Antwerp, 13th July 2012 PRESS RELEASE Apart Audio

Antwerp, 13th July 2012 PRESS RELEASE Apart Audio
Antwerp, 13 th July 2012
Apart Audio – IMPMET
Apart Audio introduces IMPMET: real life impedance measurement
Apart understands the installer’s needs. How easy would his life be if he always had a tool with him that
could measure the impedance of the loudspeakers and speaker lines?
The Apart IMPMET is an impedance meter that measures true impedance of loudspeaker and speaker
lines on low impedance or in 100 Volt systems in order to avoid amplifier overload. Compared to other
impedance meters, the IMPMET is much more accurate because it measures at 330 Hz rather than 1
The Apart IMPMET can be used in three different test ranges: 0-20 Ω, 200 Ω and 2000 Ω. The 3” digital
LCD display has a data-hold function and will inform you when the battery of the IMPET is low.
To protect the IMPMET it’s packed in a lovely soft Apart bag that keeps the impedance meter clean and
warm. Inside the box there is a very useful conversion table between Ohms and Watts that helps the
installer to calculate the power required for the impedance measured (100V or 70V).
Technical features IMPMET
Basic accuracy
Test frequency
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Included accessories
3” digit LCD display with data-hold, low battery and
measured units indication
+- 2% + 2 digits at 18 to 28°C and relative humidity < 75 %
Approx. 330 Hz
9 VDC battery powered: 6 x AA battery (alkaline) included
168 x 110 x 62 mm
Approx. 500g (batteries included)
Test leads with separate alligator clips, soft bag and user
If you need more information about other Apart products, feel free to contact me.
Geert Polfliet
Marketing Manager
Audioprof - Apart Audio
Industriepark Brechtsebaan 8 bus 1
B-2900 Schoten
Tel direct: +32 (0) 3 640 31 57
Fax: + 32 (0) 3 448 01 59
GSM: +32 476 781 880
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