How to Install the Create robot Simulator - Rose

How to Install the Create robot Simulator - Rose
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How to Install the Create robot Simulator
Install the iRobot Create Simulator and its Eclipse plugin, as follows:
1. Install the iRobot Create Simulator by running:
Your browser may warn that “This file is not commonly downloaded
and may harm your computer.” Run anyway. (In IE, choose Actions,
then More Options, then Run Anyway.)
At the Select Installation Folder dialog, check Everyone, as shown
to the right.
At the Optional Components dialog:
Check Eclipse plugin, but
leave UN-checked,
as shown to the right.
The installation will install DirectX if you don’t already have it (it will
probably say you already have a more current version, that’s fine.)
2. The above installation created a folder:
C:\Program Files\iRobot Create Simulator
In that folder, create a new subfolder called:
spelled exactly like that (including capitalization, no spaces).
3. Find the ZIP file:
C:\Program Files\iRobot Create Simulator\Resources\Environments\
It has two files zipped inside it:
environment.xml and floor.png. Extract those two files and put them
into the CurrentEnvironment folder that you created in the previous step 1.
4. Open Eclipse. Choose:
Window ~ Preferences ~ iRobot Create Simulator
Select the Browse button and browse to the simulator itself, which is:
C:\Program Files\iRobot Create Simulator\Roomba Simulator.exe
Press Open to select that file, then OK to exit the Preferences dialog.
You may need to extract them to (say) your Desktop and then drag them into the folder, giving administrative
permissions as you do so.
5. In Eclipse, try running the simulator by pressing its button:
If the screen shows to the right shows up
after about 15 seconds, all is OK. In that
case, STOP here – you are done with this
If NOTHING happens after about 15
seconds, go to Windows ~ Preferences and select iRobot Create Simulator.
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From there, choose the Browse button and browse for the Roomba Simulator.exe file
on your computer. Then press Open and OK as many times as needed. See if the simulator
now opens per the button above.
If you get an error message about Permissions, continue per the next page.
Page 3
In your file system, expand C:\Program
Files and right-click on iRobot Create
Simulator. Select Properties.
Then select the Security tab.
Select the Users line under Group or user
names, then select the Edit button.
Then select the Users line AGAIN under Group or
User names and check the box under Allow for
Full control.
Press OK as many times as needed. Hopefully
your simulator now works.
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