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Philips TV Aerial SDV7133
TV Aerial
UHF digital and analogue
12 dB amplified
Enjoy superior picture
and sound quality
This indoor aerial through its amplification and directional log periodic design will boost
your signal and perform well in most areas including populated urban areas receiving a
clear signal on your HDTV.
Improve your picture quality
• 12 dB amplification is an ideal gain
• Flat response
• Highly directional design
Easy to position
• Weighted base for excellent physical stability
TV Aerial
UHF digital and analogue 12 dB amplified
Highly directional design
High front-to-back ratio helps to reject unwanted
digital multi-path signal corruption. This design also
improves reception in densely populated urban areas
providing clear HDTV reception.
12 dB amplification
12 dB amplification is an ideal gain value to ensure
the best picture and sound quality for the area. This
lower level of gain avoids over amplification of a
signal that can cause distortion in the picture.
Flat response
A flat forward gain slope delivers balanced reception
throughout the UHF band ensuring quality reception
of the UHF channels.
Weighted base
The weighted base stabilises the antenna's position
so you enjoy more positioning choices.
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