iamm NTR90 - IC Intracom
iamm NTR90
Premium PVR & Full HD(1080p) Multi-codec Media Player
Digital Tuner for DVB T HD(MPEG 4/H.264) broadcasting/
DVB T HD(MPEG 4/H.264) Tuner built-in (Analog not supported)
Real-time Broadcasting Recording
Scheduled Recording with EPG
External analog Input(Composite) for recording
**NOTE : NTR90 does not support Analog broadcasting
Full HD(1080P) Digital Multimedia Player
HD JPEG with unlimited resolution
Various Network Functions (NAS/Streaming Playback/FTP/Samba)
Internet Radio
File Management(Copy, Delete, Move)
Original DVD Title play-back
Streaming playback function
DTS audio codec down-mixing
HDMI 1.3
Premium Personal Video Recorder(PVR)
As DVB T HD(MPEG 4/H.264) Tuner is built in iamm NTR90, it allows you to enjoy wonderful DVB T HD(MPEG 4/H.264)
broadcasting including DVB T SD broadcasting. NTR90 has Composite - In connector at the rear side,
so you may record various contents from the TV output connector of Settop Box, Camcorder or TV set.
For your convenient recording, NTR90 has various recording methods such as 'Real-time broadcasting recording',
'Time-shifting' and 'Scheduled recording with EPG.
Digital Tuner for DVB T HD(MPEG 4/H.264) Broadcasting
As NTR90 has high-end DVB-T HD tuner built-in inside, you may enjoy
wonderful high definition(HD) broadcasting.
Instant Broadcasting Recording
If you have NTR90 with HDD inside, you can record
broadcasting with real-time easily during watching the program.
Of course, you may mange the recorded contents
with easy through NTR90's File Management function.
For example, copy, delete or move to(from) other storage.
Time-shifting function
When you are watching TV, sometimes you may miss a certain scene or want to see
a nice scene again. In this case, you can use NTR90's 'Time-shifting' function.
You can run this function easily by pressing TIME SHIFT key on the remote controller.
Scheduled Recording by EPG (with Digital TV only) and by manual
If you have digital TV set, you can make recording schedule for your favorite program
with EPG. And, you can make recording schedule by manual too when you want to record
contents from external Analog In(Composite).
External analog Input(Composite) for recording
Except for digital recording through DVB T Tuner inside of NTR90, it is also possible to make recording
through the external analog Input(Composite) at the rear of the NTR90.
In case when you want to record some contents played by Settop Box, Camcorder or analog TV set, you
may use this function.
Full HD(1080P) Multi-codec Media Player
NTR90 is powered by high performance MIPS 400MHz Core CPU. And, it decodes video codec and audio codec with
Hardware Video and Audio acceleration. So, NTR90 has powerful ability to play back various video codec, audio codec
including unlimited resolution of HD JPEG(photo file). Also, NTR90 supports various network protocols such as
FTP, Samba and UPnP. With these network protocols, you may conveniently use NTR90 as NAS(Network Attached
Storage). This lets you make use of NTR90 as audio juke box and Internat Radio without TV set. Also, we have DTS license,
so NTR90 can downmix DTS audio codec. This lets you enjoy DTS audio through TV speaker(stereo) without DTS decoder.
The HDMI1.3 of NTR90 allows you enjoy wonderful video quality.
Various codec supported due to powerful MIPS 400MHz core CUP
Video : Matroska(MKV) / H.264 / RealMedia(RM) / MOV / AVC HD / FLV / WMV / M2TS including common codecs
Audio : FLAC / DTS / Dolby Digital / RM / RMVB / ASF / WMA Pro / WAV including common codecs.
Photo : Unlimited resolution of HD JPEG / PNG / GIF / BMP
① for DC 12V/3A AC adapter
② USB 2.0 Target for PC
③ HDMI 1.3 Out
④ Wired LAN : Ethernet
⑤ Digital Audio(Optical) Out
⑥ Composite(RCA) Out
⑦ Composite(RCA) In
⑧ DVB-T HD(MPEG 4/H.264) TV Tuner : Antenna-In
⑨ DVB-T HD(MPEG 4/H.264) TV Tuner : Antenna-Out
⑩ Cooling FAN
⑪ SD & Micro SD Card reader
⑫ USB 2.0 Host for external Storage,
ODD or Wireless LAN
Various Network Functions
(NAS/Streaming Play-back/FTP/Samba/UPnP)
As NTR90 supports various network protocols like FTP/
Samba/UPnP, you can do file copy, move and delete jobs
with easy from(to) your PC or from(to) other storage.
And, you can play back the files which are
stored in the remote PC or networked storage.
File Manager - Select Source Device
HDD1 / Music Folder /
[To Upper Folder]
Movie Folder
Music Folder
Photo Folder
Document Folder
Movie title.avi
Movie title.avi
Music Title.mp3
Torrnet File.torrent
Select Source..
