Page 1 Panasonic itcGemm Since 1978 BUSINESS 2lase: A4

Page 1 Panasonic itcGemm Since 1978 BUSINESS 2lase: A4
Panasonic itc®mm
BUSINESS Y can twist
A4 Business Multi-Function Printer
D) Various |
Print Sizes
de | Increase
The multi-function printers used in today's offices have to offer
high productivity, durability, and reliability -- but they also need to
minimise running costs. Conventional A4 multi-function printers |
had trouble meeting all these needs. DP-MB500
Panasonic's DP-MB500 Series takes the best features of both
AJ and A4 multi-function printers to meet these challenges
and provide the ideal solution for your office's problems.
Print Sizes
rE ET я
/ АЗ Print Capability and Compact Size
The DP-MB500 Series offers the compact body size of an A4 multi-function printer while letting you use À3 prints. That means
you can use a wide range of paper, from small Aé sheets all the way up to A3.
Extra A3 Size Printing Function Compact Body Size
The Multi-Purpose Tray holds paper in sizes from Ad to АЗ. № quickly In addition to having Print, Copy, Scan, and Fax functions, the ОР-МВ500
provides A3 printing when needed. Ideal for a wide variety of business Series supports AJ3 size printing in a body size that is almost as compact
USES. as an A4 multi-function printer. This lets you use your workspace more
efficiently, and the simple,
compact body also enables
easier maintenance, |
530 mm
1 >.
Dé ul RIT
330 mm [without the handset)
| A3 Multi-Function Printer” |
tr Brand A Brand B Brand C
"FH compar san with an A mulb-funchon реал" Теа о «и Аб, алк) speed ol 45 pages per minute
Quick 1D Copy
Copy both sides of one or more 1D
or business cards consecutively,
and then print them onto a single
page in the 2-in-1, 4-in-1 or 6-in-1
Quick Job —
Frequently used functions or CD
complicated copy/scan settings = END je
can be programmed to the
QUICK JOB Key and recalled at КДИ ЗИ
the touch of a button, saving you Ia
time and trouble,
Booklet Copy/Print
Booklets can be easily made from
multi-page documents.
Secure Print
EN Enter
Print data is password-protected password =
and temporarily stored on the i E
computer's hard drive until the us | -
correct password is entered on я ВЫ — —
= F -
the printer unit. i
With password Bl Start print out
/ High Performance and Durability
The DP-MB500 Series features the basic performance that is essential to business use, in the form of high productivity and
solid reliability. Equipped with Copy, Print, Scan, and Fax functions, it meets all your everyday needs.
High Productivity
The DP-MBS45 enables high speed for both simplex and duplex
printing at up to 45 pages per minute, and the DP-MES36 prints
at up to 36 pages per minute. They simplify your workload by
scanning copies at 45 ppm.
The first print time and first copy time are also fast, at approximately 5
seconds, for more efficient document output.
/ Low Running Cost
High Durability
The tough body design, which boasts a maximum monthly duty of
150.000 pages, maintains high reliability even under severe printing
conditions, to boost work efficiency.
Large Paper Capacity
Together with the standard-equipped Multi-Purpose Tray, and
optional Lower Input Tray this makes a total of four paper sources
and a paper capacity of up to 1,750 sheets*, They can each be
freely set to hold different paper sizes, or all used for high-volume
printing, to meet your office’s printing needs.
* Available an the DP-MBS45CK, For the DP-MBS34CK: up 10 1.200 sheets
Reducing total cost of ownership is a vital topic in today 5 business climate where documents are used in large volumes. The DF-ME500 Series
proposes highly efficient ways to reduce paper consumption with Quick Duplexing. Long life consumables also help to lower running costs.
Reduce Paper Consumption
Quick Duplexing maintains high by productivity letting you perform
duplex printing at the same speed" as simplex printing, while also
cutting the amount of paper used to one-half. Combining this with
the MN in 1 print function reduces paper consumption even more, By
using duplex printing with the 2 in 1 function, you can bring paper
consumption all the way down to one-quarter. «For Aé size.
*When printing 20 pages
Simplex EB | O
Duplex 1 ul Reduce paper consumption
Zim | Reduce paper consumption
Duplex and waiting time
>> Print Time
Mobile Print / Wi-Fi Direct
Documents can be directly printed
from a mobile device by using
AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, or
Panasonic's Mobile Print Application.
Wi-Fi Direct is also equipped,
letting you print without having to
go through a Wi-Fi router.
Department Code
Copying and printing can be
restricted by the use of a
department code. Additionally,
the code effectively manages
copying and printing usage.
