Setup Guide

Setup Guide
This manual provides a summary of and the specifications for this product as well as explains this product's usage
It also contains an FAQ that explains actions you can take if you have problems such as the product malfunctioning.
Note that this manual is common for the WRC-1167GHBK3-A・WRC-F1167ACF2・WRC-1167FEBK-A・WRC-733FEBK2-A・
WRC-300FEBK2-A (which only supports 2.4 GHz). The WRC-300FEBK2-A does not support the 11ac/11a (5 GHz) standards.
Setup Guide
WPS lamp
■ Name and function of each part
Left side
Blinking:The WPS setting button has been pressed, and the WPS function is running.
This lamp blinks once every 0.5 second for approximately 2 minutes.
Off:The WPS function is not running.
POWER lamp
Lit: The product is on.
2.4G WLAN lamp
These lamps indicate the connection status of the 2.4 GHz band (11n/g/b) and the
5 GHz band (11ac/n/a).* The WRC-300FEBK2-A only supports the 2.4 GHz band
(11n/g/b). There is no "5G WLAN lamp."
Lit: The corresponding band can be used.
Blinking: The corresponding band is in use.
Off: The corresponding band is disabled.
Off: The product is off.
5G WLAN lamp
WPS setting
Use this button when you are connecting the product to a wireless slave device
(such as a wireless adapter) that is equipped with a WPS function.
To use this function, press this button for 2 seconds or more.
Reset button
When you press this button for approximately 5 seconds, the WPS lamp blinks
and the product's settings are initialized (returned to the factory default values).
Do not turn off the product until the lamp stops blinking.
LAN port/
LAN lamp
1-4 (white)
Use these ports to connect this product to PCs or other network devices over a
wired LAN.There is an LED lamp next to each port.
Lit: The link to the PC or network device connected over a wired LAN has been
Blinking: Data is being transferred. Off: The cable is disconnected.
Connect the cable from the WAN (Internet) device of the modem (ONU, CTU, and
other types). There is an LED lamp next to the port.
Lit: The link to the WAN device has been established.
Blinking: Data is being transferred. Off: The cable is disconnected.
(power supply jack)
Connect the AC adapter included with this product to this jack. Do not connect
any AC adapters other than the one included with this product.
You can use the stand included with this product to orient it vertically or
horizontally. For details on how to use the stand, see "Installation method and
precautions" below.
■Using this product in router mode
Check the lit status of the lamps.
Connect the devices.
Refer to the diagram and wire the devices.
• Check that the lamps on the modem or similar device
and this product are lit correctly.
Terminal device
(cable TV modem,
INTERNET port (blue)
LAN cable
* Vertical orientation
* There is no 5G WLAN lamp on the WRC-300FEBK2-A.
Turn on the terminal device and this product.
❶ Connect the power cable of the terminal device.
・If a power switch is present, slide the switch to the on position.
❷ Connect the included
AC adapter to this product.
This product can be installed vertically or horizontally. With either orientation, be sure to stabilize the product by setting it into the included stand.
Also, with either orientation, take measures to prevent the product from
falling over and the cables from being pulled out. The product falling over
or the cables being pulled out from the connectors while the product is in
operation may lead to malfunctions or data loss.
The stand is not fixed to the product. Connect the cables to the product,
and then set the product into the stand.
AC adapter
◆Vertical orientation
AC outlet
❶To an AC outlet
Installation method and precautions
• Use the side with the LED lamps as the front.
• Refer to the illustration and set the product
into the included stand so that the back of the
product fits snugly in the grooves on the
◆Horizontal orientation
• Use the side with the LED lamps as the top.
• Place the product on the included stand so
that the product is on top of the center,
back part of the stand, and then ensure that
the product is steady.
Configuring settings from smartphones and tablet PCs
Setting this product in router mode
This explanation uses an Android terminal.
■Operating environment:
・Android OS 4.0 or later • iOS 8.0 or later
* We recommend that you turn the Bluetooth function off in order to prevent radio wave interference.
・Windows XP (SP3 or later)/Vista (SP2 or later)/7 (SP1 or later)/8/8.1/10/RT * In order to install [SkyLink Manager], you require an environment in which you can connect to the Internet.
