1 DIY Outdoor Kitchen System in USA 18 GAUGE G60

1 DIY Outdoor Kitchen System in USA 18 GAUGE G60
#1 DIY Outdoor Kitchen System in USA
Since 1998 We have helped thousands of homeowners
build Amazing Outdoor Kitchens that last a lifetime.
G60 Galvanization
15 Year Warranty
is the True
Inventor Of
BBQ Island
Frame Kits.
Our System
is #1
Since 1998, BBQ Coach has been building America’s finest DIY Outdoor Kitchen kits for people who demand the highest quality and professional
results. Our passion for manufacturing professional grade Outdoor Kitchen panels will be felt in the pride of ownership that you’ll enjoy for a
lifetime. BBQ Coach PRO PANELS are constructed of the finest quality, made in America, 18 Gauge Heavy Duty Structural Exterior Galvanized
Steel. Our panels easily support heavy outdoor kitchen appliances, granite and concrete counter tops, stucco and stone veneer siding.
Our panels are pre fabricated and squared with industrial equipment for Professional Grade results. BBQ Coach is #1.
Our $4000 Build Pro Welding Table
Used to Square BBQ Coach Pro Panels
HGTV shows like Amish Renogades use BBQ Coach Pro Panels to
build their outdoor kitchens.
Willie the BBQ Coach is a Master Framer and has been
building Outdoor Kitchens Full Time since 1998.
The BBQ Coach DIY System has been featured
in national magazines such as Barbeque
Our $16,000 Stud Chopper
Machine makes identical
cuts so that our Pro Panels
all line up the same size.
This is a must have
machine to make real Pro
Panel Modules.
28” Standard (24” & 32” available)
We Built This Frame
in only 5 1/2 HOURS
BBQ COACH Pro Panels are Pre-Fabricated and Square. Sold in pairs of 2 per module.
Pro Panels are Manufactured for Super Strength and used for the End Frames.
18 Gauge Length Wall Beams with PreCut openings allow you to Quickly Slide
them into place and easily fasten them
with self drilling screws. With this system
we offer modules up to 8 Ft Long.
Any Homeowner can screw these together.
Our System makes it so Easy!
This is our revolutionary new module
that gets a whopping 8 ft of your
outdoor kitchen island done in
one punch!
With our Pro Panel End Frames and 8 ft long Patent Pending Slip Over
Beams We can now ship an 8 Ft Module Nationwide with UPS. This is
Amazing! You can now get the big outdoor kitchens done faster than
ever before. Even Better—It can easily be trimmed on the job site to a
custom length for perfect results!
Cutouts, Cement Board, Appliances,
Screws, Etc are all sold separate.
Our Clients Love Our Product So Much they send us pictures!
Everyone comments we have a Great System & Excellent Product!
BBQ COACH Modules Include the Heavy Duty 18 GA Pro Panels Plus
Our Valuable Step by Step Videos Teaching You Our Steel Framing System.
You will pick up the 1/2” thick cement board locally. A 3ft x 5ft sheet sells for around $10. at Lowes or Home Depot
We use Real Exterior Steel
Beware of Copy Cat Competitors using
thin gauge steel for a fast buck
For Clients Who Buy
$400 or more of our
Pro Panel Kits
Measure Your Space & Select a Straight , L or U Design
12 ft
L and U Island Design are the most popular for outdoor kitchens.
Select the Longest Modules Possible to fill up your space fast.
28” Depth is standard and the best price.
10 Ft
Straight Modules Available in Lengths:
8ft, 7ft, 6ft, 5ft, 4ft, 3ft. 30”, 2ft, 1 Ft.
Depth 28” Standard
(32” & 24” Depth Available)
Select Modules to fit your design and space.
Modules can easily be shortened by trimming down the 4 length beams for custom lengths
TIP: Use 8 ft modules and trim them
down on the job site for perfect results!
No more guessing of what length you
need. This is the way the Pro’s Do It!
8 Ft Module
90 Degree Mod is
optional. It’s benefit
is that it gives you a
full 8 ft for appliances
on each wing.
90 Degree
8 FT
Only 3 Modules
for a big kitchen!
