TV mounting detail – wood framing

TV mounting detail – wood framing
[ Models and Clearances
This Builder's Manual is based on installation of front-facing Ortal fireplaces; Clearances are to non-combustible materials or 5/8” Type X fire rated drywall.
modify instructions to install other Ortal fireplace styles. Contact Ortal for additional information.
Maintain clearances as shown below.
_ 2" min ,, y 4 2 min „ 2" min
` 2" min
2" min
F rr 2" min 2" min Pe : E
[ General Guidelines
An Ortal fireplace requires two airflow paths:
Direct vent exhaust system: This is the air inside the firebox and the
direct vent pipe. A direct vent pipe has an inner and outer channel. Hot
exhaust gases (mostly carbon dioxide and water vapor) escape through
the inner channel. Fresh outdoor air (providing oxygen for the fire) is
drawn in through the outer channel where it captures most of the heat
escaping through the inner channel.
Heat release system and air intake: The cavity enclosing an Ortal
fireplace must have a heat release outlet above the fireplace. This
allows for heat building up within the fireplace cavity to be released
back in the space which then helps keep your fireplace wall cool.
Fireplaces with the double glass feature must have an air intake. Room
air is drawn over the glass, between the interior wall and the frame of
the fireplace, into the cavity and then is returned to the room through
the heat release. These airflows, along with radiant heat from the
front of the fireplace, maximize the heating performance of an Ortal
Fireplace and contribute to its energy efficiency.
Air Intake:
[ Ortal fireplaces with double-glass require an intake located below
elevation of Ortal fireplace.
[ Airintake can be either a grille or louver or an opening on underside of cavity.
Heat Release:
[ Locate 6-inches maximum from top of fireplace cavity
[ Canbeagrille or louver or a gap between the top of cavity wall and ceiling.
[ Required for all built-in models.
Size of Air Intake and of Heat Release:
Minimum free area (net area after grille work or screens are subtracted) shall be:
[ Ortal Models 40 to 130: 124 or more
[ Ortal Models 150 to 200: 200 or more
[ Other Models: Check with Ortal.
Gas valve should be installed below elevation of firebox.
An access panel is recommended for easy servicing of gas valve. Panel should be
10 x 10 inches minimum; use larger size if required to conveniently reach valve. An
appropriate sized air intake (see page 12) can be used as an access panel.
Direct vent exhaust
and air intake
Hot air flow
All built-in fireplaces come with legs and with seismic brackets at the top of
the firebox. These are an additional way to secure the firebox in your cavity
while still maintaining the minimum air clearances provided here in this manual.
You have the option to use these brackets or you may use a heavy duty steel
bracket to mount the firebox to the back cavity wall while still maintaining the
required 2” air clearance. If the seismic bracket does not extend all the way to
your cavity wall, you may also extend metal studs to connect to your seismic
bracket (as shown in several sections in this manual).
Secure fireplace to wall and subfloor.
If fireplace is located against a wall, the wall must be of noncombustible
material or covered with 5/8” Type X gypsum board.
[ Offer to assist your customer and their architect or designer while the
project is still in planning so you can better understand their needs and
suggest for the best approach to installing the fireplace.
[ Getto know your local Ortal dealers. They can be a good source of
referrals for you.
[ Know the building code and consult with authorities having jurisdiction
before proceeding. This guide contains minimum requirements; modify
details to satisfy project requirements.
[ External surfaces of Ortal fireplace and areas exposed to radiant heat from
fire will get hot. Observe clearances between fireplace and combustible materials.
[ Artwork and devices such as TVs, audio speakers and light fixtures to be
mounted on cavity on or recessed into wall of cavity must have a double wall
of 5/8” Type X fire rated gypsum board with air space in between to prevent
direct heat impact. If working with metal framing see pages 22 and 23. If
working with wood framing see pages 30 and 31.
[ Protect fireplace against damage throughout construction.
5/8" Type X fire rate gypsum board
Section Cut
Combustible material
Non-combustible material
Wood Framing
Metal Framing
[ Wood Framing - TV Detail (flush)
| [1 — 5/8" Type X Gypsum Board
| | : Blocking for TV
TV or art work IL | mounting bracket
2" min | Keep 1" min clear around
Alowierswvel 77 | INA | vent pipe when vertical.
of screen X 1
— |= a * Optional decorative finish.
д IM
N ç L :
C =. ES LJ See seismic bracket note
Е Е = on page 6
- = = x al
[ Wood Framing - TV Detail (recess)
TV or art work
2" min ,
Allow for
swivel of —
Wood framing as required JJ |
4-1/2" тах
Blocking for TV
mounting bracket
— 5/8" Type X Gypsum Board
Keep 1" min clear around
vent pipe when vertical.
Optional decorative finish.
See seismic bracket note
on page 6
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