iX104C2 Rugged Tablet PC
iX104C 2 Rugged Tablet PC
iX104C2DTM Dual Mode
iX104C 2VTM with AllVueTM
iX104C2DVTM Dual Mode with AllVueTM
Industry Leading Design and Performance
The iX104C2 family was designed to meet the needs of users looking for standard desktop or laptop functionality in a device
that can travel beyond the office environment and endure exposure to harsh conditions and rough treatment. Take a look at
some of the features that provide reliable enterprise class performance outside the office in a mobile and rugged device.
SIM Socket
user accessible SIM
slot for GPRS
Patent Pending Bumper Protection
protects the system in 26 directions
Intel Pentium M 733 Processor
Intel Centrino technology at 1.1GHz for
advanced wireless networking and
powerful computing comparable to
standard desktop and laptop PCs
Microsoft Windows XP Pro Tablet PC Edition
support for the latest Microsoft Table PC operating system
DIgital Pen/Touch Technology
support for accurate digital ink and
touch - based input
Embedded Antennas
for WAN, WLAN, & PAN
High contrast, high brightness color
LCD, 16M colors, optional AllVue
screen upgrade for enhanced
indoor/outdoor readability
Hot Keys & Joystick Navigation
programmable quick access buttons and
five way joystick
Audio In/Audio Out
On board stereo speakers and
noise cancelling microphone
Backlit Keypad
Essential I/O
common interfaces for connecting to
peripheral devices: 2 USB 2.0,
RJ45/RJ11 combo port, audio in,
audio out, 15-pin D-SUB
visible in dim/dark
Physical Specifications
Power Specifications
- 11.20” x 8.25” x 1.60” (WxHxD)
- 284.5 mm x 209.60 mm x 40.60 mm
- 4.45 lbs (2 kg) with standard battery
Main Battery
- Intel Pentium M 733
- Intel 855GME - 400 MHz
- 1.1 GHz
Extended Life Battery
Processor Specifications
Processor Speed
Memory & Storage Specifications
Main RAM
L2 Cache
Hard Disk Drive
- Optional 512MB & 1GB
- 2MB on-die
- 8Mbit (FWH)
- 40GB IDE HDD (2.5” shock mounted)
- Optional 80GB IDE HDD
Display Specifications
Viewing Angle
Contrast Ratios
10.4” XGA TFT (1024x768), 16M colors
32-bit true color
Active digital sensor
Optional active digital sensor and pen &
resistive touch digitizer (Dual Mode)
Optional AllVue™ LCD technology for enhanced
indoor/outdoor display
16 levels
Horizontal - 30 degrees (minimum)
Vertical - 10 degrees (minimum)
Typical 250:1 (minimum 100:1)
Intel Extreme Graphics 2 technology
64MB shared memory
Audio Specifications
- AC’97 codec
- On-board microphone with noise
- On-board integrated stereo speakers
Integrated Interfaces
Keypad/User Controls
Status Indicators
- One internal Type 1 or Type II PC card slot
(PCMCIA cardbus version 3.0)
- One internal mini PCI slot
- One internal OEM radio bay
- DC in
- Two USB 2.0
- Microphone jack
- Headset jack
- LAN (RJ-45)/Modem (RJ-11) combo port
- 15 pin D-SUB connector for external VGA
- Optional Bluetooth/56K modem combo card
- Remote SIM socket for GPRS
- Application buttons with primary,
secondary, and tertiary functions
- Power on/Suspend/Resume button
- Reset button
- Integrated joystick slew control
- Power, charge/DC-in, warning
Additional Specifications
Operating System
AC Adapter
Battery Storage
Battery Charge
- Microsoft Windows XP Pro Tablet Edition
Two cell removable Lithium ION prismatic
7.4V @ 5700 mAh (41Whr)
Recharge time: 2.5 hours (90%)
Life: up to 3.5 hours
Suspend life: Minimum three days
Four cell removable Lithium ION prismatic
7.4V @ 7600 mAh (55Whr)
Recharge time: 3.5 hours (90%)
Life: up to 5 hours
Suspend life: Minimum 5 days
Six cell NiMH, 45mAh
Life (with suspend-to-RAM on bridge battery
only) : 5 minutes from full charge
- Auto sensing 100-240V, 50-60Hz supplying
19VDC, 3.42A current
- Temperature: 32° to 140° F (0° to 60° C) at
40%-60% capacity
- Temperature: 32° to 113° F (0° to 45° C)
Environmental Specifications
Thermal Shock
Transit Shock
Crash Shock
Vehicular Vibration
Enclosure Class
Interface Specifications
Wireless Radio Bays
Bridge Battery
- MIL-STD 810F methods 501.4 & 502.4
Operating: -4° to 140° F (-20° to 60° C)
Storage: - 40° to 167° F ( -40° to 75° C)
Cold Boot (battery): 32° F (0°C) @ 70% charge
