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The headphone magazine - Michael E. Brieden Verlag GmbH
December/January · 12-1/2014
Germany 3,00 E
Abroad 3,20 E · Switzerland CHF 6,10
n 12 in-ear speakers compared
n Headphone amplifiers
n D/A converter for the ears
n Trend: DJ headphones
ear in
The headphone magazine
ear in
The headphone magazine
ear in connects the topics headphones and music with modern lifestyle.
More and more often, music is being enjoyed in public. Thanks to
headphones and earphones, everybody can listen to his
or her music at all times – on the way to work,
during sports, or simply while relaxing in
a park. Music is available ubiquitously – new songs can be
downloaded instantly,
QR codes in magazines or on posters
link to the latest
downloads, your own
music collection is
always ready on your
If you go out in the evening,
you carry your sound with you.
And even if you like to enjoy your
music at home, high-quality headphones will be your preferred choice more and
more often.
The necessary equipment can be carried around at all
times – it is part of everyday life and conveys a message: It
is a statement about the owner, about his or her music and attitude
towards life. The most visible thing thereby are the headphones, which
become an expression of individual style and therefore a lifestyle item. The new
magazine ear in does justice to these demands: It presents headphones and accessories, tests and reports about the latest technologies for mobile HiFi. It shows trends,
reveals which celebrity wears which headphones and what the specific models are suitable for best.
It reports from the scene, presents people, the hippest DJs and their favorite music and – of course – their
headphones. ear in tells stories about the makers – the developers, the designers, the fashion experts.
ear in
The headphone magazine
ear in
The headphone magazine
Main topics:
Reviews of headphones
Reviews of headphone amplifiers
n Reviews of DACs with headphone amplifier
n Reviews of portable devices
n Accessories for iPhone, smartphone, tablet PCs, etc.
n Report: in ear speaker adjustment
n Individual headphones (modular systems)
n Reports about headphones in
different surroundings and situations
- sports (jogging)
- train/airplane (noise cancelling)
- travelling (at the beach, in front of cultural
monuments, in the nature)
- on the way to work (in the subway)
- during chilling
n Headphones and fashion
(reports about, for example, Diesel),
fashion designers and music...
n Headphones and sports
n Headphones and scene – DJs and DJanes,
musicians, celebrities/reports and interviews
n Music reviews
ear in
The headphone magazine
n Schedule:
Ad closing dates
Forms closing dates
n Advertising rates:
• 1/1 page portrait format
• 1/2 page portrait format/landscape format
• 1/3 page portrait format/landscape format
• 1/4 page portrait format/landscape format
• 2/1 page landscape format
Special formats/forms on request
Date of publication
First edition 15.11.2013
210 x 280 210 x 140/105 x 280 210 x 95/70 x 280 210 x 70/52 x 280 420 x 280
8.211 Euro
4.105 Euro
2.737 Euro
2.061 Euro
16.422 Euro
All specifications width x height in mm plus additional bleed of at least 3 mm to the respective format.
n Typographical Data:
• Setting copies: high-resolution PDF
• Data delivery: via E-Mail
• Paper: J
acket: 250 g/m2, wood-free, gloss-coated
Inner part: 90 g/m2 wood-free, glossy
• Printing method: J
acket: Sheet offset printing
Inner part: Web offset printing
• Processing: Adhesive binding
• Technical coordination (graphics):
• E-mail:, Phone: +49 203 4292201
n Publisher an publishing company:
Michael E. Brieden Verlag GmbH, Gartroper Straße 42, D-47138 Duisburg, Germany
Phone: 0203 4292-0, Fax: 0203 4292-149, E-Mail:
n Contact:
• Advertisingmanager: Udo Schulz
Phone: 04403 91910, Fax: 04403 9191-19
• Postcode 0, 1, 3: Jörg Ueltgesforth
Phone: 0203 4292-205
• Postcode 2, 91-99: Sascha Gebler
Phone: 0203 4292-173
• Postcode 4: Holger Overmeyer
Phone: 0203 4292-163
• Postcode 5, 6: Oliver Verheyen
Phone: 0203 4292-112
• Postcode 7, 8, 90:
Daniela Schwichtenberg
Phone: 08856 9107552
• Abroad: Sascha Urban
Phone: +49 (0)203 4292-267
• Abroad: Thorsten Schilke
Phone: +49 (0)203 4292-221
Michael E. Brieden Verlag
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