Network-based Recorder -- Recording and Playback

Network-based Recorder -- Recording and Playback
Network-based Recorder
Recording & Playback
Available during a WebEx online session, the networkbased recorder captures screen activity and audio on a
WebEx recording server, thereby saving hard disk
space on your computer. The server processes your
recorded data then sends the recording file to your personal recordings folder on your WebEx service site.
No additional equipment is required to capture teleconferencing or VoIP information with the network-based
recorder. Recorded files are saved in the Advanced
Recording Format (.arf), a proprietary WebEx format.
Recording a Meeting
6. Click Stop to end the recording. The Recorder Panel
Note: If you stop the recording and start again, a
second recording is created. The recording is available within 30 minutes of the end of your meeting,
session or event.
Playing a Recording
1. Log in to your WebEx service site.
2. Navigate to My WebEx>My Files>My Recordings.
A list of recorded files appears.
1. Start your meeting, event, or training session.
2. On the Meeting, Event, or Session menu, select
Recorder Settings>Record on Server.
3. Locate the recording you want to play and click
. The Recording Window appears.
4. Use the Player controls to Play or Pause the recording.
Plays the recording
Note: In Event Center commands appear on the
Event menu; in Training Center, on the Session
3. On the Meeting, Event, or Session menu, choose
Start Recording.
4. If using teleconferencing, a prompt to confirm your
teleconferencing appears. Enter any additional information required.
Note: If both teleconferencing and VoIP are used,
only the teleconference is available during playback.
5. Once a connection is established, the Recorder Panel
appears and the recording begins.
Pauses and resumes the recording
Stops the recording
Controls playback volume. Click the
speaker to toggle audio on/off
Displays the elapsed time/ total duration of a recording in hours, minutes,
and seconds.
5. In the upper-right corner of your screen, click the
Table of Contents Panel icon.
6. Double-click an Activity in the Table of Contents to
quickly jump to that portion of the recording.
Note: Other panels are available depending on
your WebEx service.
7. Click Stop to end the playback.
A tooltip shows details of the Connection Status.
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Network-based Recorder
Publishing a Recording
To make your recordings available for others, you can
send recording links via email for viewers to access, or
you can publish your recordings on your WebEx site for
streaming playback. Auto-generated recording links are
easy to copy and paste into emails or instant messages.
To prevent unauthorized access to your recording, you
can specify a password for the recording. If the recording is downloaded to the viewer’s computer, the network-based player will need to be downloaded and
installed as well.
4. Locate the WebEx Player download for your operating
system, under for .ARF.
Note: Network-based recordings are saved as.arf
files. You cannot play back these recordings with
the players that support.wrf.
5. Click Download and follow the instructions. The
WebEx Player is installed.
Playing a Downloaded Recording
Sending Recording links by Email
1. Double-click the WebEx Player icon.
The Player launches.
1. Navigate to My WebEx>My Files>My Recordings.
2. Select File>Open, navigate to the .arf
file you want to view, and click Open.
Buffering appears on the Status Bar
until the recording is ready to play.
2. Under the Topic heading, select a title. The Recording
Information page appears.
Panel Access
Click the Copy
icon for the link you want to distribute.
4. If you would like to require a password to view the
recording, click Edit Properties.
5. Enter a password in the Password and Confirm
Password boxes, and click Save.
6. Paste the link into an email or instant message to
send to your attendees.
Note: When attendees click the link for streaming
playback, the WebEx Player is downloaded automatically. If they choose the Download link, they will
need to download the Player for .arf files manually.
Downloading the WebEx Player
1. Log in to your WebEx service site.
2. On the left navigation bar, under Assistance click Support.
Playback tools
3. Playback starts automatically.
4. Use the Playback tools in the bottom left corner to
pause/resume and stop the recording.
5. Use the panel access icons in the upper right corner
to open panels.
Special Note: To publish recordings on Event Center or Training Center, navigate to the site and select
My Event Recordings or My Training Recordings
from the left navigation bar. Click Add a Recording
and enter the appropriate information.
3. Scroll to the Downloads heading and click Recording
and Playback page.
© 2006 WebEx Communications, Inc. All Rights Reserved. WebEx and the WebEx logo are trademarks of WebEx Communications, Inc.
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