End of Life for Blackboard Learn™ for the Apple® iPhone® and iPod

End of Life for Blackboard Learn™ for the Apple® iPhone® and iPod
End of Life for Blackboard Learn™ for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch
About Blackboard Learn™ Based on client feedback, Blackboard is phasing out support for Blackboard Learn for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch in two steps. • June 15, 2010: Although Blackboard Learn for the Apple iPhone is longer available for download from the iTunes App Store, it will continue to function for users with it already installed on their iPhone or iPod touch.
• December 31, 2010: The app will no longer function or sync with the user's Blackboard Learn installation.
During the interim "phase out" period (June 15 -­‐ December 31), the legacy iPhone app is in operational support mode with no active maintenance or bug fixes planned. Blackboard believes this approach will assist users in transitioning from the legacy iPhone app to Blackboard Mobile Learn™.
Clients and end users gave Bb direct feedback on the current iPhone app, which is primarily a one-­‐way notification extension of Blackboard Learn instead of an interactive native mobile application for teaching and learning. This feedback contributed directly to their development of the recently announced Blackboard Mobile Learn. Blackboard Mobile Learn Overview
Blackboard Mobile Learn is a product that allows students and educators to access teaching and learning wherever and whenever they want on mobile devices. Blackboard Mobile Learn extends and enriches the course experience of Blackboard Learn in interactive native mobile applications built for the Apple iPad™, iPod touch and iPhone as well as select Android devices, BlackBerry and the Mobile Web. Blackboard Mobile Learn was launched in a phased rollout starting with North American Higher Education and North American Professional Education. ®
Blackboard Mobile Learn currently works with Blackboard Learn Releases 8, 9.0 and higher. However, Bb is investigating the timing and feasibility of bringing it to the CE/Vista and ANGEL platforms.
Bb encourages you to visit the Blackboard Mobile Learn website to learn more about Blackboard Mobile Learn. (http://www.blackboard.com/Mobile -­‐ click Take interactive teaching and learning mobile.)
Bb Mobile Learn operates on WiFi for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (AT&T),
and on the Sprint Network with Wi-Fi and 3G/4G for the Android and Blackberry.
Other carriers are not supported at this time for CSUStan.
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