AVTECH - Instructions For Installing AVTECH`s Flood Cable Extender

AVTECH - Instructions For Installing AVTECH`s Flood Cable Extender
Application Note
Room Alert
Flood Cable Extender
Instructions For Connecting The 8´ Flood Cable Extender
The Flood Cable Extender is designed to extend the distance of the AVTECH Flood Sensor Cable. You
need to have a Flood Sensor with Cable to use this Cable Extender.
Once the Flood Sensor Cable is located as desired, connect one end of the Flood Cable Extender to the
Flood Sensor Cable and the other end to the 25’ RJ-11 Leader cable included with your Flood Sensor
package. The RJ-11 connector plugs into an AVTECH Flood Sensor or the ‘Flood’ port on the back of a
Room Alert 26W unit.
Typically, users will locate the Flood Sensor Cable along the floor next to a wall or circling valuable
equipment. Some applications may require a creative approach.
WARNING: DO NOT CUT the Flood Sensor Cable or Flood Cable Extender for any reason as this will damage the Cables.
AVTECH Software has no responsibility for Flood Sensor Cables that have been damaged in handling or modified by end
users for any reason.
For instructions on how to connect any sensor to a Room Alert environment monitoring unit, please see the
associated User’s Guide & Reference Manual for that specific model. Please consult this manuals or look
online at AVTECH.com in the Support section for additional materials and information.
The Screw Connectors On The Sensor ID Boxes Are Volt-Free Contacts Only. Do Not Connect These Terminals To Any Live Circuit.
A Qualified Electrician Should Be Consulted To Test Any Wires You Connect To The Room Alert ID Box For The Presence Of Electrical
Voltages And If Any Are Detected, They Must Not Be Wired To The ID Box. The ID Box May Become Dangerous If You Connect It
To A Live Circuit. Never Connect Main Power To Any Of The Room Alert Sensors Unless Specifically Instructed To Do So Using The
AVTECH Software 5V Power Adapter. If Required, An AVTECH Software 5V Power Adapter Will Be Included With That Sensor.
DO NOT Use Switch Sensors In ‘Explosive’ Environments Unless Approved For Those Environments.
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