Vista / Windows 7 1. Insert the ToupView CD. The insta

Vista / Windows 7 1. Insert the ToupView CD. The insta
ToupTek Series Eyepiece Software
Quick Installation Guide for Windows XP/ Vista / Windows 7
1. Insert the ToupView CD. The installation should
start automatically.
2. If the installation does not start automatically,
open “My Computer” and double click on the CD
drive icon.
3. Follow the menu steps to install the driver
(CMOS or CCD), and the image software
4. If a “Software Installation” warning message
appears in the process, click “Continue Anyway”
5. After installation is complete, connect the
camera and follow the steps in the window the
new hardware wizard that pops up.
6. Select the “ToupView” icon from the start menu
to begin using the program.
Using the ToupView Software
For detailed help documentation, press F1 while using ToupView, or click Help > Help Contents.
1. To begin capturing, select Acquire > Live Capture, then select the camera.
2. To capture a frame, select that option from the Capture menu or click the Capture button.
3. For best results, set the “one-push” white balance option (Setup > Video Source Properties > One-Push)
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