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Philips Food processor HR7754/01
Food processor
Professional results at speed
Automatic speed selection with SmartControl
This state-of-the-art food processor has some of the most advanced technology. Its
versatility is ensured by the unique SmartControl system automatically selects the best
settings for each application.
Perfect end results at the touch of a button
• SmartControl system
• Powerful 800 Watt motor
• 33 functions
Food processor
Technical specifications
Motor: Universal, radio/tv interference suppressed
Power: 800 W
Cake batter capacity: 700 g
Bowl content: 2.5 l
Speeds: smart control
Voltage: 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Cord length: 100, double insulated with moulded
on plug m
• Safety: Automatic resettable cut-off protecting the
• Color(s): White with vapor dusk yellow
• Cleaning: All accessories dishwashersafe
Design specifications
• Housing, blender lid, pusher, inlay bowl: PP
• Blender handle, citrus press, kneading accessory:
• Juice extractor: PP
• Bowl, lids, blender jar, blender cup: SAN
• Insert holder, feeding tray, sausage horns: ABS
• Metal knife and inserts: stainless steel & ABS
• Balloon beater: Metal balloon, pom housing
• Toolholder bowl, sausage separator: POM
• Foil on panel button: silicone rubber
• Screw cap and panel: stainless steel & ABS
• Meat mincer processing tube and worm shaft: alu alloy
• Fruit filter: PP, stainless steel
• Adjustable slicing disc: POM, ABS, stainless steel
SmartControl system
• Stainless steel blade: For chopping, blending,
kneading, pureeing, mixing
• Blender beaker (1.5 l): For blending, pureeing and
shaking of fruits
• Kneading tool: For kneading and mixing all kinds of
• Stainless steel chopping knife: For medium slicing of
vegetables and fruit
• Shredding insert medium: For medium shredding
of vegetables, fruit
• Granulating insert medium: For granulating
• Shredding insert fine: For fine shredding of Fruit
and vegetables
• Adjustable slicing disc: For slicing of vegetables and
• Juice extractor: For making juice from fresh fruit
and vegetables
• Balloon beater: For whipping, whisking and
emulsifying application
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The SmartControl system automatically selects the
best settings for each application.
Powerful 800 Watt motor
Powerful 800 Watt motor to easily process large
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