・This product only supports Mac OS X 10.9 or later (only devices that are equipped with an Intel CPU). * Perform SkyLink setup within 10 minutes of connecting the AC adapter.
Establishing a connection using simple setup
Search for [SkyLink Manager] in the
"Google Play store," and then install this
On your terminal's home
screen, tap the [SkyLink
Manager] icon.
Read the end-user
license agreement, and
then tap "同意" if you
have no problems with
the agreement.
"Simple Setup" is a method of configuring the settings that enables the user to do so by
following configuration movies. "Simple Setup" is easy to use even for first-time users.
* The movies will not be displayed on smartphones that are not receiving radio waves or if you have not yet
signed a contract with your smartphone's service provider.
If you are using the
website filters of Child
Net Timer 2, set the filter
function to "ON," and
then enter the license
key. After you enter the
settings, tap "次へ"
Check the simple SSID
information on the screen,
view the movie, and then tap
• After you finish configuring the
settings in router mode, see "
(12) Supplement: Using the
Child Net Timer 2 Function."
Check the wireless LAN
smooth navigation information on the screen, view
the movie, and then
tap "次へ."
Check the registered details. If there
are no problems, tap "次へ"
Tap "スカイリンクセットアップ"
on the menu.
Tap "簡単設定."
Setup will start after the
prologue movie.
Set the main SSID. If you
will set wireless LAN
smooth navigation,
select the check box. To
set simple SSID,
tap .
When you tap this
button, the SSID, password, and authentication
method are created
The router restarts in order to apply
the settings. After the settings are
saved on the router, tap "次へ."
自動 !
By setting SSIDs by yourself, you
can prevent virus infections and
unauthorized use in advance!
The application searches
for the SSID for use in
configuring the settings.
Wait until the detection is
*It may take approximately 3
minutes to search for the SSID.
*A model number differing from that
of this product may be displayed.
*If the SSID is not detected, the
screen on the right will be
displayed. Press the WPS button
for approximately 5 seconds. The
application will detect the router
and retrieve the connection
profile. The profile will be installed
automatically after it is retrieved.
After the profile
installation is finished,
tap "次へ."
If the message "インター
た" is displayed, tap "手
動設定" to configure the
Enter the user name and
password that you have
received from your provider, and then tap "次へ"
* You can enter numbers, alphabet
characters, "-" (hyphen), and "_"
(underscore) for the user name and
password in the provider information.
◆ The main SSID is the one for the
network normally used by your
◆ The guest SSID is the one for the
network used by your friends when
they come to visit!
◆ From the viewpoint of security, we
recommend that you select "WPA2"
for the authentication method!
* Set the authentication method to "WEP"
when you are using old models of the
Nintendo DS and the PlayStation Portable.
* When manually entering the SSID and
password, you can enter numbers, alphabet
characters, "-" (hyphen), and "_"
This screen provides details for the
support services. Tap "次へ"
Set the guest SSID. To use the
guest wireless LAN, select the "
ゲスト無線LANを使う" check box,
and then configure the settings.
The same as for the main SSID,
if you will set wireless LAN
smooth navigation, select the
check box. If you do not require
a guest SSID, tap "ゲスト不要は次へ"
or "次へ."
This completes the
setup procedure.
Tap "終了"
* Even if you enter the guest SSID and password, they
will be cleared if you tap "ゲスト不要は次へ."
Configure the administrator account settings.
Enter the user name
and password, and then
tap "次へ"
Select the name of a
device that has been
set, and then tap
Ensure that the administrator
sets the ユーザー名(User name)
and "パスワード(Password)" so that
it is not possible for an
unauthorized individual to
connect to your network and
change the settings!
* You can set the user name and password to
any values that you wish.
* You can enter numbers, alphabet
characters, "-" (hyphen), and "_"
(underscore) for the administrator account's
user name and password.
* If you are using a DHCP connection, tap "次へ" without entering the
user name and password.
WRC-GHBK Series/WRC-FEBK-A Series Setup Guide November 16, 2015, Version 2 ©2015 ELECOM CO., LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Open a web browser.
●If you can connect to the
Internet, the settings are
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