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Login Screen
After opening the iSecurity+ app, you will be brought to the login screen. If you already
have an account, enter your username and password here, then press the Login button.
If you don’t have an account, press Register to navigate to the Registration screen.
To register an iSecurity+ account:
1) Navigate to the Registration screen by selecting Register from the Login screen.
2) Enter your desired username.
3) Enter your desired password.
4) Confirm your password. The contents of the Confirm Password field must be
identical to the Password field.
5) Enter your e-mail address.
6) Select Register.
Congratulations, you’re now ready to view and manage your camera!
Managing Your Camera
The main iSecurity+ interface is split into 5 tabs at the bottom of your screen: Mine,
Friends, Events, Settings, and Buy Cameras. When you first log in, you’ll be brought to
the Mine tab.
On this screen, you’ll see a list of all cameras you’ve linked to your iSecurity+ account.
At the top of the screen, you can select All to see all linked cameras, or Online to only
view cameras that are currently broadcasting.
Tap the name of any camera currently online to view that camera’s video feed.
Configuring Camera Settings
Tap and hold down on the name of any camera currently online to bring up the Camera
From this menu, you can Configure camera viewing settings, change your camera’s
status, or share video feeds with friends.
The Configure Camera screen allows you to change infrared light, rotation, audio, video,
and iSecurity+ settings. To access this screen, tap Configure when looking at the Camera
Audio: Turns the camera’s microphone on/off.
Infrared Lights: Infrared lighting (Night vision) can be toggled to on, off, or automatic.
Rotation: This field allows you to select the video’s orientation. Select VFlip to reorient
the screen if the camera is hanging upside-down, otherwise, leave this field set to
Regular and Mobile Frames Per Second/Quality/Size/Mobile Video Format: These
fields allow advanced users to access and control settings directly on their camera, and
exist for the purpose of changing the general size quality of the image. These settings can
be lowered or changed if connection speeds or data usage are a concern.
Change Camera Status
The Change Camera Status screen allows you to set your camera’s privacy settings. To
access this screen, tap Change Status on the Camera Menu.
Set Camera Online
Set Camera Offline
Set Camera Private
You and everyone you’ve shared your camera with can view
your camera’s video feed.
Your camera is offline. Your video feed cannot be viewed.
Your camera’s video feeds can only be viewed by you.
The Share screen allows you to choose who is able to view video feeds from your
camera. To access this screen, tap Share while on the Camera Menu.
To add or remove friends from being able to view your camera’s video feed, tap the
checkboxes next to their names. If there’s a green checkmark in the box, they can view
your feed.
Tap OK to save your settings.
Viewing your camera
To view your camera’s video feed, tap the name of your camera while on the Mine tab.
The following table describes the functions available on this screen.
Zoom In/Out
Pan or Tilt your camera in real time (IPC4605N only.)
Turn video stream Off/On
Take a snapshot of current image
Record video
Turn audio On/Off
Friends Tab
The Friends tab allows you to view the shared cameras of people on your Friends list.
Much like the Mine screen, you can use the buttons at the top of the screen to change
whether all friends’ cameras are displayed, or only the ones online.
Tap a friend’s name to view their camera.
The Events tab utilizes a paid iSecurity+ Cloud Recording service to automatically
respond to motion, immediately alerting you and recording video to the cloud. These
recorded videos can then be viewed and shared at any time.
The first time you access the Events tab, you will be prompted to upgrade to the
iSecurity+ Cloud Recording service.
To upgrade, navigate to the Mine tab, then tap and hold down on the name of your
camera until the camera menu appears. Select Configure Camera, then scroll down to the
iSecurity+ Services section, and toggle the button beneath ‘Enable Event Recording and
Notification’ to ‘On.’ This will expand the rest of the menu.
Event Recording and Notification Options
Motion Sensitivity: This slider controls how sensitive to motion the camera will be.
Email Notify: When set to ‘On,’ this option will send an e-mail to the e-mail address on
file with your iSecurity+ account.
iPhone/Android Notify: When set to ‘On,’ this option will cause your device to ring
with its’ notification chime any time motion is detected.
You can then navigate back to the Events tab.
Events are organized by camera name. To view events, select the camera you wish to
view, then the time of the event.
The following table describes the functions available on this screen.
Save or e-mail the current image.
Previous image
Begin slideshow`
Next image
Back to camera selection screen
The settings tab will allow you to change the general configurations of the iSecurity+
Auto Login: iSecurity+ will remember your login information so you don’t have to input
it every time you open the app.
Account Info: Your stored account information.
About: Displays information about the iSecurity+ app.
Feedback: Tap the Feedback button to open your e-mail app and send a message to
customer support. .
Reset Notification ID: Re-register this device to receive push notification.
Vibrate on Notification: Check this box to set your phone to vibrate when the iSecurity+
app is not open, and an event is detected by your camera.
Sound Alert: Check this box to set your phone to alert you with a sound if the iSecurity+
app is open and an event is detected by your camera.
Clear Cache: Clears event viewing cache from your phone’s memory.
Warning! The following settings are for advanced users only, and changing them can
impair the functionality of iSecurity+.
Server URL: Sets the URL of the server that the iSecurity+ program will contact. Leave
this set to unless you are running your own server.
Connection: TCP and UDP connect directly to the camera and allow for unlimited
viewing, but users may experience issues depending on their network setup. Server
connects to a central server, but video will time out after a predetermined time.
If experiencing connection issues with TCP/UDP, set iSecurity+ to Server.
Build Number: Displays the current version of the iSecurity+ software.
Current IP Address: Displays your device’s current IP.
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