SUPERFIGHT RULES IMPORTANT: There are multiple ways to play

SUPERFIGHT RULES IMPORTANT: There are multiple ways to play
There are multiple ways to play this game. We
VERY strongly recommend you read about
them before choosing how you want to play, as
these modes make for very different types of
games for different types of players.
Do the Right Thing
Don’t steal stuff. If you’re going to steal stuff,
don’t steal this game. Please don’t copy it or
reproduce it or change it for profit. I’m a single
dad with two kids, and college is expensive.
Basic Rules
Separate the white cards from the black cards.
Everyone draw three white cards and five
black cards.
Pick a player to be the Ref of the first fight.
Ref: Draw a white card and two black cards
from the decks, and place them on the table.
(That self-cloning samurai had a fighting
chance, but someone put him in a giant
hamster ball.)
Argue with everyone else about why they lost
(they’ll start the argument for you). Listen to
them argue with each other. Laugh as
friendships are permanently destroyed. This is
the best part.
Now change Refs somehow and do it all
again. Always have a hand of three white
cards and five black cards.
Play until you are sick of playing, and whoever
has the most Trophies wins.
Have fun!
This mode is still being tested. But we like it
enough to throw it out there…
Let’s say it’s a T-Rex with a lightsaber who
throws grenades. Two powers almost totally
erased by those ornamental arms.
Okay, everyone else, there is your Opponent.
Choose one white card and one black card
from your hand as your Fighter to beat that TRex.
Everyone draw 3 white cards and 5 black
cards. Pick someone to go first. That player plays the strongest fighter from his
or her hand using one white and one black
card, then draws one black card from the deck
to add to that character.
Okay, Ref, now pick a direction, left or right.
The player to the left then plays one white
card and one black card to try to beat the
previous character, but also must draw a black
card from the deck (which may help or hurt his
or her fighter).
Everyone then plays one black card on the
player next to them in that direction, skipping
the Ref.
The table then decides as a group who would
win the fight. All players have a voice in this
Let’s say you play a Samurai who can clone
himself. That T-Rex is screwed.
This is your chance to get rid of the... less
desirable... black cards. And to really make
some people angry. Do it.
Make their flying kindergarten class afraid of
heights. They deserve it. They locked your firebreathing chimp in an antique diver’s helmet
last round..
Now Ref, pick which Fighter would do the best
against your Opponent. The Fighter you pick
takes your white card as a Trophy.
If the original fighter wins, the next player to
the left must try to beat it in the same way. If
the new fighter wins, that fighter becomes the
fighter to beat for the player to the left. Points
are awarded to the winning fighter’s creator in
each match.
This mode involves the entire group in every
match, and makes for much louder
arguments. Which gives each player an even
better chance to destroy multiple friendships
during the game.
Alternate Rules for:
Serious People:
Remove all of the “weakness” cards from the
deck before playing. This is subjective, as
being made out of sand could be seen as
both. But eliminate the clearly weak cards for
serious battles. This way all fights are... well...
serious. Players then play a white card and
two black cards to create their Fighters. They
do not play cards on other players’ Fighters.
There is no Ref in this mode. All players create
a player, and everyone votes on which would
be the last standing. Black cards can either be
drawn at random or chosen from a hand for
this mode.
Choose the winner based on who is the
funniest or imagine it’s a dating website and
you’re picking the best match. Pick who would
be the best construction worker or nanny. That
kind of thing. The Ref picks the criteria each
round. !
Unlike other judge-based games, this is not
anonymous. If this causes a Ref to change his
or her choices based on the person playing
the cards, never play with that Ref again. They
are lame, and should go play charades with
their cats until they learn how to play with
Don’t keep score if you don’t want to. if two
cards conflict or don’t work for the Ref’s
Opponent, draw new ones. This isn’t a test,
and we aren’t making warheads here. !
Imagine the fighters are fighting on an island
or anywhere you want (determined however
you want) (but Tokyo is a good default).
Play however you want. And have fun. Visit for more game modes
and updates!
Post pictures of funny or awesome matchups
online and tag them with #superfight so we
see them. Every now and then we will pick
someone to receive free expansions and stuff.
This game is still a baby, and is growing. Help
it grow by submitting card ideas and gameplay
ideas on!!
Thank you so much to the
Kickstarter community for
making this game a reality.
This really could not have
happened without you.