Long-Life Consumables
A long-life drum cartridge and high-yield toner cartridge, incorporating
Panasonic's new, original developing system, is used. These new
technologies further help to Lower running costs.
— Toner Cartridge
Drum Cartridge
Toner Condition Optimised | Fresh Toner
by Blending Residual Toner
and Fresh Toner Toner Residual Amount Sensing
The Lifetime of the drum cartridge depends on the effects of stress applied to the toner
sade the cartradge. In order to intréase thé bdétirme of the cartridge with a reductron in
boner stress, Panasonic's new drum cartridge controls the amount of toner supplied to the
drum cartridge by sensing the toner residual amount and optimises the proportion of fresh
& redadusl toner in the drum cartridge.
Pater pending: JP2015-167863, JP2015-16750
Direct Print from USB Memory /
Scan to USB Memory
Documents saved in USB memory
can be directly printed without a: <>
having to use a computer. Scanned
data can also be directly saved in И
USB memory,
Word data Excel data
Easy Print Utility
This utility lets you merge and
print files created with different
applications, such as Microsoft
Word and Excel. You can rearrange
pages and check the print layout
before printing.
print data
ыы | and edit layout
Major Features
Printer Features Fax Features
Secure Print ®Mobile Print [AlrPrini™, Google Cloud Print™, Panasonic original application) sAddross Book [Up to 200 stations] LDAP Supported = «Duplex Scannéng/Printing
Duplex Print #*Proof Print Fit to Öutput Paper Size Custom Paper Size Setting “PC Fax Web Fax Preview “Fax to E-mail “internet Fax
sBockipt *0verlay/ Watermark +2 п 61, 6 1, В 1, 9 1, inl Zoom [25 - 400%]
#Poster Profile Save #*Direct Print from USE Memory #Rodate Sort Pring PC Software
Copier Features «ыы Йен Station “Easy Prim Шу "Device Morator
éQuickiD *image Repeat - Zin 1,án1.86n1 eSeparate Zin 16m
Poster (1x2 / 2x2 / 3x3) eBooklet eEdge/Margin — *Zoom [25 - 400%) Others — a
eQuick-Job sDuplex Copy 132, 231, 232 sProal Copy abode Restriction «Department Counter Apart «Wi-Fi Direct #551 Encryption
Rotate Sort Copy #43 Book Copy e Mixed Size Copy *Compatible with Central Management Controller Application
Scanner Features
“PC Scan Over Router ®5can io PCISMB Folder/F TP Server/E-mall Adress/OCR/Mloud USE Memory
eQuick-Jobs sAuto Preview #Mixed Size Scan
Model В DP-ME545CX | DP-MB534CX
Printing Process Laser
Input tray: AL, AS, As, LTR, BSISO/ NS], BEIF0/JIS), 16H
Recording Paper Size [Semplex -Mlulti-pur pode tray: AF, Ad, AS, Ab, Ledger, LTR, LOL, Folio/Foolscsp [216 x 330 mm], Oficio 1216 x 340 mm), BEIS0/I5], BSIS0/ NE),
ВЫ, 16K, BK, Envelope #10VDLYYOUKE! #4/CHOUKE! #3/CHOUKE] #4, Japanese Postcard, Cusborm [W: 85-297 mm, L: 200-400 men]
i | i : E . :
Recording Paper Capacity” amaia hr me pa ie Чен вый Доре трея Тат ве Змеиное фени ро
Hecording Paper Weight ¿me ae 7220 a/m*lSimpleal, 40 afent 108 af [Dupleo]
Automab: Document Feeder Capacity 75 sheets
Automatic Document | -Sinle-sided: AS, AS, AS. LTR LL. BSINS/SÓN BELES/SO0L 15K. Felie/Feoiscap [716 x 330 mmi, Oficio [285 x 340 mm. Lang paper [W: 200-216 men, L- 356-600 mm
General | Document Size Feeder Double-sided: Ad, AS, Ad. LTR, LGL, BSIRG/IS0, Bal M5150). 16K, Folio/Foolscap [216 x 230 mmi, Oficio (716 x 340 mm
Flatbed Up to LGL
LCD Display 4 Finch Colour Touch Screen | 16 digits J 2 lines Backlit LCD)
Memory Saze 1,024 MB | 512 MB
Department Code 100
Quack Job Hey I jobs [Shared between Copy and Scand | Copy: 3 jobs / Scan: 3 jobs
Monthly Duty Average: 10.000 pages fRlaximumo 1500000 pages
Power Consumplicn Max.: Approx. 1.550 W, mu “o au ea 2.2 WiUSE connection) /
