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WiFi Advisor - Viavi Solutions Inc.
WiFi Advisor™
The first wireless LAN analyzer built
for installers at all skill levels
End users depend on WiFi to reliably deliver premium services
such as video OTT and IPTV to endpoints throughout their
homes. However, non-WiFi interference, competing WiFi
networks and channels, and the exploding number of WiFi
clients often hinder WiFi performance. As a result, 50% of all
trouble calls are now WiFi related. Technicians who install and
maintain WiFi in the home require robust installation methods
and rapid, intuitive troubleshooting capabilities that even a
WiFi novice can use.
The WiFi Advisor consists of a host application (running on an iPad, Android tablet, or the
Viavi OneExpert platform) and one or more WFED-300AC test devices. It is the first test
solution to meet the needs of technicians at all skill levels. Providing a new, visually rich
approach to testing, its intuitive capabilities enable rapid characterization, optimization, and
troubleshooting of highly changeable and vulnerable home WiFi networks. It shows a wholehome view of real WiFi performance margin and can deliver easy-to-understand information
directly to the end customer.
Troubleshooting and Optimization
Key Benefits
yy Improves QoE, reduces trouble calls
and repeats
yy Reduces mean-time-to-repair
yy Assesses a wide range of end-user
device classes
yy Educates customers about true performance
yy Enables test conformance and
repeatability across your workforce
Key Features
yy Site performance report educates customers
yy TrueMargin™ optimizes WiFi site throughput
yy Intuitive and easy user interface
recommends best channel and
optimization steps
yy Highly-configurable radio supports 2.4 G
802.11b/g/n and 5 G 802.11a/n/ac up to
3x3 with MIMO
yy Associates job- or work-ticket information
with site assessment results for export to
StrataSync for storage and analysis
yy WiFi troubleshooting and optimization
yy Whole-home WiFi performance mapping
and throughput analysis
yy Wireless IPTV service installation
yy End-user education
Troubleshooting, Optimization, and Site Assessment
Access point
WiFi link
under test
StrataSync ™
Data Sheet
Consolidate Your Test Investment
The WiFi Advisor is fully integrated with the Viavi OneExpert
broadband-to-the-home test platform. This power combination
Model 1
Single-Ended Operation
lets you test fiber, the home WiFi network, and either copper or
Flexible Viavi platform architecture helps customers maximize
Model 2
Dual-Ended Operation
their overall investment in broadband-to-the-home test tools.
WiFi Link
under test
There are two ways you can consolidate your toolset and
minimize both OpEx and CapEx:
Access point
yy Control a single WiFi Advisor from your OneExpert to do BSSID,
spectral, and channel view testing. This lets you avoid purchasing
a separate tablet device to host the WiFi Advisor application and
reports. The OneExpert hosts the WiFi Advisor application.
Troubleshoot common
WiFi problems quickly
SmartChannel Wizard
gives WiFi optimization
guidance to novice users
performance testing
Optimizes AP placement
Ensures resilient WiFi
network installation
Identifies sources of WiFi
Educates/sets proper
end-user expectations on
real WiFi performance
WiFi Advisor use models and OneExpert integration
yy Conduct two-ended testing with a single WiFi Advisor, a tablet,
and your OneExpert. Consolidate your tool set and eliminate the
need for two WFEDs.
Troubleshooting and Optimization
Using a single WFED-300AC device, users can quickly visualize, optimize, and troubleshoot WiFi networks using the Smart Channel Wizard and
the complementary BSSID, Channel, and Spectral views. The SmartChannel Wizard summarizes the KPIs and the health of the selected BSSID
and the channel in which it resides. The summary will help novice uses and guide them to a resolution for each metric that is not optimal with
practical optimization guidance. The Wizard sees beyond access point occupancies into the client detail of the entire customer network and the
clients or any co-channel-sharing networks.
For example, the SmartChannel Wizard figure below shows high channel utilization and a high client station load. It recommends that the
channel be changed to avoid the crowd and improve the experienced speed and throughput.
Deeper insight
when required
Alerts showing a
high number of
access points and
old 802.11
equipment stations
optimization tips
expand on touch
SmartChannel Wizard: built for the WiFi novice
2 WiFi Advisor
SmartChannel Wizard: Device List window
BSSID view provides quick visibility into active wireless networks and identifies the least-crowded channel to use for your access point. The
application plots each in-range BSSID by channel and signal strength and identifies access points sharing a channel (co-channel interferers) or
overlapping a channel (adjacent interferers) for each channel in the band. It also displays continuously-updated trend graphs of BSSID signal
strength, noise, and channel utilization as the installer moves through the site.
