carte des soins angl.

carte des soins angl.
 Treatment List
Pure Altitude Facials
Brightness ice crystal 25 mn
An express facial for an instantaneous brightness.
125.– Masculine purity 50 mn
Hydrating and purifying masculine facial. Deep cleansing facial providing
freshness and purity.
Oxygen facial 50 mn
Brightening traditional treatment for a perfect complexion, relaxing and
focusing on the reflex zones.
200.– Sap of Life 60 mn
Brightening the skin complexion, this treatment is smoothing, and activating
the skin regeneration.
LiftAlpes 80 mn
Lifting, modeling and toning, this treatment is firming up the skin. Alternating
smoothing and pinching movements redesigning the oval face and smoothening
the wrinkles.
Body treatments pure Altitude
Body treatment «Like the snow» 50 mn
Snow crystals peeling and creme wrapping «Like the snow» for a complete
nourishing and relaxing action.
LiftAlpes body treatment 50 mn
Snow crystal peeling followed by a blackcurrent and cranberry wrapping for
a smoothing and toning action.
Body ritual Pure Altitude 50 mn
This ritual is dynamising and toning up the tissues, with hot towels and
essential oils.
Candle massage 50 mn
Ultra-reparing and innovating treatment, the candle massage is providing
a snow-flower perfumed oil treatment.
Energetic Alpes massage 80 mn
Salt and mountain bags associating manual draining movements.
All prices are in CHF
All prices are in CHF
Body treatments «à la carte»
Sport «personal training»
Duration :
Sport Massage
The deep tissue massage is recommended to heat the muscles
before sports, helping to eliminate lactic acid and toxins, preparing
and relaxing the body after sports.
Massage «Aroma»
The regular practice of massage eliminates the stress and tensions,
equilibrating the natural harmony of body and mind. It can be
considered as a general health prevention. The benefit of essential
oils and the stimulating action on the different organ functions as skin,
liver, kidneys, lungs and heart, stimulating the immunity system.
Feet reflexology
Considered as a health prevention in China, reflexology is effective
with pressions on the different reflex zones under the feet. The
energetic influx are stimulating the organs and their functions.
Lymphatic Drainage
Very soft draining movements help reducing the water and the
elimination of toxins along the lymphatic system (without oil
utilisation). Specialy conveniant for pregnant women.
After Ski Massage
For an optimal recuperation after ski, this massage is focusing on
legs, calves and on the muscular back tensions.
Duration :
Hatha-yoga is alternating the different «asanas» or postures in a
smooth way. Yoga-flow is similar to «Vinyasa» meaning «connection»
in sanskrit. In that practice, you will reconnect to your deepest nature,
reliating body and mindfullness. This discipline is held with conscious
breathing techniques.
Pilates workout is focusing on strength, stretching and a perfect
coordination of movements, providing a better posture and working on
the core muscles.
A variation of dynamic movements in water are contributing to a
draining effect, working on cardio-vascular and muscular toning.
Personal Training
The private session of personal training will focus on health
prevention, skiing preparation or a variations of training workout
proposed according to your need and challenging your level of
Head and Neck Massage
Stimulating the head reflex zones, the head massage is providing a
deep relaxation, releasing the neck tensions.
All prices are in CHF
All prices are in CHF
Rules & Regulations for Spa Use
Please smoke outside of the building in order to respect other guests.
Silence is gold in any area of the Spa.
_ Obligatory shower before and after swimming-pool, jaccuzzi, sauna and hammam.
_ Do not drink alcohol or eat too much.
The whole wellness area is under the own responsibility of the user.
Children under 8 years old and teenagers under 16 years old, as well as non-swimming guests must in
any cases be accompanied with an adult (adult = 18 years old) and are only allowed to use the
swimming pool during restricted hours from 16h to 17h.
Hôtel de Rougemont is declining any responsibility for any lost personal belongings. Lost-and-found
property will be withdrown at the main front office desk.
Swimming costume is obligatory in the swimming-pool area.
Shower is obligatory before entering into the swimming-pool.
For everybody’s wellbeing, please avoid to :
– Walk in with outside shoes.
– Walk undressed or naked out of the changing-room area.
– Dirty the installations or the swimming-pool.
– Let children without any swimming-costume swim.
– Walk into the swimming pool for non-swimmers.
– Push someone into the swimming-pool.
– Play with hard balls.
– Run into the hole building.
– Bring along and hear loud music.
– Drink alcohol into the hole wellness area.
– Walk loudly into the Spa.
Hôtel de Rougemont, Direction
All prices are in CHF
All prices are in CHF
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