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Model #: B004-004-R
Switch - 4-Port Desktop KVM Switch (PS/2)
KVM Switches control multiple computers with 1 keyboard, monitor and mouse console. Simple plug-and-play setup. Full compatibility will
all major operating systems and support for most keyboards and mice
Adapters allow you to control Mac or SUN computers through any Tripp Lite PS/2 KVM Switch
Console Extender Kits keep a keyboard/monitor/mouse console highly accessible and a KVM Switch and connected computers highly
secure, located up to 500 ft. away. Accepts two consoles: local (primary) and remote (secondary)
Simple to use switches and adapters require no software or system configurations
See "KVM Switch Cable Kits" for required cables
Retail Packaging
Tripp Lite's 4-port KVM Switch is the optimal solution for controlling up to 4 computers from one keyboard, mouse and monitor. Switch between
computers simply by entering an easy hot key combination on the keyboard or by pushing the selector switch on the unit itself. The compact desktop
design allows you to put the switch within easy view so that you can see the status LEDs. Installation is a snap - just connect the PCs to the switch
using KVM cables. No software or complicated set-up procedures are required. The switch will function without external power in most cases,
however an AC power supply has been provided in case additional power is needed (may be needed with a laptop PC). This PS/2 switch can be use
to control a USB, Sun or Mac computer when adding the appropriate adapter. Retail Box.
System Requirements
PS/2 mouse (or a USB mouse with USB-to-PS/2 adapter)
PS/2 keyboard (or a USB or AT keyboard with a PS/2 adapter)
PS/2 computer (or a Mac, Sun or USB computer with appropriate adapter).
1 x P753-006, P753-010, P754-006, P754-010, or P754-015 KVM cable kit per port.
Package Includes
B004-002-R 4-Port KVM Switch
AC Power Adapter
Control up to 4 computers (combination of PS/2, Mac, Sun, & USB) from a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor
Compact desktop design
Monitor connectors (HD15); Keyboard/Mouse ports (MiniDIN6)
Supports VGA, SVGA, or Multisync monitor
Does not require software or complicated set-up procedures
AC power supply provided for the few installations where external power is needed (usually when being used with a notebook computer).
Select computer directly from keyboard or by selector switch on the unit
Offers autoscan feature
Offers compatibility with most mice; including scrolling mice and wireless mice/keyboards
LEDs per port indicate which computer has been selected
Supports all current video resolutions.
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Macintosh, SUN, and USB compatibility by connecting appropriate Tripp Lite console converter or adapter
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