Wood Reel Recycling - WECS Electric Supply

Wood Reel Recycling - WECS Electric Supply
General Cable
Wood Reel
Now our clients can clear their
sites faster with less cost and
effort by using the General
Cable Wood Reel Recycling
Simply call 1-800-633-3962
ext. 5040 and schedule your
pick-up. Within 24 - 72
hours, all wood reels that are
in good condition will be
removed from your lot and
recycled at no charge.
Reduces disposal and
landfill charges
Eliminates transportation of
empty reels
Eliminates time and labor
of breaking down reels for
Eliminates need for
locating disposal sites
Eliminates the need to
burn reels
Promotes lot cleanliness
Promotes local and national
environmental goodwill
Cost avoidance reports are
available upon request
Only reels with 30"
diameter flanges or larger
can be recycled
Retrieval location must be
within 500 miles of a
recycling center
Have less than a full
truckload of reels? Smaller
quantities may be
combined with other local
pick-ups. Call for details.
All reels must remain
assembled and be in good
Reel pick-up will occur 1 to
3 days from request
Call 1-800-633-3962 ext. 5040
to contact Sonoco Reels and
schedule pick-up of your used
General Cable reels.
Reporting is available with
estimated disposal cost savings
and trees saved
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