Thank you also to Henry
Birdseye (@tehawesome),
Pamela Marie Pierce, Richard
Ross, John Ross, my kids,
Adam Pitzer 'The Eclectic
Gamer', Erica Minton
(@redrabbit), and Stephanie
Weis for their contributions to
these cards and gameplay.
Sorry for the yelling.!
This sheet will explain a few of the cards waiting for you in this deck:!
First of all: After the Ref places the Opponent on the table, all players play their cards face down. Once everyone has prepared their
fighters, their cards get turned over at the same time. Again, this game is not anonymous. !
SUPERFIGHT IS A VERY CUSTOMIZABLE GAME. Here is why that needs to be said:!
You can ADD cards to the game using expansions (at, but you can also FEEL TOTALLY FREE TO TAKE CARDS OUT
I made this game to appeal to a broad range of people, but not everyone will like every card. If you find yourself groaning at the totally useless
card that says “IS WEARING JUST THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HAT”, then absolutely take that card out, along with any other cards you don’t
like. There are 500 of them, so you can totally afford the loss. !
But. !
You never know what you’re going to get in a judge or a match, and maybe one day you’ll be fighting a senior citizen bowling team and wishing
your kindergarten class was wearing beautiful hats to absolutely paralyze those seniors in adoration. So eliminate cards carefully. I have seen
each and every card become not only useful, but hilarious.!
Okay. So here are some of the cards that may need some explaining:!
Play this card to allow you to play TWO attributes on your own character, and the next one played on your character by another player will give
your character a total of three attributes.!
Example: You play your gorilla, and give it a jetpack. Then you may also use this card to play a SECOND attribute card that you will draw from
the top of the deck. When you use this card, place it on the table next to your character so everyone will understand why your fighter is one
card more awesome than their one-card-less-awesome fighters. Unless the card you drew was not awesome. Then it’s your fault for taking a
gamble and maybe you should play it safe for the rest of your life and never take any chances. Ever.!
Let’s say the Ref’s opponent is a gorilla with a jetpack. And you’re thinking, “I wish I had a jetpack, too.” Play this card. Say you want a jetpack,
too. Now you have a jetpack, too.!
Let’s say the Ref’s opponent is a samurai who breathes fire. And you’re thinking, “I wish I could breathe fire, and I wish I wasn’t holding this
card in my hand that handcuffs me to a golf cart.” Play this card and the IS HANDCUFFED TO A GOLF CART card. Say you want to breathe
fire, and you want the Ref’s samurai to be handcuffed to a golf cart. Now you can breathe fire, the Ref’s samurai can no longer breathe fire,
and is now handcuffed to a golf cart. This only applies to the fight between you and the samurai. All other players still fight a samurai who can
breathe fire and is not handcuffed to a golf cart.!
Play a second white card and two black cards from your hand. This new fighter will join you, but you can only use one fighter at a time. This
isn’t professional wrestling. The Ref will never look away. So these two fighters can never gang up on the Ref’s. In games where players play
black cards on each other, they may choose either tag team member as the recipient of that black card.!
Play this card, then draw one white card and two black cards from the deck. This new fighter will fight alongside you, for better or for worse. In
games where players play black cards on each other, they may choose either this player’s “main” character or the sidekick as the recipient of
that black card.!
Every black card from every player (including the Ref’s) just became totally meaningless, with the exception of the following cards:!
TOP HALF IS, BOTTOM HALF IS, TAG TEAM and SIDEKICK. Everyone fights using only what is on their white card. This card will probably
make you unpopular. But it’s also one of my favorite cards in the deck.!
Notice I said “my” and not “our.” That’s because this game is being made by just me. And oh man have I made some mistakes. There may be
a typo in your deck (“DRAW AN NEW CHARACTER”), and there are little bumps I’m still working out. This sheet is evidence enough of some
of those bumps. These cards all made perfect sense in my head, but I very quickly remembered that not everyone is in my head. I just didn’t
remember quickly enough to stop the presses. So. Thank you so much for playing, I hope this sheds some light on these cards and their uses,
and I look forward to hearing what you think of this game as I continue to refine it and make it as fun and as funny as it can possibly be.!
Because I am just some guy, I hope you read this thank you as if it is coming from a person, and not a huge company. Because it is. This
game means so much to me and the future I am able to give my children, and I wish I could shake the hand of or buy an appropriate drink for
every single person who even looks at Superfight. I will never stop being grateful for your support. Have fun.!
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