Select Finished..
Internet Media Service (IMS)
You can enjoy various digital entertainment
and information such as YouTube, Flickr,
News, Weather through internet.
Internet Radio
NTR90 has Internet Radio function.
You may find internet radio station on internet easily. From the radio station, you can
download PLS or M3U files. If you copy them to the specific folder 'Internet Radio' of the
NTR90 HDD, you can enjoy Internet Radio. For this, NTR90 should be connected with Network.
File Management(Copy, Delete, Move)
NTR90 has well-organized File Management
function. Through this function, you can mange
your huge and valuable files easily and conveniently.
Dual HDD Slots
As NTR90 has both 3.5” HDD Slots and 2.5”,
You can install 3.5” HDD or 2.5” HDD optionally.
Original DVD Title play-back
As we have got CSS(Content scramble system) license agreement
with DVD Copy Control Association, NTR90 has CSS code inside.
So, you can pay back original DVD titles if you have
external DVD drive.
Streaming Playback via Networked Storage
NTR90 supports network streaming playback function.
This function lets you play back the files stored in the remote storages(like your PC)
which are networked. Through this function, you may save time to copy the files
stored in the remote storage to the HDD of NTR90
via Wired LAN(default) and
via USB dongle type of 802.11n
Wireless LAN(Optional)
DTS audio codec Down-mixing and Pass-through
NTR90 supports downmixing for DTS audio codec.
So, you can enjoy DTS audio through TV speaker(Stereo)
without DTS decoder system.
True Type Font
As all text of NTR90 is based on True Type Font, so you may
experience high quality text on OSD and Subtitle.
We have to do more. Does anyone do things
with victory is possivle without facing danger?
SubTitle : 32pt
Easy controlling Subtitle Size
During playing movies, you may control Subtitle Size with easy and conveniently.
We have to do more. Does anyone do things
with victory is possivle without facing danger?
Simple & Convenient UI structure
As NTR90 is well designed with user-friendly UI and 720p
high resolution quality, it will make you fell better than that
you have ever seen until now.
Supported OSD languages
NTR90 supports 18 languages for OSD and Subtitles like below.
English, French, Germany, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portugese,
Swedish, Turkish,Greek, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish,
Polish, Romanian, Hebrew
Model Name
Main Chipset
DVB-T HD(MPEG 4/H.264) TV Tuner
Digital TV
External ODD Support
Storage(HDD) to be used
OSD Language
Compatible OS
AC/DC Adapter
Physical Dimension
iamm NTR90
RTD1283 chipset
Supprot DVB-T HD(MPEG 4/H.264) broadcasting
* Analog TV is not supported
Video Format
MPEG 2 main profile / MPEG 4 high profile
Audio Format
MPEG 1 Layer 2 (Stereo)
Recording Mode
TS(Transfer Stream)
Recording Method
Time Shift
Instant recording
Scheduled Recording with EPG(for Digital TV )
Scheduled Recording by manual
Through A/V IN connector
Video Format
MPEG 2 main profile
Audio Format
MPEG 1 Layer 2 (Stereo)
Recording Mode
HQ(720x576i, 8Mbps/48KHz, 256Kbps), SP, LP
Recording Method
Time Shift
Instant Recording
Scheduled Recording by manual
H.264, MPEG1/2/4(Xvid,Divx),VCD,SVCD,WMV9,RealVideo8/9/10(up to 1280x720),
M-JPEG(640x480x30p,848x480x10p), Resolution up to 1920 x 1080P
& Codec
ADPCM,Dolby Digital AC3,Dolby Digital Plus,DTS,RA-cook
Lossless JPEG(Progressive JPEG not supported),PNG,GIF,BMP
unlimited(up to 40M pixel tested)
JPEG is decoded by Hardware
SMI,SUB,IDX+SUB,SRT,SSA,ASS,DVD subtitle,Embeded in AVI/Divx
HDMI 1.3 / Composite(RCA)
Digital : Optical / Analog : Stereo
USB 2.0 Target x 1EA
USB 2.0 Host x 2EA
SD & Micro SD Card Reader x 1EA
Ethernet(100Base-Tx/10Base-T ) x 1EA
*Wireless LAN : Optional
Through USB 2.0 Host
3.5" OR 2.5” SATA1/2
Storage & Play-back : NTFS & FAT32 file system supported
Recording(Encoding) : NTFS
English, French, Germany, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portugese, Swedish, Turkish, Greek, Arabic,
Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Polish, Romanian, Hebrew.
MS Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7
Input : AC90V ~ 250V free voltage
Output : DC 12V/3A
227mm(W ) x 148mm(D) x 43mm(H)
CE / MIC / RoHS compliance
Wireless LAN(802.11n) : USB Dongle type
** The specification to be changed without notification
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