A. 5 module for a 30” grill + a side burner
B. 4 ft module
C. 8 ft module + back splash + over hang
2 ea
4ft back splash kits
4ft of 12” over hang kits
4 ea
hidden bar supports
Actual Components Sold Separate
BBQ Coach is the inventor of Universal Cutout Kits
Side Burner
Ice Chest
You Need a Grill Cutout Kit
You need a Side Burner Cutout Kit
You need a Drop In Ice Chest Kit
You need a Drawer cutout kit
Universal Appliance Cutout Kits are needed for each component you want to install into your outdoor
kitchen island. These cutout kits are just extra track and studs needed to frame in the support to
house your appliances. At BBQ Coach we label each part and offer step by step instructions and
videos to help you install these kits. The kits are made of 20 Gauge 33 mil exterior steel that is still
strong but allows you to cut them with Weiss snipps and avoid power tools. Our kits make it easy!
Make a Shopping List of Appliances—with size of each unit. Add 4”
in from the ends and 4” between each unit to guarantee they fit.
+ 24” Fridge
+ 4”
+ 36” Grill
+ 4”
+ 14” Drawers
+ 4”
= 90”
With this example we have calculated a minimum frame of 90” is needed and will use an 8ft module.
Actual Grills and
components like
doors and drawers
are not included
with Module Kits.
Buyer Is Responsible to make sure their appliances will fit. Make sure not to over crowd to many
appliances into one module. You must allow for the steel framing needed on both sides of each
appliance and this is why 4” is the minimum spacing on each side.
Note: It is more desirable to have 8—12” space between each appliance to avoid the look of over
crowding. Doors and drawers have a wide trim around the edges that look better if spaced properly.
TIP: Don’t Overcrowd Appliances
Plan on 8 –12” between components.
Allow enough counter top space for
serving platters. 18—24” is ideal.
YES—You can position your
appliance cutouts where ever you
want within the module frame and in
any order.
BBQ Coach Videos and Instructions Give Homeowners the Training & Materials needed to Build an
Outdoor Kitchen With Professional Results. This Is The Real System Used By the Pro’s.
We Give You Free Training Worth Thousands of Dollars just for using our Product!
Square Package
Used to square the counter
top. Order 1 per module
Sold separate.
Connector Plates
2 per union of modules.
4 per section of back splash.
Sold separate.
Composite Shims
Order 1 pack to help
install cement board.
Sold separate.
Deck Board Strip
1 under each end
frame + 1 every 2 ft
Sold separate
BBQ Coach Cement Board Stucco.
This is the Amazing stucco formulated for cement
board that requires no metal lath or base coat. All
weather approved. Excellent for DIY’ers . More
information on our website.
Hidden Bar Supports to support over hang.
Tile counters 1 approx. every 4 ft.
Granite Slab 1 approx. every 2 ft
Concrete Slab 1 ever 1 ft
Sold separate
Chicago Brick Pizza Oven Finished and
ready to sit on the counter top
Chicago Brick Pizza Oven CBO500 or 750
for a DIY Pizza Ovens.
When I was building my L Island Outdoor Kitchen I used the CBO 500. It was small and should have got the 750. But in looking back at it, I was
sorry I just did not buy the Finished One and just place it on top of a BBQ Coach Diagonal Sink Module. It would have been a lot less time and
effort. Outdoor kitchens are a big project and do you really want to add the extra time and money to build a custom pizza oven. Next time I will
get the finished one!
Framing a wider component under
a more narrow counter top appliances
When you want to frame a wider component below a more narrow counter
top appliance you will need to add 2 extra studs and 1 extra 4ft track in
addition to the cutout kits to make it work. To the left the black lines show
the full studs hold the drawers but the side burner needs additional studs
and track shown in red.
BBQ Coach TIP: Always frame the bottom component first.
Counter Top Supports
are used to fill empty
void in the counter top
of 28” or more. They can
also be used to support
cement board around
posts. They can be used
to create shelfs. They are
used for cement board
seams in the counter
Connector Plates
Square Package
2 connector plates are needed
per union of 2 modules. 4 connector plates are needed per
section of backsplash.
For each module you will
need to order one square
package. Although our Pro
Panel end frames are already
factory squared you still
need to square the counter
top. This is done easily with
our innovative square pkg.
Decking Boards
Decking board strips are used
under the frame to protect the
frame from rust. They also add
ventilation and allow water to
drain under the island. They are
not seen once you add cement
Screws, Connector Plates, Base Board Strips, Air Vents, Hidden Bar Supports,
etc… These are all things you will need to add to your order. If not sure how
many it is best to email in your plan to bbqcoachdesign@gmail.com
Self Tapping Screws—No Pre
Drilling Needed.
