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QuantaDat / nSens - Novatron Scientific
QuantaDat / nSens
Measuring Humidity Transmitter
with multi-sensor technology
For remote digital sensors in process applications
QuantaDat transmitter
Modular transmitter used as display and signal output unit with 4 sensor channels. The
sensors are recognised automatically and the measuring channels can be assigned and set
up within the configuration menu . The integral processor allows the display and output of
calculated climatic parameters. An RS-485 interface is built-in as standard and BUS modules
can be assembled optionally. The QuantaDat transmitter is also available in a version with
two additional integrated relay switches.
• Graphical display with LED backlight
• Menu navigation using front keypad with 3 buttons
• Modular configurable (e.g. with BUS modules)
• Several sensor channels active at once
• 4 scalable and adjustable analogue outputs
• Simulation of fixed measurement values (override)
• Integrated climatic parameter processor
• Password protection for all settings
Art. no. 2601087
• Permanent device function control
Technical data
QuantaDat 4 channel multi-sensor system
Power supply
24V +/- 15% AC or DC (galvanic isolated)
Power consumption
Display resolution
Analogue outputs
(4 outputs)
Maximum ratings / permissible voltage range:
DC: 19..39V
AC: 19..27.6V
max. approx. 3W
Graphical display with LED backlight, resolution 128 x 64 Pixel
0.1% RH
Mixing ratio
0.001 g/kg
0.01 gr/lb
Water vap. partial pressure 0.01 mbar
Dew point temperature
0.1°C td
0.1°F td
Specific enthalpy
0.1 kJ/kg
0.1 Btu/lbm
Absolute humidity
0.01 g/m³
0.01 gr/ft³
4 scalable analogue outputs, current 0/4..20mA or voltage 0/2..10V
Load (I):
Load resistance (U):
min. 0 Ω / max. 500 Ω
min. 10 kΩ / max. ∞ Ω
The analogue outputs are protected against external voltage of ±40V
Digital outputs
Housing material
Protection class
Soldering material
Working temperature
Storage temperature
A device with voltage input which is connected to the analogue output must tolerate
minimum 15V input voltage.
RS-485 (Modbus-RTU under development)
2 relay contacts, switching power <=50V/2A/60W (only versions with relay)
ABS - lid blue RAL 5014, bottom grey RAL 7035
lead free (RoHS compliant)
0 to 50°C
-10 to 60°C (non-condensing)
IEC 61010-2-051:2003
IEC 61000-6-2:2005, EN 61000-6-2:2005
IEC 61000-6-3:2006, EN 61000-6-3:2007
Electrical installation
Recommended wiring installation:
Power supply
Cable specification
Single-cable of 0.5...0.75 mm2 (22 ... 18 AWG) with PVC isolation
or equivalent 2-fold cord cable.
Signal outputs
Single cable of 0.25...0.5 mm2 (24 ... 20 AWG) twisted with screen
& PVC isolation or equivalent 2/4/6/8 multi-core cable.
RS-485 interface
Relay contacts
1 twisted pair + C(GND) connection recommended, screened
Cable dimensions dependent on the switching power needed
Clamping range
of connecting
0.2 - 2.5 mm2
Clamping range
of connecting
0.2 - 2.5 mm2
acc. to EIA-485
only for version
with relay
Note: cable specifications depend on the installation and have to be defined by the designer
or installer.
EMC: if environmental conditions vary from the standards (see page 2) it is recommended to
take the following measures:
Wires emitting interference must be separated from measurement and analysis units
Parallel guidance of measurement- and electrical power-cables should be avoided
Measurement cables must be screened to ground earth
Cables not screened should be in twisted pairs and should be kept as short as possible
Wiring diagram:
Plug-in position
for versions with
relay switches
Analogue outputs U/I
Gra phc lCD
123}:{64 COG
Probes for QuantaDat
Humidity- Temperature probe nSens-HT-ENS
Digital nSens-HT (Humidity/Temperature) probe with resistive-electrolytic humidity sensor
and NTC temperature sensor. The calibration points are stored directly on the probe. The
verification / calibration is done with the calibration software nSoft-CAL. The plug-in probe
can be replaced quickly and easily.
• Intelligent probe with internal calibration point storage
• High measurement accuracy
• Linear response over full working range
Art. no. 2601087
Technical data
Sensor type
Measurement ranges
Measurement accuracy
incl. reproducibility
and hysteresis
Number of calibration points
Housing material
Mechanical sensor protection
Working temperature
Storage temperature
• Factory calibration including certificate
• Verification/calibration with nSoft-CAL software
Resistive-electrolytic humidity measurement
NTC temperature measurement
0 ... 100% RH
-20 ... +80°C
15 … 30°C
typically +/- 0.5% RH
0 … 50°C
typically +/- 1.0% RH
-20 … +80°C
typically +/- 2.5% RH
0 … +70°C
typically +/- 0.1K
-20 … +80°C
typically +/- 0.2K
13 points over full measurement range
2 points over full measurement range
PVDF black
Standard filter with "Poroplast" insert
-20 to +80°C
-10 to +60° C (non-condensing)
Cable for nSens-HT / nSens-T
nSens cable 3*0.25mm2
• Robust
• Halogen free
• With fast plug-in plug for nSens
nSens cable 30 meters - Art. no. 2601078
nSens cable 10 meters - Art. no. 2601079
nSens cable 5 meters - Art. no. 2601080
Technical data
Temperature range
-40°C to +90°C
Working peak voltage
(not for high voltage installations)
>0,14 mm² = 500 V
Testing voltage
>0,14 mm² = 1200 V
Isolation resistance
min. 2 GOhm x km
Min. bending radius
ca. 7,5x cable-ø
• Cu-cord blank, fine wiring
according DIN VDE 0812 at 0,34
mm² cable composition 7x0,25
• PE-isolation mantle, mixing type
L/MD according DIN VDE 0819103 / DIN EN 50290-2-23
• Cord identification according DIN
47100 without colour replication
• Wires with optimal length of twist
stranded in layers
• Sheath material cross-linked
Polyolefin, black
• nSens plugs soldered
• Wire termination
• Ozone-resistant according to
EN 50396
• Weather- and UV-resistant
according to HD605/A1
• Halogen free according to
EN 50267-2-1, EN 60684-2
• Acid- and leach-resistant
according to EN 60811-2-1
• Flame retardant according to
VDE 0482-332-1-2, DIN EN
60332-1-2, IEC 60332-1
• Very robust and abrasionresistant mantle according to
DIN EN 53516
• Short-circuit-proof to +200°C
with double isolation, short-circuit
temperature 200°C/ 5s
• Hydrolysis- and ammoniaresistant
CE = the product is compliant to the EC low voltage directives 2006/95/EC.
Dimensions / Plug
Wire termination / Core colours
Mounting kit (nSens probe fixing)
Art. no. 2601083
consisting of wall mounting clip & duct mounting flange:
Wall mounting clip
Technical data
Nominal diameter
Diameter clamping range
Working temperature
Storage temperature
Duct mounting flange
15 mm
14.3… 16.8 mm
Polyamide P12 - colour black RAL 9011
-20 to +80°C
-10 to +60° C (non-condensing)
Technical data
Diameter clamping range
Seal burst strength
Wrench size screw connection
Working temperature
Storage temperature
9 … 14 mm
up to 3 bar
30 mm
PP Verton 25% GF black
-20 to +80°C
-10 to +60° C (non-condensing)
Novatron Scientific Ltd, 46 London Rd, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1AY.
t.01403 754416 f. 01403 754480 email novatron@btopenworld.com www.novtaron.co.uk
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