1. Unpacking the System 2. Assembly - Build-A

1. Unpacking the System 2. Assembly - Build-A
1. Unpacking the System
To prevent shipping damage the system is packed in multiple boxes.
The chassis in shipped in one box by itself. The chassis is shipped
assembled. Inside the chassis you will find the fan panel keys and a
ground wire.
The blades are shipped in individual boxes. Depending upon your order
the blades may be either the blade with no computer hardware or they
may be completely assembled with system board, processor, memory and
hard drive(s).
You will also find in the carton the blades are shipped in an accessory box
that will contain the following:
Power Supplies (for the blades and the chassis fans)
System Board Manuals and CDs.
Thumbscrews (for locking the blades in the chassis.
Operating System Installation CDs (if ordered with the OS installed)
This manual
If ordered, the power supply tray(s) will also be in the blade carton.
2. Assembly
The chassis is shipped assembled, but not populated with blades. Please attach
the ground wire to a case screw as shown. Make sure all screws and nuts are
tight and haven’t loosened during shipping. The chassis is ready for installation.
The chassis is 9 rack units (RU) in height. Make certain you have enough space
in your rack cabinet to mount it. It requires a minimum of four mounting screws to
the front of the rack, and does not require slide rails, since servicing is done from
the front of the chassis.
A fully populated chassis will need ten (10) 120/240 VAC electrical outlets. 9 for
blades, 1 for the chassis cooling system and alarm system.
Pre-built (example shown)
If you ordered the blades complete with computer motherboard and drive
hardware the hardware will be attached to the blade, wired, and tested. The
system wiring will be dressed to the blade to keep it from snagging on other
blades during installation into the chassis. If you also ordered the blades with an
OS the OS will be installed. All that will be required is for you to insert the blades
in the chassis, secure them with the thumbscrews, and connect cables.
Build your own (shown at right)
If you ordered the blades without hardware
then you must attach the hardware to the
blade as shown. Take care to dress the
wiring to the blade to prevent snagging the
wiring on adjacent blades during installation
into the chassis.
Install motherboard, drives, memory, and cables like you would with any PC.
Manufacturer manuals for motherboards contain connection details.
Front panel controls and indicators, with wiring and header connectors are
supplied for
Power Switch
Reset Switch
Power on LED
Hard Disk activity LED
Power Supply Tray (optional accessory)
Using wire ties, attach the power
supplies to the power supply tray
as shown. Using wire ties, dress
the DC power leads as shown.
Label the power supplies as to
which blade they are connected
to. If you dressed the DC power
leads as shown, note that the
power supply on the far right (as
viewed from the rack ears) will
power the cooling fans.
The next power supply will power the blade to the far right of the chassis (as
viewed from the fan box opening). There will be one additional power supply
included in the shipment. This power supply is for the chassis to provide power
to the cooling fans. Dressing the DC power leads as shown will keep the DC
power wiring neat and out of the way.
You can also secure power supplies under the tray, so that you can have it hold
all 10 power supplies for one system.
3. Installation
Slide the empty chassis
into the rack and attach
to the rack rails with
screws. Use a minimum
of four screws, but a
total of eight holes are
provided if needed.
Ground Strap
IMPORTANT: Connect the ground wire to any screw in the rack cabinet
rails, and the other end to a screw on the BAB-ITX96 chassis.
Failure to connect the ground wire may result in erratic behavior of the
blades due to the chassis not being grounded and not shunting stray static
and radio energy to ground.
Chassis power cable and strain relief
Connect the chassis fans power supply to the connector at the rear of the
chassis in the lower left corner.
Using a nylon wire tie
attach the power cord to
the chassis using the
two holes just to the
right of the power
This ensures the fan power cord will not be accidentally pulled out while
the blades remain powered.
Power Supply Tray (optional accessory)
Mount the power supply tray to the rear rails of the rack. Mount the tray at
the same level as the bottom of the chassis. If you have two power supply
trays mount the second tray immediately above the bottom tray.
Connect the provided AC power cords to a power outlet strip in your rack
cabinet and then to the receptacles in each power supply.
Do NOT connect the DC power connectors from each power supply to the
blades yet.
System Blades
Open the front cover to the chassis.
Slide the first blade into the chassis at the far
right of the opening.
Make sure the blade is in the card guides at the
top and bottom of the chassis. Once the blade is
fully inserted thread a thumbscrew into the blade
through the corresponding hole at the top rear of
the chassis.
Do not plug in the DC power cord first.
Attach the cables for your KVM switch. Attach the network cable. Once
all cables are connected you may plug in the DC power cable at the
bottom rear of the tray.
You may either power up the blade system you just installed and proceed
to install the next blade system or you may install all of the blades first and
then power then up.
After installing all blade systems and powering them up close and lock the
front door. Do not leave the front door open for extended periods of time
as blade system overheating and damage may occur due to lack of
cooling airflow from the fans in the front door.
Power up the chassis by connecting
the AC power supply to
Power up individual blades using the
black pushbutton power switch on
the front of each blade.
The Blade System Chassis is
equipped with a fan alarm system.
During normal operation the fan alarm will be silent and the green LED on
the front panel will be on steady as shown at right.
Alarm system
If a fan fails or the system temperature exceeds 50C then the green LED
will flash and an alarm will sound. The alarm can be silenced by opening
the chassis front door and pressing the red button on the rear of the door.
The green LED will continue to flash until the failed fan is replaced or the
system chassis cools to below 50C.
Warranty for the BAB-ITX96 blade system is one year for parts and labor, with
exceptions being abuse, damage, improper electrical power, lightning, and static
damage. ItWorks makes no warranty for computer components that have been
self installed, such as memory, motherboards, or disk drives
For Service call or write:
3008 Cohasset Road
Chico, CA 95973
Tel: 530-899-8434
Fax: 530-899-3333
Service is also available via the website:
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