BBQ Coach 18 Gauge steel is
very thick and requires the use
of special self drilling screws.
For this project you will need
self tapping framing screws and
cement board screws. You will
also need base board screws to
secure frame to the decking
Needed Extra’s
Estimated Shopping List for the 3 basic
designs. Add 1 Sq Pkg per Module
To assemble your outdoor kitchen frame you will need to order needed extra’s.
Framing screws, decking board screws, cement board screws, connector plates,
composite shims, air vents, decking boards, counter top supports, hidden bar supports
for overhangs. If not sure how many to buy it is best to send in your plan for a
shopping list.
Straight Islands up to 10 ft
L Islands
U Islands
3 box framing screws
3-5 box framing screws
1 box decking board screws
1 box decking board screws
1 box cement board screws
1-2 box cement board screws
1 pack shims (a must have)
3-4 Summerset air vents
Decking boards under end frames +
1 every 2 ft
Connector plates: 2 per union of
mods + 4 per section of back splash
Hidden bar support 2 per sec. min
Counter Top Supports as needed for
open spaces in the counter top of 28”
or more & cement board seams.
5 box framing screws
1 box decking board screws
2 box cement board screws
1 pack shims
1 pack shims (a must have for our system)
2-3 Summerset air vents
Decking boards under end frames +
1 every 2 ft
Connector plates: 2 per union of modules
plus 4 per section of back splash
Hidden bar support: 2 per section min.
Counter Top Supports as needed for open
spaces in the counter top of 28” or more
& cement board seams
4—6 Summerset air vents
Decking boards under end frames +
1 every 2 ft
Connector plates: 2 per union of modules plus 4 per section of back splash
Hidden bar support: 2 per section min
Counter Top Supports as needed for
open spaces in the counter top of 28” or
more & cement board seams.
Corner Modules are an optional upgrade to our straight modules.
Rounded Corner Mod
28” Depth Only
Perma Base Flex
cement board that
bends sold
Diagonal Sink/Egg Mod
Very Popular Module!
Use for a sink, egg smoker or even a small pizza
28” Depth Only
Rear sides 42 x 42
When you butt a module against a module you lose 28” of
usable space. This leaves little usable space on the return
island for appliances. But if you use a 90 degree module then
you will have the full 4 ft on both wings.
Always Use a Corner Module if You have a lot of appliances.
28” Depth Only
on all corner modules
90 Degree Corner Mod
This Module helps to avoid design
problems down the road. Many
times people will use 2 modules
and butt one up against the side of
another to make an L island. The
problem is they are losing usable
space for appliances. The 90 degree module avoids this problem
4 ft mod
4 Ft
45 Degree Mod
28” Depth only.
If you need an angle
other than 45 degree we
offer a custom angle kit
that you can easily make
any angle you want
between 2 modules.
Back Splash Panels
12” Over Hang Kits
Split Bar Counter
2 1/2” x 41” high
2 1/2” x 12” depth
2 1/2” x 12” depth x 41” high
20 gauge 33 mil galvanized steel
Requires hidden bar supports to
reinforce for strength.
(sold separate)
To create a split bar counter use our back splash
kits plus our 12” over hang kits
+ hidden bar supports.
Requires assembly.
12” is the correct length for maximum strength.
When you add cement board and finishing
materials it will become approx. 16-17” bar
counter top. Requires assembly.
Creates a 6” high back splash
when used with our standard
height modules.
To keep prices low this is sold as
a kit that requires assembly (not
pro panels)
Use our 4ft sections for the Best
Price and Cut 2 Fit
Use our 4ft sections for the Best
Price and cut 2 fit
NEW! 24” High Back Splash Kit now available
G4000 This kit adds a half moon over hang
on the end of your island and connects into a
split bar counter. Requires 2 hidden bar
supports sold separately. 22” Depth
Decagon Table Module
table top measures: 38 3/4" long x 49 1/4" wide
Sold as Bar Height 41” and can be connected to
our split bar counter with a
bar gap filler Sold separate.
3 Ft Drop Down Burner Module.
3 Ft Open Egg Module.
Used for power burners.
Measures: 3ft L x 28” Depth x 35” high
Used for egg smokers.
Measures: 3ft L x 28” D x 35 H
NEW We also offer a cutout kit to fit in the
8 ft module to make the open egg shelf.
