TELEM-DO8G digital output RTU module

TELEM-DO8G digital output RTU module
TELEM-DO8G digital output RTU module
The TELEM family RTU module TELEM-DO8 with latch outputs in
conjunction with external relay block for control operation of 8 objects.
Module bases on 16-bit DSP. Module can be used as an independent RTU
or in connection with other devices. Interfaces to other equipment are RS232, RS-422 or RS-485. Data exchange protocol IEC 60870-5-1-101.
• Leased line and dial up mode operation, data GSM communication
request by RTS signal
• Configuration / parameterization with IEC 60870-5-101 protocol
using Configuration Tool. Adjustable Control pulse length 20ms
• Daisy-chain master-slave connection for up to 30 modules using
RS-422 interface
• Self diagnostics and supervision simultaneously with data
• Operation execution control
• Relay coil impedance control before control operation
• Control operation execution signal
Technical data
Number of controllable objects
Number of outputs for every objects
Relay block relay coil impedance
1 output for ON operation, 1 for OFF/TRIP
600 Ohm
2 for every output, 2 for power indication, 1 for
operation indication, 1 for fuse failure indication,
1 for fail indication
Power requirements
Supply voltage for main board
Supply voltage for external relay block
Fuse protection
9-30 V DC, 4 VA
24 V DC, 3 W
24 V 0,1A
Installation, terminals and environment
Terminals for signal
Terminal for power
Terminal for communication
Over voltage protection
Ambient temperature in operation
0,4 kg
DIN 35
IEC-60255-4, 5 kV pulse protecti IEC-602555, 2 kV DC on
IEC-61000-3-2, 61000-6-2, 6100-6-4
Martem AS Tel. +372 639 7979 Fax. +372 639 7980
Configuration of TELEM-DO8 is configured using TELEM 2000 software. All 8 digital outputs are
configured independently.
Communication ports configurable parameters and general settings
Communication speed
Link Address
ASDU address
Object’s base address
Communication mode
GPS enabled
200 - 38400 bps
1 - 255
1 - 255
Online, Online with RTS/CTS, Offline
Configuration parameters for digital outputs
In use
Control mode
Select and execute / Execute
Short pulse duration
1 - 65535 ms
Number of Number of short pulses
Dead Band 1 for events without time tag.
Min. interval for events.
DeadBand2 for time tagged event. If this value
change takes place within specified time period,
then two events are created with min and max
values of this time period
Time interval for Dead band 2 .
Time interval for periodical time tagged values
0,01 - 100 % 2 %
1 - 65535 ms
0,01 - 100 %
1 - 65535 ms
1 - 65535 sec
Martem AS Tel. +372 639 7979 Fax. +372 639 7980
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