Cold Boot (AC adapter): any
- 1.5°C < 5°C / minute over -20°C to 60°C
- MIL-STD 810F method 507.4
0% to 95% non-condensing
- MIL-STD 810F method 516.5
Up to 4’ drop to concrete, all surfaces, edges,
and corners
- MIL-STD 810F method 516.5
75g, 11ms, Terminal sawtooth
- MIL-STD 810F method 514.5C-17
0.4g^2/Hz, 20Hz - 1000Hz
-6dB/octive 1000Hz - 2000 Hz
- MIL-STD 810F method 514.5C-17
Composite wheeled vehicle
- MIL-STD 810F method 512.4 procedure 1
Immersion in 30cm water for 30 minutes
- MIL-STD 810F method 510.4 procedure 1
Sand & dust: Particle size < 149 µm, 10 ±7 g/m3
particle density, 1.5 m/s to 8.9 m/s wind speed
- MIL-STD 810F method 509.4
Salt fog: 5% saline for 48 hours (12 wet, 12 dry,
2 cycles))
- MIL-STD 810F method 505.4
Solar radiation: 120 W/m2 (355 Btu/ft2/hr) UVB
@ 50°C, 7x24 hr cycles)
- Contamination by fluids: Detergents, brake
fluid, aromatic hydrocarbons)
- IP 67 equivalence (up to 30cm water)
Agency Approvals
EN55022 (CISPR22) Class B
FCC 15, Class B
DOC Class B
CE Mark
FCC 15, Class B
DOC Class B
UL and cUL listed, UL 1950, third edition
TuV T- Mark, EN60950
UL and cUL listed, UL 1604 with 41Whr and
55Whr batteries and all wireless radios
- e - mark approval, e11 022821
- Atex Zone 2, Category 3
The iX104C2 family is designed to meet the needs of mobile
enterprise users while providing rugged features that protect
and extend the system’s lifespan and enhance reliability.
• Rugged Construction - O ver 30 unique rugged
characteristics counteract and minimize damage in harsh
environments or if the iX104 is dropped, struck, or exposed to
constant vibration. By protecting everything in a multilayered magnesium housing with a patent pending bumper
system, the iX104C2 can operate in places that other
computers can’t
STD 810F Tested - iX104C2 tablets are engineered,
third party tested, and warranted to US Military Standards
(MIL- STD 810F) for environmental extremes. These standards
are designed to test a device’s ability to survive in harsh
conditions throughout its expected service life
iX104C2 Tablet PCs can be used in and adapted to a number
of different environments.
• Docking Stations - iX104 docking stations are designed
for multiple environments such as on a desktop, in a vehicle,
on a forklift, on mobile cart, or on a wall. Durable mounting
kits allow for proper positioning in a variety of workspaces
• Flexible Computing - iX104C2 tablets can handle
practically any application input requirements with features
like seamless switching between landscape and portrait
modes, finger touch input, and natural handwriting
recognition with a familiar pen and paper feel
• AllVue™ LCD Technology - Whether indoors or outside,
the XGA display can easily be seen thanks to Xplore's AllVue
screen technology that reduces reflectivity and glare, and
increases brightness and contrast, boosting screen
viewability in all lighting conditions
• Auto Sensing Dual Mode - The iX104C2D and iX104C2DV
tablets automatically switch between active stylus and
resistive finger touch input without having to manually toggle
the interface
• Built-iin Wireless Communication - iX104C2 systems
communications. Integrated, protected antennas are
performance matched to the radios for WLAN, WAN, and PAN
connections. An external snap-on GPS module extends the
wireless connectivity further without compromising the
internal radios
Lower Cost of Ownership
Over a typical product lifespan, Xplore’s rugged tablet PCs
outperform their mobile computing counterparts
• Longer Lifecycle - The rugged design of the iX104C2 helps
extend the life of the unit, protecting it from damage that
would take a normal computer out of commission
• Reduced Failure Rates - Studies show that commercial
grade mobile computers have almost twice as many failures
as their rugged equivalents. Costs can skyrocket repairing
equipment that is continually damaged
• Reduced User Downtime - User’s need to trust that their
equipment will be there for them. If it’s not, productivity can
Return on Investment
Business can potentially realize greater return on their
investment with Xplore’s rugged tablet PCs.
