The tablet especially designed for seniors

The tablet especially designed for seniors
The tablet
for seniors
Especially designed for seniors, the Amigo tablet allows
to stay in touch with family, friends and relatives. Video
calls, picture sharing, diary, appointments, e-mails, internet, games, etc .: the Amigo tablet has much to offer,
in a totally safe and easy environment.
Designed to be extremely easy to use, the Amigo tablet
does not require prior computer knowledge. It takes
only a few minutes to learn how to enjoy its many functions. And, it’s fun to use!
Amigo. Bridging the generation gap
A day
spent with
the Amigo
is a day full
of joy!
Convenient reminders
News and weather
A simple announcement
How to avoid forgetting to
shows up on the Amigo
take the right medication
of the Amigo Tablet al-
screen, complemented by
on time or not exercising a
lows to stay in touch
a notification sound. You
bit? Don’t worry, the Amigo
with what’s going on in
decide at what time this
will send suitable remin-
the world but also near
message is displayed. And
ders to the senior and give
home. The weather fo-
should it not be acknow-
precious hints and tips to
recast will advise how to
ledged by the senior within
the people helping him or
dress to go out and if ei-
a certain amount of time,
her in his or her everyday
ther an umbrella or sun-
defined by you, the tablet
life. On the AmigoClub
glasses are needed!
will send a warning mes-
Portal, you will be able to
sage via e-mail or SMS to
set up these notifications
persons of your choice.
in a quick and easy way.
Easy Diary
Video chat
Photos and videos
On one’s own or with
From medical appoint-
We never see enough of
The Amigo allows view-
friends or grandchildren,
ments to birthday par-
those we care about. So
ing photos and videos,
playing games installed
ties or dinners with child-
why not connect by ma-
share one’s most pre-
on the Amigo will offer
ren and grandchildren:
king a video call? Every-
cious moments with fa-
great moments of joy
they will all show up on
thing is just easier when
mily and friends. Trans-
and entertainment. They
the Amigo diary, as spe-
we can see each other,
ferred to the tablet from
will help exercise memo-
cified on the AmigoClub
from next door or from
the AmigoClub Portal,
ry and sharpen attention
far, far away!
last year’s vacation pho-
skills while playing and
tos or videos of a child’s
having fun.
first steps are the best
gifts one can possibly
offer to a senior citizen.
Staying in touch,
wherever you are
What a
reassuring feeling!
The AmigoClub Portal is a personal and secure en-
“Thanks to the Amigo, we all share the enjoyable
vironment where authorised family members, close
moments in our lives with my mother! She always
friends and relatives are allowed to communica-
loves the photos we send her. We also frequently
te with the Amigo user. Many functionalities of the
have video calls and it is comforting to see that
Amigo tablet can easily be configured through the
she is well and in good shape. The Amigo brings
Portal, to adjust settings to the preferences of the
us closer together, and in doing so, my mother ne-
senior. It also helps relatives to better organise and
ver really feels left on her own. We are also reassu-
follow healthcare requirements of elderly persons.
red as we can check her well-being.
I now realise how wonderful this tablet has been
as a gift. It helps my Mum reinforce her sense of
autonomy, an important factor in helping her keep
on living in her home, as she always wanted to.”
Linda S., Nyon
Order your Amigo today
and join the AmigoClub!
Amigo Tablet
295 CHF (One-time payment)
Each week, I send
pictures to my
Grandmother’s Amigo
“This is an excellent way to share our best mo-
Joining the AmigoClub
ments in life with her.“
29 CHF per month. This fee gives two users access
to the AmigoClub Portal. 2.50 CHF per month per
Ruth Z., Bern
additional user, capped at 10 CHF. Further users can
join free of charge.
The Amigo Tablet requires a Wi-Fi connection to the
Internet (not included).
Order form available at:
For any further information:
incl. 2 authorised
Amigo Tablet
incl. Samsung
295 CHF
Prices include VAT and are
subject to change.
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