5 Ft Double Wall Grill Cart Kit.
This kit creates an opening between 2
modules for your grill cart . You will cut
to fit. Platform is optional and sold
Pizza Oven Module
for CBO 500 & 700 made by Chicago
Brick Pizza Oven.
OPTION A. For small and medium Eggs
Combine a straight module + egg cutout kit.
You will position the platform inside the module at the best height to match your counter
top. Note: Make sure the egg will sit high
enough that the hinges will not hit counter.
Any Size Egg
The Diagonal Egg module is your best choice for
a big egg smokers like the green egg xl. This is
a very popular module. It fits a small 14 x 20
vertical door on the front to access your eggs
soot opening. (door sold separate)
OPTION C. Any Size Egg
This is an excellent option that is very easy to
assemble. This kit comes with a 12” drop down
that you can make shorter if desired.
We recommend you secure the egg from falling
over with a slab counter top that wraps around it.
Module Dimensions: All listed module sizes are the measurement from the
outside edge to outside edge. Decking Board under frame will add 1” to height
8 FT Length
Height: 35” Studs
Interior Usable Space Is Length minus—4”
Factory Squared & Assembled
NEW 2016 Improvements:
We consulted a seasoned
engineer who designs bridges
and freeways. He assisted us to
design pro panels that no longer
require cross braces. Cross
braces use up valuable space for
appliances. Now are Pro Panels
are square with no cross braces.
This is a big improvement!
Do You Have a plan for your outdoor kitchen and
want an expert to review your drawing and
provide a shopping list of the Bbq Coach Pro
Panel Frame Kits and needed extras?
We are Happy To Help You!
Email your top view drawing and list of
appliances to: bbqcoachdesign@gmail.com
Please make sure the plan you submit is the one you really want.
12 ft
Side burner Drawers
Triple drawers
Large Sink
Trash Drawer
Note: This is a shopping list for the plan you submit. Not a design service. If we see a
problem we will tell you, however you are responsible for appliances to fit.
Trash Drawer
Slide in Side Burner
30” Double Doors Below
1 FREE Review Per Person. We will require you to
create a free account on our website to receive
your shopping list. This FREE service is by email.
Due to the large volume of submissions we
receive there is not enough time for phone calls.
Thank You for your understanding.
12 Ft
To Add a split bar counter on the end order:
Back splash wrap around one end + 12” over hang wrap
around one end + 2 hidden bar supports
Bbq Coach Modules Make It Easy!
To make this rounded island the client used two Bbq Coach rounded corner modules. Then you can add a granite or concrete slab
that overhangs the modules. In this picture the client decided to add a 12” level over hang kit for added appearance but really only
required for a tile counter top that can not over hang on its own. You will also need 2 sheets of Perma Base Flex cement board.
BBQ Coach 18 Gauge Heavy Duty Steel supports heavy stone veneer and stucco siding as well as
concrete and granite slab counter tops. Our Products are designed to last a lifetime.
TIP: Counter tops must over hang
stone veneer siding to keep the
water out which could cause the
stone to fall off.
Connects to a
Split Bar Counter
Client installed the G4000 to the end of a cooking
height module and our double wall grill cart kit.
The BBQ Coach G4000 kits creates a beautiful rounded
overhang. It can be tied into a split bar counter or used
on the end of an island for additional counter top space.
Parallel Islands are often over
looked as a design option. The
big 3 (straight, L and U ) are
always the first consideration.
But the Parallel Design can
make a lot of sense if you
entertain large groups and have
the space for it.
The basic idea is one island for
serving and the other for
41” Studs
Cooking Height Module 35” Studs
BBQ COACH TIP: Doors under the grill should be
equal or less than the grill cutout in order to fit
between the right and left grill studs.
Fire Magic AuroraA790i
Built-in Grill With Rotisserie
90,000 BTUs + 23,000 BTUs
Reg $5499.00
Sale $4124.25
Summerset SIZ32
BEST Grill under $1000.
Beef Eater Signature
Sizzler 32” GRILL reg price $1299
25% Off Volume discount price
Premium 4 Burner Built-In
4 Main Burners
25% Off Price $1691.25
America Outdoor Grill TSeries 36” Built In Grill with
Gas Grill $2255.
25% Off Price $1980.
