03 SMART notebook - University of Cumbria

03 SMART notebook - University of Cumbria
Using SMART Notebook (Overview)
A SMART Notebook is an electronic notebook that can capture and save images,
objects and notes that are created on a SMART Board i.e. you can write student
responses over a Powerpoint or diagram and capture the results as an editable
The SMART Notebook can also be used to create interactive content; for you to
use (and reuse) in the classroom i.e. you can set up moveable images and text
to allow students to pair the correct image with the correct label.
The SMART Notebook screen is split into three main areas. These are:
1. Workspace
2. Toolbar
3. Sidebar
Each one is described below, but the best way you can get accustomed to what
they do; is to have a go yourself.
The Workspace or Notebook Page is where you can place all of your content.
This can be used to display a wide range of content including:
 Text
 Images
 Shapes
 Video
 Audio
 Hand written notes
 Links to other resources (i.e. documents or web pages)
 Activities
The Workspace can display all of the pages, in your Notebook, in the same way
that you can view each of your slides in a PowerPoint presentation.
The main Toolbar gives you instant access to the most popular SMART Notebook
tools. The default layout looks like this:
You can easily add or remove tools by clicking on the Settings button –
then drag tools onto or off the Toolbar.
You can also move the Toolbar to the bottom of the screen for when
you or your students are working at a SMART Board and may not be able
to easily reach the top.
The Individual Tools
Move Backwards and Forwards through the pages of your
Notebook. Moving Forwards after your final page will Add a new
Undo or Redo the previous action.
Add a new page after the current page. Delete the currently
selected page.
Open an existing Notebook.
Save your current Notebook.
Screen View options including zooming in or out, split screen,
transparent Notebook screen and fit to page.
Paste the content of your clipboard. Works with copied text,
images and any SMART Notebook object.
Delete the currently selected item.
Screen Capture tools. Save the current SMART Board / Notebook
view as a new Notebook page.
Screen Shade. Used to partially or fully cover / uncover the
visible screen.
Document Camera. Used to photograph documents from a
connected document scanner.
Insert a Table into your Notebook page.
Measurement Tools. Ruler, protractor, geodreieck (set square)
and compass.
SMART Exchange provides a link to the SMART Exchange help
and resources website.
Select Tool. You should always return to Select in order to
select or move any objects on your screen or workspace.
Pen tools. Select and edit the Pen, Highlighter or Brush type.
Shapes. Add and format shapes i.e. circles, stars, speech bubbles,
Text. Add, edit and format text. Choose fonts, colours, sizes and
Regular Polygons. Add a regular shape with between 3 and 15
sides. Includes setting to modify the object.
Line Tool is used to draw straight lines on the workspace.
Paint Fill. Fill the background or an individual object with a single
Eraser. Rub out any drawing or writing that you have added to the
screen. The eraser will work with some other objects too.
Extended Tools
Most of the Tools, listed above, have additional options or features. When you
select the Tools – these options will appear as either a drop down menu or an
additional block on the main toolbar i.e.
Select Tool chosen – no additional
Shapes chosen – extends the
available menu with more options.
You can explore these Extended Tools, in your own time, but 3 examples are
shown below:
1. Pen Tools
Selecting Pen Tools will allow you to make a number of adjustments to the way
that you draw onscreen. This may be with your finger, a connected mouse or
with one of the physical pens supplied with the board. These extended tools
allow you to choose:
The type of pen (i.e. pen, crayon, highlighter, etc.)
The style of line drawn
The colour drawn
The line type and thickness
Transparency of the drawing or writing
2. Text Tools
Text tools are usually used with either a physical keyboard or the SMART
onscreen keyboard. Before you begin typing – select:
A predefined text type and/or
Font type
Text size
Bold / italic / underline
Text alignment
Text colour
Other tools such as subtext, hypertext and crossed-out text.
3. Shapes Tool
The Shapes tool allow you to choose from a range of available shapes and also
define the line and fill colours. You can then type over these shapes or position
them in front or behind other objects.
To the left of the Workspace is the Sidebar. This contains additional resources
and tools to help you work more easily and add additional resources to your
The Sidebar in SMART Notebook 11 is split into 5 main sections:
 Page Sorter
 Gallery
 Attachments
 Properties
 Add-ons
1. Page Sorter
The Page Sorter allows you to see and select the
individual pages within your Notebook.
This works in much the same was as it does in
presentation software like PowerPoint.
2. Gallery
The Gallery is a repository of images and
interactive resources that you can use in
your own Notebooks and teaching
Some Gallery objects are provided by
SMART, but you can import your own or
link to other gallery sources.
There are also links to SMART Exchange
and the Google 3D Warehouse for you to
access more objects.
3. Attachments
This is where you can find any
attached documents and media
You can import and attach Office
documents, audio files, video files
and more.
These will be visible as reusable
objects here; that can be dragged
onto any page(s) of your
4. Properties
The Properties tabs provides
information and editing tools for
the currently selected object i.e. if
you select a text box, in a
Notebook page, the Properties tab
will display the text editing tools.
The default page properties are
displayed if no object is currently
selected. This is restricted to the
style and fill for the page
background colour. “No fill” leaves the page with a plain white background.
5. Add-ons
The Add-ons tab shows any additional
functions that have been added to your
copy of SMART Notebook.
These are usually extra tools that you can
download from SMART Tech or SMART
SMART Notebook will usually include the
Activity Builder as a default Add-on.
Further help and guidance is available from Skills@cumbria.
Skills@cumbria can be accessed through the University of Cumbria
website or via the Skills@cumbria tab in Blackboard. These self-directed
eLearning resources cover many areas of study skills and personal
academic development.
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