Channel occupancy with BSSID view
3 WiFi Advisor
Channel view finds the best channels for an access point by showing
utilization, noise, co-channel interferers, adjacent channel interferers,
Site Assessment
and an overall channel score for each channel. Simply pressing the
Best Channels button lists the top three channels for each channel
width within the selected band.
trouble calls
Actual Layer 3 throughput margin is the key factor for determining
the tolerance to changes in the WiFi environment. A high throughput
margin equates to a high WiFi network resiliency and a reduced
likelihood of trouble calls and repeat truck rolls. It is especially
important when your customer expects high QOE in video over WiFi.
Channel view shows best channels
Spectral view shows damaging RF interference with a real-time
spectral analyzer configurable by 802.11 band, channel, and channel
width. It helps find interfering signals by showing all RF energy
within a given channel/channel width of interest.
The WiFi Advisor shows real Layer 3 performance and determines the
sources of throughput loss throughout a site. And, it conducts whole
home performance testing either with or without the customer’s
access point. During the assessment, it lets a technician:
yy Determine the maximum packet throughput capacity for a WiFi
connection under test
yy Gain visibility into factors impacting throughput
yy Assess throughput margin relative to the configured service level
Spectral view shows interference within a channel
Site assessment analyze throughput and identifies slowdowns
4 WiFi Advisor
Simple test profile configuration, guided test flows, and free-form
test location sequencing make site assessment fast and easy, rapidly
mapping WiFi performance across physical, link, and packet layers
WFED-300AC Test Device
simultaneously. The test flow also allows for rapid “what if?” testing:
Supported 802.11 standards
2.4 GHz: b/g/n
5 GHz: a/n/ac
Number of streams
1x1, 2x2, and 3x3
the test flow.
Maximum achievable PHY rate
1.3 Gbps
Maximum UDP throughput
512 Mbps
Educating Customers Reduces Calls
Battery life
4 to 6 hours typical use
DC input voltage
+12 V DC ±2 V
Educating customers about their installed WiFi network is key to
Maximum DC input current
reducing callbacks and repeats. To this end, the WiFi Advisor gathers
1 mini USB 2.0 (device)
1 USB 2.0 Type A (host)
1 RJ45 Ethernet 10/100/1000M
12 V DC input
Unit height
65 mm
Unit width
177 mm
Unit depth
154 mm
0.82 kg
Humidity range
10% to 90% noncondensing
Operating temperature range
0 to +40°C
Storage temperature range
–30 to +60°C
Hazardous materials rating
Host applications and devices
iPad, Android tablet, and Viavi
OneExpert platform
if the end user wants to understand how a wireless set top box would
work outside on the patio, it’s a simple matter to add that location to
test results from all locations and all device profiles and creates a
highly informative report that sets proper expectations. It can be
e-mailed directly to the end user from the host application. The net
result is a standardized approach to WiFi testing that thoroughly
evaluates actual performance at each location of interest throughout
the site and provides highly informative, leave-behind information.
iOS Software Application
Minimum iOS version
iOS 8.1.0
Minimum iPad hardware
iPad 2, 16 GB
Android Tablet Software Application
WiFi site assessment test summary
Minimum software version
Recommended hardware
Samsung Galaxy Tab, Tab A,
Tab S, Note, Note Pro
Verizon Xplore
8 in or larger
OneExpert Platform
OneExpert DSL
Minimum software version
OneExpert CATV
5 WiFi Advisor
Minimum software version
Ordering Information
Part Number
WiFi Advisor standard package:
WFED-300AC WiFi Advisor test
device, carrying case, USB cable, AC
power supply, and power cord
WiFi Advisor installer package: two
WFED-300AC WiFi Advisor test
devices, carrying case, USB cable,
two AC power supplies, and two
power cords
WiFi Advisor test device – 802.11ac
WiFi Advisor case, two-device
Power supply desktop AC three-pin
USB cable 6 ft – USB to micro USB
Lithium ion battery 4 cell,
VSE interface (iPad Air, WiFi, 16 G)
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+1 844 GO VIAVI
(+1 844 468 4284)
To reach the Viavi office nearest you,
visit viavisolutions.com/contacts.
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