15258 backup camera mounting kit
2014 Chevy/GMC 1500 pickup
NOTE: this kit is ONLY for Chevy/GMC pickups that already have the factory back up camera option
The following pages provide instructions for removing the Chevy/GMC backup camera from your
factory tailgate and installing it in your Husky Aluminum 5thwheel tailgate. If you prefer not to remove
the camera from your factory tailgate you will need to purchase a camera from your Chevy/GMC parts
department. Always provide your pickup serial number as part numbers and revisions may change.
• PN 15258-1 Mount Bracket 1 each
• PN 15248-2 Front Housing
1 each
• PN 15248-3 Rear Housing
1 each
• PN 15248-4 Hole Template
1 each
• #8 Phil Truss SMS Screws
4 each
• 5/32” Push Rivets
2 each
• Instructions
1 each
• 10mm Wrench
• Center Punch
• T-15 Torx Wrench
• Masking Tape
• Phillips Screw Driver-Medium
• 3/16 Drill Bit
• Phillips screw Driver-Small
• 9/64 Drill Bit
• Drill
• 5/64 Drill Bit
• Scissors
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Locate the camera harness where it passes from the tailgate to and through the pickup bed. Remove
the license plate, or from under the rear of the pickup, locate the connector above and beside the spare
tire on the drivers side and disconnect it by pulling the red tab from its latched location, depressing the
connector latch and pull the connector halves apart per Photo 5. (Photo 6 & 7 illustrate the connector
Photo 8
Photo 9
Lower the factory Chevy/GMC tailgate and remove (8) T-15 Torx tailgate cover screws then remove the
tailgate cover.
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Photo 11
Remove the camera/handle assembly by removing two 10mm handle retaining bolts.
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Photo 13
Remove the camera assembly mounting bracket from the latch handle bezel by removing the two T-15
torx screws.
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Photo 14
Photo 15
Gently pull the harness from the bracket and remove the camera from the camera assembly mounting
bracket by removing the four small Phillips screws. Use caution; do not allow dirt, dust, or moisture to
contaminate the camera/cable connection.
Photo 16
Photo 17
Using the same screws, mount the camera in the 15258-1 mount bracket and reattach the harness to the
camera. Do not over tighten the screws.
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Photo 18
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Photo 20
Cut the “tailgate hole pattern” templates from the 15248-4 sheet. Position and tape the vane template
on the back side (the side of the tailgate that would be to the inside of the pickup box) of the vane
just below the Husky Tailgate center handle. See images above. The hole locations should be centered
horizontally and positioned as in Photo 19, 7/8 inch from the top edge and 1 1/8 inch from the bottom
edge of the vane. Center punch the two hole locations and remove the template. Predrill the two
center punched hole locations with a 5/64 inch (.078) drill bit perpendicular to the surface of the vane.
Then drill with an 11/64 inch (.172) drill bit. The predrill prevents the larger drill from wandering and
mislocating the holes. Position and tape the bottom template on the bottom of the husky tailgate. The
hole locations should be centered horizontally and 1/2 inch from the outside edge and 1 inch from
the inside edge of the D shaped bottom tubing. Center punch the two hole locations and remove the
template. Drill the two center punched hole locations with an 9/64 inch (.140) drill bit perpendicular to
the surface of the D shape tube.
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Photo 21
Photo 22
Photo 23
Position the 15248-3 rear housing on the Husky Tailgate, align the holes, position the camera/bracket
assembly on the holes, and install two #8 X 1/2 long phillip truss head screws through the vane, rear
housing, and into the camera bracket and tighten.
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Photo 24
Photo 25
Photo 26
Photo 27
Wrap the harness around the camera/bracket assembly per the above photo and place the 15248-2
front housing in place. Position the two push rivets in the 5/32 holes on each side of the front housing
and with your thumb snap them into place through the front and rear housing. Install two #8 X 1/2
phillips truss head screws through the lower portion of the 15248-2 and into the bottom of the Husky
Tailgate and tighten.
Place the camera harness connectors through the hole in the pickup bed they originally came out of
and install your Husky Tailgate. From under the rear of the pickup or through the license plate opening,
reconnect the camera harness connectors and reinsert the harness retainer into its mounting hole.
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