Compuñer interface IEEESO? Mb/q/n, 1000Base-T, 1006:a52-TX/108a5e-T, USEZ.0
Media Port USE
Print Spoed RIE Fo Ir) Letty Up io 45 pom (AL). Up to 24 ppm [AI] | Lio to 3&4 ppm [A], Up to 30 ppm [AZ]
Duplex Produc tivity 100 % [45 ppm, Ad | 100 % (36 pom, Aál
Printer Рай! В ней ци но Ue ia 1,200 x 1,200 dai | True]
First Print Tire Approx. 55
Emulation Adobe” PostScript” 3", PCL 6, Gl | PCL &, GDI
Supported OS for Printer Windows® XP Windows Vista" Windows™ 7. Windows B, Windows 0.1, Windows 10, Windows Server" 208 Windows Server” 2012, Mac 05 X 105-1011, Linur'*
Copy Speed Up to &5 cpm [A] | Up o 36 cpm [A]
| Copy Résolution Up té 1,200 x 1,200 dps
Copier Multi-Copy 77 pages
First Copy Time Approx. 5 s [Flatbed copyl
Colour / Mono Scan Yes / Yos
Scan Resolution Optical: Up to 1,200 x 1,7200 dpi, imerpolated: Up to 17,200 x 17,700 dpi
Scanner | Duplex Scan Yes
Scan Speed B/W, 300 dps Simpler: 45 pera / Duplex: 16 ppm
Supported 05 lor Scanner Windows" XP, Windows Vista®, Windows" 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac 05% 105-1011, Linux"
Fax Modem Speed 33.4 kbps - 2.4 kbps with automatic fallback
Internet Fax Yes
Рак Mérmory Capacity Reception: Apps ox. 400 pages™, Transmission: Approx. 700 pages”
Facsmde | Address Book 300 and LDAP 300 + 6 and LOAP
Orse-Touch Dial — &
Fax / Tel Switch Yes
Handset Yes
Dimensions [Wx Dx H] Approx. 530 x 475 x 415 mm [With trays closed]™ / Approx. 404 x 724 x 480 mm [With both mulbi-purpese tray and document trays openl
Weight E — Appros. 31.2 kg” a =
Optional Lower Input Tray ОА-РАР109 | DA-FAP110
Recording Paper Size (Simples A AS.LTR PS SO SL 16, Custom IW210-2Htnm. L209-356ml
Recording Paper Capacity * 590 «Нее 5 50 sheets
Recording Paper Weight 60 afm’ - 105 g/m” Simplex and Duplex] E g/m” - 105 g/m [Simplex and Duplex]
Dimensions [W x Dx HI 530 x 433 x 151 mm” 530 x 573 x 151 mm”
Weight Bd kg 89 kg
Toner Cartridge” DO-TCOO2SE [25,000 pages, IS0NEC 17752 standard
Drum Cartridge DO -DCDIONE (100,000 pages]
“I Carral Management Controlar Es providod va vob devenizasl
Flonse visi MipMpanasoréc mio producto akira) lor mona
information, "7 Dopending on tie typo ol paper, *3 Supported Linux
destribufion: Rad Hat” Enterprise Linux” Desktop SET, Vturtu”
MIENTE. Driver E provedad via web dowricad, "4 Based
an tha MU-T Mo. 1 Test Charí in slamdaro resolution, "5 Excluding
Farc TP vid including handsel ure 5 570mm. "ES Excludes
consumables. "7 Execluëng projection "EH 5,000-page siarter ML LES
rara inches [SOVES 19752 starelaed)
« Adobe, Posrsonñpt arc PostSorpt 3 are either regatersd trademarks or trademarks ol Adobe System Incorporated in de Liniled Slates and/or over courtes, ® Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Deect and the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED lego
aña registered rademanks of Wademarks of Wi-Fi Alanco. + Windows Windows Vista Windows Sener and Excel ane redetens] radermanks of Microsolt Corporates in the United Sralès and lès other countries.
« Mac, OS X and ArPrinl are trademarks ol Apple Inc. registared in de LUS and other countries. @ Lifix is te registonsd rademark or trademark of Linus Torvalds rm the LUE. and other countries. + Fhed Hal and
Red Hat Emergrisa Linux are regislered ademarks or Irademaks of Red Hat, inc. the Lined Sales and/or other countries. + Ubuniv iS a registerad Wademark of a trademark of Canonical Lid, in the US. and
dither countries. € Google Cloud Print is. a trademark or registered irademark of Google Ind.
Design and specications are subject to change without notice. Panasonic
CA = (GO М
Adobe Postócript 3 CERTIFIED АРА Cloud Print Ready
Parts & Labor ===
itc®mm =
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