Technical Service Bulletin
Bulk CO2 Systems
Technical Service Bulletin
Component Change
April 6, 2017
New design Fill Box/Assemblies and updated vent line connections (Update to
TSB-BEV-1006). (Updated from January 31, 2017 release)
Products Affected: All new Chart Beverage System CO2 fill boxes and existing fill boxes where
new style vent lines are installed. This change adds a compression style fitting to attach the vent
line to the fill box instead of a barb fitting. New style Chart vent lines require a compression
fitting to be used instead of barb fittings.
Description: The stainless steel fill box is a major component of a stationary bulk CO2 fill and
vent circuit. It includes the liquid CO2 fill fitting and vent line termination fitting which safely
vents excess CO2 gas outdoors. National and International Fire codes require materials used in
vent and fill lines be able to withstand exposure to -109°F temperatures. The new vent and fill
lines meet this requirement. However, the new vent line must use a compression fitting for
factory approved attachment to the vent discharge on the fill box. Barb style fittings cannot be
used with this vent line.
The fill box design has changed to accommodate bulkhead style compression fittings so that the
vent hose (See table (1) for vent hose kit part numbers) can be securely connected. The fill box
depth dimension has changed slightly to accommodate these new bulkhead compression fittings.
The pass through feature of the bulkhead fitting allows the vent line to be visible from inside the
fill box , thus confirming discharge of the vent line outside the building.
Old Surface Mount
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New Surface Mount
New Flush Mount
New Surface Mount
New Flush Mount
The fill boxes come in two sizes accommodating either a ½’’ bulkhead compression fitting for
Carbo-Max® 1000 Bulk CO2 System or a 3/8’’ bulkhead compression fitting for all other tanks.
Fill Boxes Assemblies
Flush Mount Fill Box with 3/8'' Bulkhead
Surface Mount Fill Box with 3/8'' Bulkhead
Flush Mount Fill Box with 1/2'' Bulkhead
Surface Mount Fill Box with 1/2'' Bulkhead
All other tanks
Carbo-Max 1000
Table (1)
The fill boxes incorporate a removable fitting plate that can be swapped out for a different size
depending on the size of fitting needed at that time.
Removable Fitting
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Fitting Plates
3/8'' Plate
1/2'' Plate
The bulkhead compression fittings incorporate a double Swagelok® ODT connector that acts as a
fail-safe for the vent tube. With these bulkhead compression fittings the vent tube is passed
through the entire bulkhead and extends an inch or two where a push to connect elbow is
attached to direct the venting gas to the bottom of the fill box and away from the service tech.
Verification of vent tube connection is as easy as opening the fill box and verifying that the vent
tube can be seen extending out of the bulkhead compression fitting.
Bulkhead fitting assembly
3/8’’ Bulkhead (PN 20966036)
3/8’’ Push To Connect Elbow (PN 20966612)
Bulkheads and Compression Elbow
1/2’’ Bulkhead (PN 20966033)
1/2’’ Push To Connect Elbow (PN 20970110)
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In some cases the vent & fill lines passing through an exterior wall may need to be enclosed in
conduit. If a conduit is used to enclose the vent and fill lines you can easily source a 3 inch
diameter PVC pipe, 4 inch to 3 inch PVC reducer, and a standard 4 inch PVC flange from
plumbing supply stores. The flange mounts directly onto the back of the flush mount fill box.
Flange Mount
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Vent Hose Kits
Chart P/N Description
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1/2 Kit Fill/Vent 5'
1/2 Kit Fill/Vent 10'
1/2 Kit Fill/Vent 15'
1/2 Kit Fill/Vent 25'
1/2 Kit Fill/Vent 30'
1/2 Kit Fill/Vent 50'
Fill Hose 5'
Fill Hose 10'
Fill Hose 15'
Fill Hose 25'
Fill Hose 30'
Fill Hose 50'
3/8 Kit Fill/Vent 5'
3/8 Kit Fill/Vent 10'
3/8 Kit Fill/Vent 15'
3/8 Kit Fill/Vent 25'
3/8 Kit Fill/Vent 30'
3/8 Kit Fill/Vent 50'
If you have concerns or questions relative to this action, please contact your Chart
Technical Service Representative at 1-800-247-4446. Thank you for depending on
Chart for high product quality and service.
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