Private Wire Gateway to Gateway setup

Private Wire Gateway to Gateway setup
PrivateWire Gateway to Gateway setup
The following document provides a short description of how to simply install
PrivateWire Gateway in Gateway to Gateway configuration. Please refer to
PrivateWire documentation for more information about this configuration.
Preliminary requisite
It is assumed that the reader has pretty good understanding and knowledge of
PrivateWire Gateway administrative tools and networking.
Detailed Description
As shown in the figure below Gateway A wishes to connect securely on behalf of its
members to Gateway B.
Gateway A serves as the security agent representing all the machines in Gateway A's LAN
allowing them to connect securely to Gateway B without having to install the PrivateWire
Client on each machine.
Gateway B doesn't need any special configuration except from rules that will allow Gateway
A to connect as a regular client (installed with PrivateWire client)
Prerequisites and limitations
1. Gateway-to-Gateway mode can only be installed in a Gateway running under
windows NT/Win2000/WinXP (not Solaris)
2. Ensure that you enable the Gateway to gateway mode when you install the
gateway (A)
3. Ensure that the client machine can connect to gateway's B LAN resources
(such as web server etc.) only through gateway A.
Gateway B setup
1. Open the gateway admin page and insert secure destination rules as if the
other side was a simple PrivateWire client that wishes to connect to the
2. Create or edit a group and ensure it has permission to access the desired
3. Create new user, make sure to remember the user name and the password.
Gateway A setup
1. Install PrivateWire client on third machine (none of the gateways).
2. Generate a new key called gw2gw.pri; using the same userid and username as
you created on the gateway earlier; the password to the media have to be
default password – "12345678".
3. Certify the key (gw2gw.pri) with a key from the gateway B (e.g. root.pri).
4. Copy the key (gw2gw.pri) to gateway A installation directory\data (i.e.
5. You can check now the connection using a PrivateWire client with the
gw2gw.pri key you've just made.
6. Uninstall the PrivateWire client from the machine (do not forget to keep the
gw2gw.pri), make sure that the computer will restarted.
7. Install the PrivateWire Gateway
8. Open the gateway admin page and define a Secure to Gateway rule to the
desired resource on gateway's B LAN the rule should look like that:
9. Now the connection should work between both gateways check the connection
between services.
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