computer accessories/adaptors

computer accessories/adaptors
Low Profile Gender Changers
36 Pin Centronics
Gender Changer
These fully shielded, low profile gender changers provide for the solutions where
space is critical and where an adaptor is needed to connect a cable and / or a
device together.
DB Style Gender changers
This fully shielded unit provides
the ability to connect 2 male ends
of a parallel printer cable together.
All lines are wired straight thru.
All contacts GOLD plated.
No. C300 DB9 (M) / (M)
No. C302 DB9 (F) / (F)
No. C114 CEN36 (F) / (F)
No. C304 DB15 (M) / (M)
No. C306 DB15 (F) / (F)
VGA Monitor Adaptors
These adaptors are used to adapt S-VGA cables to EGA, CGA,
and VGA monitors. They will not adapt a VGA monitor to an
older computer. This requires a new video controller card.
No. C308 DB25 (M) / (M)
No. C310 DB25 (F) / (F)
These adaptors are molded and fully shielded.
No. 70-312 DB37 (M) / (M)
No. 70-314 DB37 (F) /(F)
No. 70-090 DB9 (M) / HD15 (F)
No. 70-092 DB9 (F) / HD15 (M)
No. 70-094 DB9 (F) / HD15 (F)
No. 70-096 DB9 (M) / HD15 (M)
No. 70-316 HD15 (M) / (M)
No. 70-318 HD15 (F) / (F)
NULL Modem Adaptors
These adaptors are included to help you connect DCE (Data Communication
Equipment) and DTE (Data Transmit Equipment) together. There are several
popular types with special pin configurations available. Philmore has
included the most popular ones for your convenience.
No. C140 Standard NULL Modem
VGA Monitor Adaptor
This device is used to adapt Sun
Microsystems or similar Monitors to
your VGA computer. There is a
Hi-density 15 Pin on one end and a
DB15 on the other end.
No. 70-098 HD15 (F) / DB15 (M)
Male to Female DB25 Connectors
This is the most common adaptor.
RS232 Surge Arrestor
No. C141 No Handshake NULL Modem
Male to Female DB25 Connectors.
This device is used where No handshake
is needed.
DB25 Male to Female connections. Connects
in-line or at the port to protect RS232 (DB25)
lines (2,3,4,5,& 7). Protects data lines from
voltage spikes and surges. Eliminates misread data and data loss created by surges.
No. C142 Full Handshake Null Modem
No. C128 DB25 (M) / (F)
Male to Female DB25 Connectors.
This device is used where a Full
Interface Adaptors
Handshake connection is needed.
Six wire, eight wire and ten wire, modular telephone jacks to 9
and 25 Pin D-Subminiature male and female connectors. These
adaptors are capable of a variety of computer interconnects.
They provide a simple method of attachment and extension. The
six wire adaptors may be used in four wire applications, 4 and 6
wire are referred to RJ11 - 8 wire is RJ45.
Serial Port Adaptor
These adaptors are used to change the I/O ports from one type of connector to another
for the convenience of the user. Most commonly used to hook a peripheral to your
No. 70-102 DB9 (M) / DB25 (M)
60mm x 56 mm x 15.25mm
No. 70-104 DB9 (F) / DB25 (F)
1-8, 2-3, 3-2, 4-20, 5-7, 6-6, 7-4, 8-5, 9-22
1-8, 2-3, 3-2, 4-20, 5-7, 6-6, 7-4, 8-5, 9-12
No. 70-5090 DB9 (F) / DB25 (M)
No. 70-5100 DB9 (F) / DB25 (M)
No. 70-5109 DB9 (M) / DB25 (F)
No. 70-5110 DB9 (F) / DB25 (M)
Connect serial printer to PC serial Port
For connecting IBM-AT to H.P. Laser-jet
1-20, 2-2, 3-3, 4-6+8, 5-7, 6-20, 7-5, 8-4, 9-0 1-0, 2-2, 3-3, 4-5+6, 5-7, 6-20, 7-0, 8-20, 9-0
Allows connection of PC to Hayes and
1-8, 2-3, 3-2, 4-20, 5-7, 6-6, 7-4, 8-5, 9-22
other compatible Modems
1-8, 2-3, 3-2, 4-20, 5-7, 6-6, 7-4, 8-5, 9-22
No. of Contacts Male D-SUB
RJ11 6 Conductor No. TDP6 (25 Pin)
RJ45 8 Conductor No. TDP8 (25 Pin)
Female D-SUB
No. TDJ6 (25 Pin)
No. TDJ8 (25 Pin)
RJ11 6 Conductor No. T9P6 (9 Pin)
RJ45 8 Conductor No. T9P8 (9 Pin)
No. T9J6 (9 Pin)
No. T9J8 (9 Pin)
10 Conductor
No. TDP10 (25 Pin) No. TDJ10 (25 Pin)
DEC 6 Conductor No. 70-070 (9 Pin) No. 70-072 (9 Pin)
DEC 6 Conductor No. 70-074 (25 Pin) No. 70-076 (25 Pin)
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