Test and diagnosis system for medium-voltage cables VLF

Test and diagnosis system for medium-voltage cables VLF
VLF Sine Wave 45 kV + TanDelta
Test and diagnosis system for medium-voltage cables
for commissioning testing and condition analysis
 Versatile: performs cable withstand testing, cable
diagnosis, and sheath fault pinpointing
 Smart:
automatically adjusts the test frequency
to the cable length
 Safe:
eliminates hazards to the user and
guarantees limited damage to the cable
Simple: easy field operation with no need for
external computer Description
The VLF sine wave 45 kV with integrated TanDelta is a compact, robust, and portable highperformance test and diagnostic system for medium-voltage cables.
In the event of excessive charge current, the
integrated breakdown detection shuts down
the test voltage, guaranteeing limited damage
to the cable.
The 45 kV tester is a versatile tool: apart from
VLF and DC testing, it also performs sheath testing and sheath fault pinpointing (in combination
with the step voltage probe ESG NT). Moreover,
the optional internal TanDelta expands the system to assess both cable integrity and condition.
Field operations require no external computer.
Equipped with intuitively operating software and
a large internal memory, the VLF 45 kV evaluates and stores all data automatically. Via the
USB port, datasets can be easily exported and
processed for report generation via the PC
software Easyprot (incl. in delivery). The user
can review all performed measurements either
immediately or at a later point in time (internally).
The smart VLF system automatically adjusts the
test frequency to the cable length, making even
tests on 25 kV rated cables (up to 25 km) easy
and reliable.
Earth loop monitoring and automatic discharge
eliminate hazards to the user. The automatic
discharge functionality makes the use of an external safety stick no longer necessary.
The well thought-out operating principle
combined with simple visual commands guide
the user through the entire measurement
process, keeping the training time at the
minimum even for advanced cable diagnosis. VLF Sine Wave 45 kV
Technical Data
VLF sine wave
DC voltage
VLF Rectangular voltage
0 … 32 kVRMS / 0 ... 45 kVpeak
± 0 … 45 kV
0 … 45 kV
± 1%
0.1 kV
Output current
Measuring range
Resolution 0 … 20 mA
± 2%
10 µA
Frequency range
0.01 Hz ... 0.1 Hz
autom. frequency adjustment
Output Load
0.6 µF @ 0.1 Hz at 32 kVRMS
10 µF maximum test capacity
Internal tanDelta
Measuring range
Sheath testing (as per IEC
Sheath fault pinpointing
10-3 ... 100
High test capacity of up to 10 µF
Continuous duty cycle (testing
without operational interruptions)
AC and DC testing in compliance
Intuitive user software with large
internal memory
Leakage current measurement in
DC and VLF rectangular mode
Optional internal TanDelta with
automatic evaluation acc. to IEEE
Maximum user safety through automatic discharge of the test object
and earth loop ground monitoring
Breakdown detection and load
recognition (R, C)
Quick, easy logging, and updates
via USB port
Sheath testing and sheath fault
pinpointing acc. to IEC 60229
0 … 5 kV, 0 … 10 kV, 0 ... 20 kV DC
0 … 5 kV, 0 … 10 kV, 0 ... 20 kV DC
Pulse rate 1:3 und 1:4
Scope of delivery
Earth loop ground monitoring, autom.
discharging of the test object
Input voltage
100V … 264 V, 50/60 Hz,
600 VA
Duty cycle
Internal memory
For at least 1000 measurements
Dimensions (w x h x d)
544 x 520 x 416 mm
50 kg
Protection class
IP 21
Operating temperature
-20 °C … +55 °C
Storage temperature
-20 °C … +70 °C
VLF Sinus 45
HV connection cable 5 m
Mains cable/ grounding cable 3 m
Accessory bag
USB stick for logging
Operating manual
Internal TanDelta
ESG NT (step voltage probe)
External safety device
Diagnostic connection set
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