12,000 BTU Stainless Steel Tube Burners
Cutout 37” x 19 1/2 x 8 1/2”
Natural gas model# A7901-2L1N
model# A7901-2L1P
Cutout 37.75” w x 23.5” d x 12” h
15,000 BTU IR Back Burner
Made In USA by RH Peterson that
also manufactures the high end
Fire Magic Grills.
Commercial Quality! If it is in
budget Fire Magic Grills are an
excellent choice you will never
Cooking Surface 740 sq. in.
63,000 Total BTUs
Model #12840SUS
Cutout 32 3/5 x 20 1/2 x 9 h
BEST Grill for around $2000.
Cutout: 30.5 x 20.75 Depth
EVO Built In Grill
#1 Choice of Real Chefs.
See it on you tube. BBQ Coach
is Authorized Dealer of EVO.
Thicker Stainless Steel Designed for Ocean Salt Air & Harsh Winters
Made In USA—Much higher quality construction than off shore brands.
Excellent Warranty Program unlike some import brands.
BBQ Coach 25% OFF Sales + No Sales Tax for Non-California Residents
makes this Premium Brand Not Much more than the cheaply made
Grills are commercial quality that are a pleasure to cook on.
Customer Comments
Fire Magic An Excellent Product Built To Last!
I am building my second Outdoor Kitchen for my
Vacation Home in Florida. I built my first outdoor
kitchen using an import brand Lion. It was ok but I
decided for only a few dollars more I could get Fire
Magic through the BBQ Coach 25% Off Sales.
As soon as I removed the items from the box I was
immediately impressed with how much thicker the
stainless steel is. Very High Quality. I recommend
Fire Magic and Bbq Coach to all my friends.
Thanks Tony B.
Item Description
Item #
8 ft L x 28” D x 35” H
7 ft module
7 ft L x 28” D x 35” H
6 ft module
6 ft L x 28” D x 35” H
5 ft module
5 ft L x 28” D x 35” H
4 ft module
4 ft L x 28: D x 35” H
3 Ft module
4 ft L x 28” D x 35” H
30” module
30” L x 28” D x 35” H
2 Ft module
2 ft L x 28” D x 35” H
1 Ft module
1 ft L x 28” D x 35” H
90 degree module
28” L x 28” D x 35” H
45 degree module
14.25 x 14.25 x 35” H
Rounded Corner Module 28” Depth x 35” H
28” Diagonal Egg module 42x42 x 35” H
28” Diagonal Sink module 42x42 x 35” H
Custom Angle Kit (use to connect 2 modules at a custom angle)
8 ft Bar Height module
8 ft L x 28” D x 41” H
4 ft Bar Height module
4 ft L x 28” D x 41” H
90 Degree Bar Height module 28L x 28” D x 41” H
NOTE: On our website we also off 90 Degree Mod Options: 28x32, 28x24, 32x24,
8 ft module
Appliance Cutout Kits
Actual components sold separate
48” Grill Kit (fits any grill up to a 46” cutout)
37” Grill Cutout Kit (fits any grill up to a 37” cutout)
Grill Platform Kit 52” (create a platform for the grill to sit on)
Grill Platform Kit 48” (only a few brands of grills require an extra platform G48-P
Grill Platform Kit 37” (brands that need this: DCS, LYNX, VIKING...
Slide In Side Burner Kit (control knobs face forward like the grill)
Drop In Side Burner Kit (control knobs face the sky—similar to a sink)
Side Burner Platform Kit (create a platform for SB to sit on)
Egg Kit - for eggs enclosed in a straight module
CBO 500 Pizza Oven Module
CBO 750 Pizza Oven Module
48” Double Door Kit
36” Double Door Kit
Vertical door kit
Horizontal Single Door kit
Paper Towel Bin Kit
Drawers—Horizontal Max cutout: 37”
Buyer is Responsible Appliances to Fit . ALL SALES
52” Grill Kit (fits any grill up to a 52” cutout)
52” door/drawer combo—jumbo kit
Fridge / Ice Maker Kit
Keg Kit
Drop in Ice Bin
37” Bar Center kit (max cutout 37”)
48” Bar Center kit (max cutout 46”)
Sink Kit
XL Sink Kit
Counter top support 28”
Counter top support 24”
Counter top support 32”
NEW 3 Ft Open Egg Cutout Kit for the new 8ft long mod 28 0r 32” depth
OEC-28 or OEC-32
max cutout 22”
Back Splash Kits assembly required
4 Ft Long Back Splash kit
6” high back splash/Cut 2 fit Value Price!