• Increased Productivity - Mobilizing workers can lead to
higher end user satisfaction, more accurate decision making,
and greater efficiency out in the field
• Lower Technical Support Costs - Durability reduces
support related to damaged units, CCX (Cisco compatible
extensions) and WiFi certifications ensure interoperability
with the widest variety of wireless equipment, and the
Microsoft Windows platform provides a high level of
compatibility with applications and peripherals
No matter what division, department, or group in your enterprise is
looking for a mobile computing solution, the challenges remain the
same. Leaner budgets and longer equipment lifecycles continue to force project and IT managers to squeeze the most out of
available resources. When considering what mobile computing systems are best suited for the task, a number of important
issues should be addressed:
Performance - Can it do the job? Advanced operating systems, complex software applications, and wireless
networking demand powerful computing capabilities
Reliability - Will the equipment work when needed most? Users must be able to count on their
mobile computing systems to do their jobs. Constant repairs and downtime negatively impact a user’s
productivity and acceptance of the tools being used
Flexibility - Can we take advantage of one system for multiple applications and user types? Mobile computers must
provide portability, dockability, and multiple connectivity options
Ease of Deployment - How long will it take to get the project up and running and maintain it? To reduce the learning
curve and get mobile workers up and running fast, a flexible, reliable, and easy to use system is critical
Total Cost of Ownership - What are the direct and indirect costs beyond the initial procurement? Downtime, IT support,
repairs, and maintenance can significantly boost the total cost of any mobile project
Return on Investment - Did the expense make sense? Did the program meet the desired objectives? Mobile computing
investments must provide measurable results
Xplore’s rugged tablet PCs address these challenges and more. With value and performance comparable to commercial grade
mobile computers, Xplore’s tablet PCs can do the same work, go more places, withstand more punishment, are more reliable,
and last longer than their more fragile counterparts. Xplore’s iX104C2 family of products meets the needs of users that are
looking for durable mobile computing solutions that can operate far beyond the reach of normal mobile computing devices.
Easy to Deploy
The iX104C2 utilizes the latest computing technology and
performs comparably to the leading laptop and tablet PCs.
iX104C2 Tablet PCs can be used in and adapted to a number
of different environments.
• Horsepower - The iX104C2 features the Intel Pentium M
processor 733 with Centrino Mobile technology, giving users
a 1.1GHz processor and integrated 802.11b/g wireless
networking. A long life Lithium Ion Prismatic battery pack
with warm swap capabilities supports extended field usage
away from wired power sources
• User Adoption - With its intuitive “pen and paper” feel,
the iX104C2 Tablet PC can lower the learning curve and
provide more ready access to applications and data
• Complete Solutions - Xplore offers a full line of docking
solutions, carrying cases, external keyboards, and power
options to create a configuration that best fits the project
• Certification - CCX (Cisco compatible extensions) and
WiFi certifications ensure interoperability with the widest
variety of wireless equipment on the market
• Windows XP Tablet PC Edition - An advanced operating
system that can run application software available for
Windows XP and provides natural handwriting recognition
• Standardized Hardware - By selecting a common Intel
chipset across mobile devices, IT managers can use a single
image across all form factors, reducing qualification and
management costs
Xplore Technologies, a Leader in Rugged
Mobile Computing
Xplore Technologies Corp, founded in 1996, is an innovative
leader in the rugged Tablet PC industry. The iX104 line of
products are designed to meet the computing needs of users
outside of the office environment.
Xplore’s rugged iX104 Tablet PCs are designed to withstand
harsh operating conditions and physical stresses such as
temperature extremes, drops to concrete, intense vibration,
and exposure to water and dust. Xplore’s products are
designed and tested to meet US Military Environmental
Standards (MIL- STD).
United States
Xplore Technologies Corporation of America
14000 Summit Drive, Suite 900
Austin, TX 78728
Toll Free: 888.44.XPLORE (97567)
Phone: 512.336.7797
Fax: 512.336.7791
Email: info@xploretech.com
Xplore Technologies International
KONE Building
Keilasatama 3
02150 Espoo, Finland
Phone: +358 9 2510 7290
Fax: +358 9 2510 7291
Email: international@xploretech.com
Xplore Technologies is a registered trademark of Xplore Technologies Corporation of America. All trademarks contained herein
are the sole property of their respective owners. All technical data and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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