Age Group U12/U14/U19 Week 2 Objective: Dribbling to penetrate

Age Group U12/U14/U19 Week 2 Objective: Dribbling to penetrate
Age Group U12/U14/U19
Stage 1
Week 2
Activity Description
Free Dribbling (15 minutes)
Players dribble freely. Coach shows/discusses different moves.
Scissors move, Matthews move, Cruyff, and any other turning
moves. After a couple of warm up rounds, change the game so
that players must make a move/turn and then sprint to outside
Play 4 rounds of 3 minutes with 30 seconds rest between
Stage 2
Small sided
3 v 2 to 4 goals: (12 Minutes)
In a 30x20 grid with 2 goals on each end, play 3v2 to goal. Teams
can score in either of their attacking goals. The team of 3 should
chose to dribble, pass or shoot based on what they see in front of
them. If you can’t score, find someone who can
Play 3 rounds of 3 minutes with 1 minute breaks
Stage 3
Small sided
5v4 to Goal and Counter Goals: (18 Minutes)
In a 30x40 grid , the Red Team (Target Team) will play a 2-3 and
attach the big goal and the Yellow team will play 1-2-1 and score
on the 2 counter goals
Play 2 rounds of 8 minutes with 2 minute break between rounds
Let’s Play
7 v7 (30 minutes)
One team plays 1-1-2-3 and the other team plays 1-2-3-1
Coaching to encourage players to recognize when and how to
attack as an individual
Play 2 rounds of 13 minutes with 4 minute water break
Dribbling to penetrate, beating an apponent
Coach Effectiveness
Coach (C) – What part of the foot do you use to run
with the ball?
Player (P) – Laces/Pinkie toe by pointing my to the
C – What part of the ball do you use to change
P – The inside/outside of my foot
C – Why is important to dribble with my head up
P –so I can find open space, other players to pass to
and avoid the defense
C- What do you see on the field that tells you
to run with ball or dribble past the defender?
P – I should dribble when I have space in front
of me or there is only one defender to beat
with space behind them
C–When should I pass instead of dribble?
P-When I do not have a good chance to score
or one of my teammates has better chance to
C-Why do I need pace on passes?
P-So my pass is less likely to get intercepted
C–What are the different ways to create a shot
P-Off the dribble or after receiving a passing
C-What are your cues to take a shot?
P-Anytime I see an opening to goal or if there is
only 1 defender in front of me, I can go around
and shoot
C-Why do need the ball in front when ready to
P-So I can add power by stepping into the shot
Reinforce all the coaching points from all the
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