separately. Before recording a lecture click on the Test Audio button to ensure that the internal or external
microphone is working. It is suggested that the Audio Level should be as high as possible. The student can
make the adjustment when viewing the lecture.
To choose audio and video input settings select Settings and the window below will appear.
To begin recording:
Start Tegrity Recorder and click Record a Class. The first time you click Record a Class, a dialog box appears
displaying information about the Tegrity Recording toolbar icons.
Click OK. The dialog box closes and the Tegrity Recording toolbar appears at the bottom of your screen.
Tegrity Recording Toolbar
As you speak, the volume indicator ( ) shows the volume level at which the audio is being
During the recording process, use the Tegrity Recording toolbar buttons to:
Pause ( )
Resume recording (
Stop ( ) the class recording.
Expanded Controls on the toolbar
By selecting the left arrow, located to the far left of the control panel, the panel
expands illuminating additional controls that will allow you to:
1. Expand your live webcam(s) into full-view mode.
2. Draw directly onto your computer screen using a series of tools (for example, the
free-hand tool, and shape tools).
3. Enable a full-screen view of a white board.
For example, enacting the drawing tool on the whiteboard will look something like
To End and Upload a recorded lecture :
Click ( ) to stop the class recording. The End Recording dialog box appears.
End Recording Dialog Box
Select one of the following options and click Yes.
Upload (in the background) — Upload the class recording to the Tegrity server from your
computer. Uploading the class recording does not affect the performance of your computer. The
Tegrity Recorder closes and the Tegrity: Recording completed balloon tip appears.
Recording completed Balloon Tip
Preview: Allow you to preview the recording after which you can choose to Upload or Delete the class
recording. The Recording successfully created dialog box appears.
Recording Successfully Created Dialog Box
Continue with step
Delete: Delete the class recording. The Tegrity Recorder closes.
Click here to preview. A browser window opens and plays in the recording in the format that the students will
view the recording
When you finish viewing the class recording, close the browser window.
Select Upload (in the background) or Delete from the Recording successfully created dialog box.
For more information regarding additional features enhancing the administration and distribution of
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