$84 reg Now $70
4 Ft Long Back Splash kit
59” studs to create a 24” high back splash
1 Side Of 90 degree module 41” studs / 6” high back splash
2 side of 90 degree module
41” studs
2 sides of diagonal Sink/Egg module 41” studs
45 degree back splash
41” studs/ 6” high back splash
1 side of diagonal Sink/Egg module
41” studs
Rounded Corner Module back splash
41” studs
Back Splash Wrap Around one end of 28” depth modules (cut 30.75”)
Back Splash Wrap Around one end of 32” depth modules (cut 34.75”)
12” Over Hang Kits—hidden bar supports sold separate
4 ft of 12” Over Hang Kit
4ftx12”Dx2 1/2” h Cut 2 Fit Value Price
Reg $40 Now $35
1 side of 90 degree mod
28”L x 12”D x 2 1/2” h
2 sides of 90 degree mod
for 28” depth—90 degree mod +BGF
1 side of 28” Diagonal Sink/Egg Mod
2 sides of 28” Diagonal Sink/Egg Mod + BGF
Rounded Corner Module
Hidden Bar Support 12x12 flat L Steel
Bar Gap Filler connects over hang around a corner or to a table
4” Over Hang Kits—needed for tile counters to over hang stone
4 ft of 4” Over Hang
3 Ft Drop Down Burner Mod 12” Drop Down 3ft L x 28” D x35”h
assembly required for New Value Price saving an extra $50 bucks
Reg $249 Now $199
3 Ft Open Egg Module
12” Drop Down 3ft L x 28” Dx35” h
5 Ft Double Wall Grill Cart Kit
creates an opening between 2 modules
Custom Modules & Kits
G4000 Rounded Table End Kit
2 1/2” x 22” D x 41” high
Decagon Table Mod Bar Height
requires assembly
NOTE: Needed Extra’s are not discounted in our sales.
Needed Extra’s
Upgrade module to 32” Depth Pro Panel End Frames
Upgrade module to 24” Depth Pro Panel End Frames
1 lbs box framing screws—self tapping for heavy duty steel
1 lbs box decking board screws—used to secure frame to decking board
4 lbs box cement board screws—self tapping for heavy duty steel
1 Square Package Set—includes square packages for 1 modules
1 pack of composite shims
Electrical box for steel framing
Umbrella Hole—Plastic sleeve with white lid
Decking Board Strips for 28” Depth Modules
Decking Board Strips for 32” Depth Modules
Bar Gap Filler
Hidden Bar Support
Summerset Stainless Steel Air Vent
Connector Plate
5 Gallon Cement Board Stucco—White
1 Gallon of Stucco Adhesive
4 ft of 6” x 6” Foot Rest Kit. 20 Gauge 33 mil.
NEW 90 Degree Module 32 x 28 x 35” high
Requires Assembly
18 Gauge Stud 1 5/8 x 35”
18 Gauge Track 1 5/8 x 4ft
18 Gauge Stud 1 5/8 x 41” bar height
20 Gauge 33 mil Stud 1 5/8 x 35”
20 Gauge 33 mil Track 1 5/8 x 4ft
20 Gauge 33 mil Bar Stud 2 1/2 x 41”
Order Online FREE or Fax Your Order for us to enter it in online for $10. service fee
It is best to order online to make sure you enter all information correctly. If you prefer to fax in your order for us to
enter it into the computer we charge a $10 service fee. Please print clearly. Any errors can cause a delay.
With this fax order Buyer agrees to all Terms of Sale Listed at www.BbqCoach.com ALL SALES FINAL .
FAX # (949) 861—2800
NAME On Credit Card:
Credit Card Number:
Security Code on Back Of Card:
Billing Address:
Billing Phone #:
Circle One:
Sub Total
Discounts or Coupons
+ Shipping $99
California Only taxes
Grand Total
Fax Order + $10.
ZIP Code:
ZIP Code:
2nd Phone # For Delivery Driver:
Email Address For Order Updates:
Find A Plan
Visit www.BBQCoach.com and click on “Find A Plan.” Here you will find straight islands, L Islands and U island Outdoor Kitchen Plans. Each Plan Includes a picture and a drawing. In the
description you will find what is included. If the Plan you like best is a perfect fit for your landscape you can simply click & buy it.
We receive 10 plans each day. For this reason we can only provide a free shopping list.
For pricing you will need to visit bbqcoach.com and enter the products into your shopping
Volume discounts are shown during checkout. For a free shopping List send us: List
of Appliances, grill size, a top view drawing of modules and mark any upgrades like back splash
and/or over hangs. Note: This is not a design service.
BBQ Coach Pro Panels and Appliances ship via Freight.
We charge a flat rate of $99 for shipping nation wide on orders over 300 lbs. However the actual cost is approximately $250—$400. We pay the rest of this shipping cost out of our end. For this reason ALL SALES FINAL.
3 DAYS TO REPORT DAMAGE - Please Inspect Your Shipment for Damage at the time of delivery. If
expensive appliances like a grill is damaged please write on the Bill Of Lading DAMAGED and refuse the delivery. Please take digital pictures and email: help@bbqcoach.com and call Jacqui at 800-227-9508 (After 3 days
we can not help you) If Frames are damaged ACCEPT Delivery and we can easily fed ex you new parts so that
your project is not delayed. We allow up to 30 Days to report missing parts. After 30 days from Delivery you
will have to re-order.
Visit our support website: www.bbqcoachsupport.com
Customer Service 800-227-9508
You will receive a password to access the members only videos and pdf instructions on
the cover of your instruction book with your frame kit order over $400.
Free membership expires on the last day of the year. If you order after Oct 1. you are
eligible for a free membership for the following year.
BBQ COACH 18 GA Panels LIMITED WARRANTY BBQ COACH Corp warrants its direct purchaser that at the time of sale BBQ Coach 18
Gauge Panels sold and designated by BBQ COACH Corp for Outdoor Kitchen Islands in the United States Of America: 1. Will be free of defects in material or workmanship
which make them suitable for the intended use. 2. Will remain stable in size and not crack or give way under the normal weight of approved finishing materials such as cement, tile and granite counter tops, stucco or stone veneer siding. 3. Will not deteriorate as a result of normal exposure to moisture in areas of use which the product is intended.
WARRANTY DURATION: The warranty will remain in effect for fifteen (15) years from the date of purchase from BBQ Coach Corp.
WARRANTY CONDITIONS: This warranty only applies if the following conditions are met: 1. The installation methods conformed to applicable
written recommendations and specifications published by BBQ Coach Corp. Including , but not limited to, maintaining a water proof island, using
Bbq Coach composite decking board strips or equivalent material under base of island 24” OC or less, all sides of frame exterior including counter top are fully covered with cement board, water proofing caulking is applied and maintained around all appliance openings, etc. 2. The product has been properly handled and stored at all times, and has not been abused or used for an improper application; 3. The problem with the
product is not due to structural movement of the concrete pad or pavers that the product sits on, to movement in, failure of or defects in the
materials to which the product is attached, or which are attached to it, or acts of God, such as earthquakes, storms, fires or floods; and 4. The
sheathing and counter top that is installed over the product is maintained with reasonable care. The exterior finish must be correctly installed
per manufacturers specifications.
EXCLUSIONS and LIMITATIONS This warranty does not cover: Any other BBQ Coach Product that is not an
18 Gauge Pro Panel, Problems resulting from use of other manufacturers’ products in connection with BBQ Coach 18 GA Pro Panels. Damage or
conditions resulting from abnormal or excessive exposure to water, such as mold, fungus, and similar damage resulting from leaking counter tops
or appliances, or failure to properly seal any wall penetration. 5. Incidental, indirect or consequential losses, damages or expenses. The customer’s exclusive remedy for any type of claim or action for defective products will be limited to replacement of the product (in the form originally
shipped) or ,at BBQ COACH Corp’s option, to a payment or credit not greater than the purchase price of the product. MAKING CLAIMS Within 30
(30) days from the time you discover a problem with BBQ Coach 18 GA Panels, write to BBQ COACH Corp and include a brief description of the
problem with photographs. Also send us copies of any sales receipts, invoices and other documents which may show the date(s) of purchase.
Mail this information to BBQ Coach Corp to our current address listed on our website at wwww.BbqCoach.com The express warranty is the only
warranty applicable to the BBQ Coach 18 Ga panels described herein and IS IN LIEU OF AND EXCLUDES ALL OTHER EXPRESSED ORAL OR WRITTEN
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